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Takato Matsuki looked down out of the airplane's window. He couldn't believe that his parents were actually sending him to America. After the Parasimon incident his parents had decided that some time with some relatives outside of Japan would do Takato some good. Of course it had taken some major convincing on Takato's part to get them to agree to let Guilmon come on the trip as well.

'I didn't even know I had any relatives living in America.' Takato thought as he continued to stare out of the window.

Becoming bored Takato took out his sketch book and began drawing. His hand moved quickly with precision. The lines one the paper slowly but surely became the image of a face. A face Takato knew very well. I t was one he saw every time he closed his eyes. The face was that of Takato's crush, Rika Nonaka.

"I wonder what she and the others are doing right now." Takato murmured as he closed his eyes.

Shinjuku, Japan

The Nonaka residence at that moment...

"How come I have to go with you? Why can't I stay here with Grandma?" Rika asked her mother.

Rumiko sighed. "Your grandmother is visiting friends out of town during the same time I'll be gone. You can't stay here by yourself, besides it would be a good way for us to spend some time together."

"But Mom I don't like spending time at a photography studio." Argued Rika.

"Don't worry Rika you won't have to. There will be other things for you to do. But if we are going we need to get ready to go to the airport in the morning." Said Rumiko.

Seiko nodded in agreement with what her daughter had just said.

"I think it would be a good idea Rika. Tell me Rumiko just where is it that you are going to for your photo shoot?" she asked.

"It's a small town in California. A place called Charterville I believe." Rumiko said.

Rika perked up a bit at this news. A town meant there had to be something for her to do besides watching her pose for her photographer. Still Rika was a little uncertain. After all everything she knew was here in Japan. Then a thought struck her.

"Hey if this Charterville is small how come you're going over there?" asked Rika.

"The town might be small but the magazine publisher wants to run a special issue of the month. I'll be on the front cover along with some local models from the next town of Urbania City.

"Okay I'll go but only if Renamon can come with us as well." Said Rika.

"I don't see why not. After all she is part of our family." Agreed Rumiko.

Zoom Comics, Charterville...

Drew McCormick was busy reading the newest issue of Beetleborgs Metallix. Although if any one who knew Drew saw him they could tell you that something was on his mind. Roland Williams was one such person. He watched as Drew reread the same page of his comic.

"Something on your mind Drew?" Roland asked.

Drew sighed. "Yeah. Jo and I have a distant cousin coming to visit us from Japan."

"Drew I didn't know you had any relatives living in Japan." Said Roland.

"Neither did I. I just hope Nukus doesn't try anything while my cousin is here." Said Drew.

"So what's your cousin's name?" asked Roland.

"Takato Matsuki."

"So why is he coming over here? If he's a distant cousin I take it that your family doesn't have much contact with his." Said Roland.

"Mom didn't really say. But I might ask him when he gets here." Drew said putting his comic down on the counter.

At that moment Joyce McCormick walked into Zoom Comics along with her daughter. Seeing her son standing at the counter with Roland Joyce walked over to join them.

"Drew your sister and I are off to collect Takato from the airport. Do you want to join us?" asked Joyce.

"I'll come with you guys. I'm a little curious about what this cousin of mine." Drew said.

"I'll see you guys later. And Drew bring your cousin over here some time I'd like to meet him." Said Roland.

Drew simply nodded as he joined his family outside.

Sometime later at the Urbania City airport. Takato looked around as he pushed a giant suitcase. Inside the suitcase Guilmon struggled to stay still for his tamer. Which was not easy for the overly playful digimon. Looking around Takato saw a sign that said Matsuki.

Joyce saw the young Japanese teen pushing the ridicously large suitcase. Something about the boy reminded Joyce of her own son Drew. When she saw that he was walking towards them Joyce wondered if this was the cousin she would be taking care of for the next month.

"Takato? Takato Matsuki?" she asked.

Takato nodded at the woman's question. Luckily he had paid attention to his teachers during the past few years. One of the things Takato had found himself good at was languages. Of course he had never had any reason to show his skills with the other tamers before now.

"Mrs. McCormick?" Takato asked.

Joyce smiled and nodded. "Please call me Joyce, after all we are family. Speaking of which, these are my children Drew and Jo."

Takato smiled shyly at the two teens. He could tell that there was only a year or two apart from their ages. Jo took a look at Takato's suitcase and giggled. She had never seen anyone pack so much before.

"That's quite a lot of stuff you brought with you." She said.

Takato blushed. "Um, yeah well."

"Jo quite teasing the poor boy." Joyce said coming to Takato's rescue.

Suddenly the suitcase began rocking back and forth. Takato jumped on it trying to help Guilmon from popping out. 'Not now boy.' Takato thought as he realized that his cousins were staring at him.

"Takato did that suitcase just move by itself?" asked Joyce.

"I can explain, but I really think we should get outside now." Takato said trying to keep the bulging suitcase from opening.

Joyce frowned but decided to at least let Takato move the suitcase outside before she demanded an explanation. She had a feeling that Takato's explanation would make their lives even more complicated. Of course living in a town where comic book monsters came to live complicated was a way of life.

They had just managed to get the car when Takato's suitcase exploded open revealing a large red dinosaur. Joyce let short scream as the dinosaur looked at her. Both Drew and Jo instinctively jumped in front of their mother to protect her. Takato just groaned. This was not how he had wanted to introduce his best friend to his cousins.

"Takatomon who are they?" asked Guilmon.

Drew blinked. Had that dinosaur just talked? He looked over at Takato surprised to see that he was just frowning at the dinosaur.

"Guilmon what did I tell you about getting out before I let you?" asked Takato.

Guilmon tilted his head. "But Takatomon that suitcase was getting all stuffy."

Jo couldn't help but giggle a little at the sound of Guilmon's voice. She would never have imagined that the fierce looking creature standing before her to sound like a child. Joyce just watched the interaction between monster and Japanese teen in sheer fascination.

"So Takato just who is your friend there?" asked Drew.

"This is Guilmon. Guilmon these are the cousins we'll be staying with. Oh that reminds me. Is there someplace where I could hide Guilmon?" said Takato.

Jo nodded. "You could always hide him at Hillherst. No one apart from us ever go there."

"Takato I think that you have some explaining to do." Joyce said after she had recovered from her shock.

"I know. I'll explain on the way to your house." Takato said when he noticed Guilmon's go feral.

Knowing that Guilmon didn't go feral unless there was threat nearby Takato looked around. Confused by their cousin's reaction Drew and Jo also started looking about. Suddenly an arm grabbed their mother from behind.


Howling Wolf: And here we are another Digimon cross over started. This one is obviously a cross over with Beetleborgs. Of course I made some changes in the time line. I made Takato and Rika the same age as the Beetleborgs. So in case you are wondering they are all about 13-14 yrs old. Join us next time as Takato and Guilmon fight against one of Nukus's monsters. And what will Takato do when he later runs into his secret crush Rika?