There are some things only you can understand, sweet Marie. To never be able to do something everyone else takes for granted. To never again be able to see... I always thought my mutation was the worse that anyone could get until I met you.

You know what the dangers are, that you may never be able to have skin-to- skin contact without killing the other person. And yet you go on each day, not allowing it to control you, restrict what you do. How I envy how you stay together, never once breaking down or hiding from the world.

I love you, Marie. I could never have told you that before. You're with Bobby Drake, and I was with Jean Gray before that. Not to mention I was your teacher and fifteen years older. Can you imagine how that would have gone over with the others?

But now you'll know, along with everything else I know, for a simple kiss on your uncovered forehead. Please know, that I love you with my last breath.