Characters by Disney

Kovu - King of the pridelands Kiara - Queen of the pride lands Simba - old king Nala - old queen Vitani - Kovu's sister Zazu - Kings Majordomo

New characters

Kody - Son of Kiara and Kovu (Ko – De) Kulhain - friend of Kovu ( Kul – ain ) Rhett - Kody's best friend (Ret) Tibante - Rhett's sister (Tib Bant e) Rieta - Simba's evil cousin scar's daughter (Ri eat a) Dune - Simba's evil cousin Scar's son (jew n) Carinosa - one of the lionesses in simba's pride (Ca rin ow sa) Inu - old mate of Scar (In oo) Adrianna - daughter of Rieta and Cailin (Add ri anna) Cailin - mate of Rieta and father of Adrianna (Cail in) Dhubu and Urute – brothers Ativi – Dhubu and Urutes brother Taraji – prince of the horses ~ hold note

Scene 1 Black screen slowly the sun rises Ngi vulel' Indlela

Fatshe leso lea halalela

The sun is rising

The new prince is born

The new hope rises today

So lets all rejoice

All animals gather at the bottom of pride rock Mufasa appears in the sky

With the great kings watching

They are waiting in the sky Through the dawn and morning go to see the new prince the new hope The new prince

Kiara and Kovu with Rafiki come out with a small muddy grey cub.

He's within you and the king A new day A new adventure

A new Prince

Ngi vulel' Indlela

Fatshe leso lea halalela

Rafiki takes the cub from Kovu and walks to the edge of pride rock A silence falls on the animals And there is a slight murering of

A new day

A new Adventure A new Prince

Rafiki holds up the cub and the animals cheer

He's within you and the king

The new prince the new adventure the new day the new picture Has come

Rafiki lowers the cub and Kiara takes him away

The new prince the new adventure the new day the new picture Has come Ngi vulel' Indlela

Fatshe leso lea halalela

Suddenly black the words



Fades to black

Fades to evening at pride rock and The prince is one month old and is playing with his friend Rhett. Rhett has Simba's coat but Kovu's mane.

KODY: Tag your it

RHETT: It's no fun playing tag on our own

Suddenly Rhett's sister jumps on top of him

TIBANTE: I'm in the house

RHETT: No we are outside Duh

Kody snuck up behind Tibante


The cubs play a fun game of tag until it gets Dark A growl is heard

KODY: Did you here that


Growl is heard again

KODY (worried): That

Suddenly a strange lion jumps at the cubs. He is Black with a dark brown mane and green eyes just like scar

Suddenly Kovu and Simba jump out to protect the cubs.

Simba gasped when he sees who it is.

SIMBA: Dune!

The lion smiles

DUNE: you remembered

KOVU: Who's this ,Simba

SIMBA: HE's my cousin the son of scar KOVU: Scar's son

A lioness come out next to Dune

STRANGE LIONESS: and his daughter

SIMBA: Rieta!

Rieta laughed evilly and the two walked of.

Fades to: Pride rock Kiara comes out with Nala to see Kovu and Simba

KIARA: Kovu what's wrong

KOVU: the cubs were attacked today

KIARA: (Shocked) by who?

SIMBA: My cousin's

NALA: Cousin?

SIMBA: Scar used to have a mate called Inu but when Scar found out she was pregnant with his cubs. He banished her.

NALA: Oh yeah she was the old lioness who came with those two black cubs


KIARA: So I have a second cousin

Simba nodded

SIMBA: Now I think will be the time

KOVU: for what

SIMBA: to give the kingdom to you

NALA: Kiara, Kovu it is time for you to become the king and queen

KOVU: Yeah alright

KIARA: Coooooool

FADES TO THE NEXT DAY. All the lionesses are gathered around Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara. Kody and the cubs sit at the side watching.

SIMBA: now it is time to give this Kingdom to my daughter and her mate.

NALA: Lets hope they do a good job

KOVU: We promise

we'll be there To guide and protect you we will be there To see it through

we'll lift you up When you stumble and fall we'll always be there

To heed to your call

Kiara and Kovu walk up priderock and let out a roar. Mufasa smiles down at them

We promise to rule Like good King and Queen

We promise

We promise to all

Fades to Kody, Rhett and Tibante talking KODY: What should we do?


RHETT: No not tag

KODY: Why don't we explore


The three cubs run off Soon they find them self by a strange group of trees that they have never seen before. Suddenly they hear a whimpering sound

KODY: that came from over there

TIBANTE: (murmuring) Well done genius.

The whimper is heard again the three cubs run toward a fallen log

KODY: Hello


KODY: Who are you

VOICE: My name is Adrianna

RHETT: Don't worry Adrianna we will get you out

Kody and Rhett push the log

NOTE: the log fell over a whole Adri was sleeping in other wise she would be crushed. TIBANTE: I'll go and get help Kody and Rhett pushed the log so it moved a little

RHETT: Kody its no good

Suddenly Vitani and a strange lioness called Carinosa came in

VITANI: Rhett my son stand out of the way

Kody and Rhett get out of the way as the two lionesses push with there two front paws The log rolls of the ditch and a young lioness cub jumps out

ADRIANNA: Thank you

Adrianna has a black under coat and a grey body. She has amberish green eyes that sort of glow and a splodge of darker grey around one eye and a darker grey paw.

CARINOSA: come on we smelt a strange lion and lioness near here we must return When they got to pride rock they found Simba ,Nala ,Kiara and Kovu gathered to greet them.

KOVU: Well done Sis

Kovu turned to Kody

KOVU: What happened?

KODY: Dad we were playing when we heard a whimper so we followed it and found Adrianna trapped under the log so we started to push and it moved a little .Then Auntie Vitani and Carinosa came and pushed it all the way so Adrianna could escape.

KOVU: I see

Kovu turns to Adrianna

KOVU: Where and Who are your parents

ADRIANNA: I don't know where my parents are. My dad is called Cailin and I can't remember my mother. She left with her brother,

Kovu turned to Simba and Simba shock his head. Kovu turns back to Adrianna.

KOVU: You can stay here for a while

All the cubs cheer. Then they run of to play

RHETT: I'm Rhett

TIBANTI: And I'm Tibanti ,Rhett's sister

KODY: And I'm Kody prince of the pride lands

ADRIANNA: I'm Adrianna but you can call me Adri.

TIBANTI: Doesn't that mean some thing

ADRI: yeah it means dark one

KODY: as in colour or the sort of Scar dark

ADRI (giggling): as in colour


Fades to next week and Adri and Kody are play fighting on their own Adri swipes her paw at Kody and cut his cheek

ADRI: Oh sorry

KODY: that's ok

Adri walks up to Kody and licks his wounded cheek. Then she realises what she did and blushes

KODY: thanks

ADRI: No problem

Simba and Kovu are watching them.

SIMBA: Kody isn't even this close with Tibante

KOVU: No he has a soft spot for Adrianna

SIMBA: MM.... next night Kody and Adri are out alone again

ADRI: Those crocs were so big

KODY: yeah but not as big as my Dad

ADRI: or mine I think

Adri looks at the stars

ADRI: Pretty aren't they

KODY: Yeah just beautiful

Adri turns to see him looking at her they both turn around and start to blush

Soft music starts to play

KODY (singing)

You are all I think about Every night and day Every time I close my eyes you are there to stay

ADRI Singing

You found me Helped me And we became friends But now I think it has grown To some thing more

BOTH If this is love Then its powerful Like the earth it self This is love It has no boundaries And once your in You can't hide


I'm sure you feel this way

Cause its here to stay


It helps me to breath


It helps me to fly

BOTH If this is love Then its powerful Like the earth it self This is love It has no boundaries And once your in You can't hide

It helps us to live together

Forever More ~


Like an eagle on the breeze


It helps me to see


We will love each other forever more

Music dies down

FADES to black Faces to Rieta and a lion talking

RIETA: so Kulhain do you agree to help us



Kulhain walks away

CAILIN: if he does not agree to help then who will

RIETA: others

Rieta starts to walk of and as she walks of she sings


Zira tried but was not successful But now we will win I will rule pride rock Or it will burn to the ground

CAILIN But our daughter is falling in love with the prince What shall we do now?


We shall use her to get at the prince And use her to kill the king Like Zira did with Kovu but different Soon it will be priderock that we will rule

They both start to roar and smoke and dust rise

Both We will rule priderock

We will rule the pridelands

We will rule all We will rule priderock We will rule the pridelands We Will rule lions

Fades to three months later at pride rock and Kody is one year old and has a dark brown strip of where his mane is meant to be. Adrianna is sitting out side when Kovu and Kody walks up

KOVU: What s up

ADRI: I don't know. But some things wrong

KOVU: It might be a fire

KODY: or a flood

KOVU: or both

The other two looked at him weirdly

KOVU: What

ADRI: I feel like I bring danger

KODY: Lets go for a walk

Fades to when Kovu, Adri and Kody are walking they get to the dam and found that it was very high

VOICE: Well well what have we got here

Two lionesses and two lions come out of the shadows behind the three so they are trapped

KOVU: Rieta

RIETA: yes Kovu

DUNE: Well if it isn't the prince

RIETA: Hello Adrianna my daughter

ADRIANNA: You are not my mother

CAILIN: Yes she is


CAILIN: DO you fight with your family or against

KODY: Some family you are

ADRIANNA: Kody and Kovu are my family

RIETA: (growling) Traitor

KODY: She's not the traitor here you are

Dune leapt at Kody but Kovu got in the way

KOVU: I banish you from the pridelands

RIETA: only a King can do that

KOVU: I am the king


Dune leapt at Kovu and Cailin went for Kody while Inu and Rieta wrestled Adri to the ground. Cailin knocked Kody over the edge and Kovu roared in grief. Then Dune knocked Kovu over but he grabbed on just in time. Suddenly another roar was heard

RIETA: Come on

Giving Adri one last kick they left.

Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kulhain came


Simba and Kulhain helped Kovu up while Nala licked Adri's wounds

KIARA: Kovu what happened

KOVU: We were attacked by them they asked Adri to join them

NALA: Why?

KULHAIN: She's there daughter

SIMBA (gasping): Daughter

KOVU: Yes. They pushed Kody off the cliff.

KIARA: No.......

KOVU: He's gone


She runs to the edge of the cliff and calls


ADRI: ( whispering ) He's gone

Fades to pride rock Kovu , Kiara, Simba, Nala and Adri are sitting on the top of priderock.

NALA: The circle must go on

SIMBA: The circle is broken .Now that Kody is gone there is no heir to the throne

KIARA: My poor Kody.

KOVU: They will pay

NALA: violence wont solve any thing

SIMBA: if only that were true

They leave and the Kiara leaves with a sigh then Kovu hung his head and starts to sing


I always knew it would end this way PAUSE All alone No one there to give me comfort No one to look up to me to tell me I'm great

No one to trust in me

And at this rate


You can't be gone My only son You can't be gone Not today You were only strong in life So to die this way It can't be true

Fades to Kiara in the cave


The circle must continue But with out you There is no heir I have no sun in my life


You can't be gone My only son

You can't be gone

Not today You were only strong in life So to die this way It can't be true

Fades to Adri sitting at pride rock


This can't be true

Its all a dream And soon i will wake up and you'll be by my side IT CAN"T BE TRUE ~

ADRI: Oh Kody if it weren't for me you would be here

Rhett walks up

RHETT: No matter how much you sit here Kody won't come Back.

ADRI: (angry) How would you know?

RHETT: Mine and Kody's grandmother fell of the same cliff. Her name was Zira.

ADRI: My dad often mentioned Zira

RHETT: She was the mate of Scar

ADRI: So Kovu's like my uncle

RHETT: Yes and he saw the whole thing. My grandmother did not survive

Rhett starts to walk away

ADRI: Rhett

Rhett stops

ADRI: Is there still hope?

RHETT: There was hope ,yeah and there still is.

ADRI: Then I'm going to find Kody

RHETT: Hey Adri (Pause) Be careful ok bud They both smile Adri runs of toward the horizon There is a voice from behind Rhett It was Tibante.

TIBANTE: Where is she going?

RHETT: To find Kody.

Fades to in the cave and Kovu is having a dream

Kody falls of the edge and in to the water. There are swirls of blue and then it fades to At a jungle river bank not far away. Kody gets washed up on the side and lies there breathing hard. Suddenly two zebra looking creatures find Kody and Carry him away and to fades to black.

Kovu wakes up with a start and walks over to his best friend

KOVU: Kulhain wake up

KULHAIN: who, what, where, ...

KOVU: To awnser your questions in order. It's Kovu. I had a dream. I think he's in a jungle. I think Kody is still alive

KULHAIN: Does Kiara know?

KOVU: I don't want to get her hopes up

Fades to the jungle

A dun horse with a white face walks up to another dun horse with blue roan socks and a black star.

FIRST DUN HORSE: He is awake Prince Taraji

TARAJI: thanks

Taraji walks to where the lion is lying down

TARAJI: I'm Taraji who are you?

LION: I'm Prince Kody

Fades to Rieta talking to Dune

RIETA: We are four strong you, me, Inu and Cailin.

DUNE: I have some friends that will help

Three lions walk in one is grey one is brown and the last is grey and brown.

DUNE: Sister this is Dubhu (grey) Urute (Brown) and Atari ( grey and brown)

RIETA: so can you fight


URTE: Sure

ATARI: (hesitateing) yeah

Fades to the jungle

TARAJI: if you are prince Kody then why does every one say your dead

KODY: D - Dead

TARAJI: yes we heard that the King will announce his new heir tomorrow

KODY: I will stay here for a few days

TARAJI: sure ok

KODY: tell me if you get anymore news about priderock and the new heir

Fades to Adrianna at the cliff where Kody fell. She looks at the current and looks up into the slowly setting sun and runs off following the river towards a small dot in the distance.

Fades to Jungle and Kody and Taraji are talking

TARAJI: the new heir has been announced. His names Rhett

KODY: Then I have no need to return.


KODY: They think I'm dead. I guess I'll stay here for a bit longer.

Screen moves up to sky and the stars and moon start to change. This happens three times. Then it turns to day and screen moves down to show a small rabbit sitting. Suddenly a lion jumps up but misses and the rabbit gets away VOICE: you suck Kody

The lion turns around

LION: I did it on purpose

A grown stallion steps out of the bushes

STALLION: Yeah right

KODY: (mumbling) you don't have to hunt for your food


A eagle flies to the stallions shoulder

EAGLE: Sire I've got terrible news Priderock is being attacked

Kody roars in Despair

KODY: What should I do

TARAJI: you should return

KODY: How could I go back? They all think I'm dead

--------------- (Taraji Chorus Taraji and chorus Kody) --------------- TARAJI

Its your duty

To protect priderock Its your duty to see them through You must return Its your duty

KODY They think I'm dead

Taraji leads Kody off

TARAJI But your alive You're the prince Think of all your friends

Kody I can't go back The've forgotten me I've been left all alone

TARAJI Let the spirits gide you Follow your heart Follow what you think is Inside you. We all follow different paths And they aren't all the same But at times responcerbility will come And your time is today

Kody and Taraji are now standig on a rock over looking the jungle and pridelands.



(Lea hale)


( Ngi vulel')


Chorus Lea hale Ngi vulel' Fatshe leso Indlela Lea hale Ngi vulel'

Fatshe leso Indlela

Music fades to a slight murmering KODY: so I should go back

TARAJI: its up to you

Fades To Pridelands a day ago Kovu is watching the Horizon when he sees some shapes moving towards priderock

KOVU: What's that?

Simba and Rhett join him

SIMBA: What the?

RHETT: Its moving fast


All the lioness run out and form to lines Kovu is at the front with Rhett and Simba. The mass stops just in front of the pridelanders. Rieta and Dune step foreword.

RIETA: Hello KING Kovu


KOVU: What do you want. I banished you

RIETA: Did you really think we would of listened to you

DUNE: you guys are simpled minded.

RHETT: get out your out numbered 20 to 6

VOICE: Oh I don't think so

Carinosa and 8 lionesses jump at Rhett. Two on top and six surrounding him.

DUNE: If any one attacks we will kill the heir.

Fades to Kody and Taraji are running in the direction of priderock.

TARAJI: So what are you planning to do?

KODY: Save them

The two bang In to a grey lioness Kody stairs at the lioness

LIONESS: Sorry Kody and the Lioness stare at each other. Then they let out roars

KODY: ADRI They hug each other

ADRI: Kody I missed you so much. I knew you weren't dead.


TARAJI: Ech hum

KODY: oh yes. Adri this is Taraji. Taraji this is Adrianna.

TARAJI: Nice to meet ya

ADRI: same to you

TARAJI: Kody remember priderock

The three run faster than before and about 6 more horses follow.

Fades to pride rock

Cailin is standing over Rhett now and Dune is standing next to Cailin.

DUNE: I'll give you 10 seconds to give up priderock 10, 9 ,8

Vitani gives a pleading look at Kovu

DUNE: 7, 6, 5

Tibante is shifting from paw to paw

DUNE: 4, 3

Rhett is closing his eyes waiting for the final blow


Cailin is about to hit Rhett when a lion jumps at him sending him off the cliff.

LION: Familiar

KIARA (gasping): It can't be

KOVU: Kody

The lion turns around

KODY: Hi dad

Rieta runs to the edge

RIETA: Cailin

Rieta slowly turns around and suddenly leaps at Kody giving him a deep scar down his side


The fight start but Kovu and Kody's team are out numbered. Dune tackles Kody down and is about to kill him. Suddenly a scream is heard. Taraji leaps on to Dune who dodges. But Taraji rears and hits Dune with his hooves. Dune stumbles and walks blindly back ward s to the edge of the cliff. Everyone had stopped fighting when Taraji had leapt at Dune.
Taraji jumps pushing Dune off the cliff but he stumbles and falls as well.


Kody runs down to the bottom to see Dunes seemingly lifeless form lying a few feet away from Taraji who is breathing hard.

KODY: Taraji

TARAJI: Kody your ok

KODY yeah thanks to you

TARAJI: I've done my job

KODY: Job!

TARAJI: I'm a spirit sent down from Mufasa to help you and I've done that

KODY: Your not g.g.oing are you (stuttering) Tears start to appear

TARAJI: yep he stops breathing

KODY: See Ya Bud Taraji starts to fade

Pridelanders push Rieta and he force back with the help off the horses.

KOVU: Give up


She , Dubhu and Urute leap at Simba but Sarabi gets in the way and is killed.

SIMBA: No he runs towards Sarabi

RIETA: ( to Atari who is closest) Kill Simba Atari hesitates



He leaps at Rieta instead only to be kicked out of the way. Simba roars in grief. Adri who is hiding in a near by bush hears it She runs to find Kody sobbing over Taraji's fading body.

ADRI: What the?

KODY: Come He leads the way up to the top of priderock.

Goes to Rieta staring at Sarabi's body she runs right to the top of priderock and Simba follows her


Simba leaps at Rieta but is Knocked aside by Adri.

KODY: Adri what are you doing

ADRI: Rieta can't hurt Simba. But Simba can't hurt mum.

RIETA: So blood is thicker than water

ADRI (nodding): Yes but love is thicker than blood!.

Rieta ,Simba and Kody gasp.

ADRI: Mum I want you to run and never return.

RIETA: I will ( she starts to move off) Once he's dead

She suddenly springs at Kody who flips her of the edge.

Camera gets full view of priderock. The lionesses are chasing of all of Rieta's group now lead by Duhubu Atari is waking up. And is being looked after by Tibante.

Fades to priderock one week later.

Kody ,Rhett, Adri and Tibante are lying outside pirde rock in the shade of a tree.

RHETT: I'm glad your back Kody

KODY : Why

RHETT: I didn't want to be king you know

KODY: Neither do I.

RHETT: What!

KODY: Guys I Know this great place. The horses used to live there.

RHETT: Is that where you want to be king of

KODY: yep. And all of you can come

TIBANTE: Can I speak with Kody alone

Adri and Rhett nod knowing what this was about and walk off to play tag

TIBANTE: you know Kody I'm happy for you and Adri

KODY: come on Tib you still can't have that crush on me

TIBANTE: Well I sort of do and don't

KODY (confused) : heah

TIBANTE: You see I like you but um you know Atari....

KODY(smiling): I think he likes you

TIBANTE: Really?

KODY: would I lie to you

TIBANTE: so can he come?

KODY: the more the merrier

TIBANTE : thanks Kody.

The two run off to find Adri and Rhett

Fades to the funeral of Sarabi and Taraji.

KOVU: Sarabi Mate of Mufasa died defending her only son..

KULHAIN: Not only son her youngest son

SARAFINA: Its true she had two sons


KULHAIN: My farther Prince Dakuto He gave the throne to you when you were born.

KOVU(continuing): May Sarabi's spirit rest in peace with Taraji's who gave his life for my son.

Fades to Kody talking my son shall be your heir

KOVU: O.k sure fine

KODY: Dad did you really think I was dead

KOVU:yes your mother and I were heart brocken

KODY: well I proved you wrong I returned

Kovu and Kody hug.

Fades to Kody and Adri in the cave

ADRI: Kody there coming

Adri lets out a roar that echo's around pride rock. The circle of life music starts Simba, Nala, Kovu, Kiara, Tibante and Rhett come in

SIMBA(mummering):The circle continues with babies Rani and Nari

Fades to Kody and Adri sitting together at top of Priderock

Til we find our place

In the path unwinding In the circle the circle of life ~

Rafiki holds up two cubs one Dark brown the other light brown.

He lives in you

He wants you to Now a new prince A new adven~ture Ends

Flashes black Credits roll in With the sun slowly rising the credits roll Flashes to siloettes of Sarabi, Taraji, Rieta and Cailin. Fades to a siloettes of lions roaring. Fades to black THE END