You just don't get it, do you? You just can't understand why everyone doesn't want to bask in the wonder that is you.

We're beneath you because you're the Slayer. All bow to God's gift that is Buffy. Ooh, wow, you were in heaven and now you're back on earth. So that makes you better then us? It gives you the right to treat us like we're crap? Well fuck that. Shit happens. You're miserable and you're dragging us down with you. Get over yourself. Faith's a Slayer, too. She doesn't act like she's better then us. Hell, she bothered to remember my name, and not just refer to me a Willow's little tagalong, which I have heard you call me, no matter what Will said. We matter to her. Each one of us. She'd have cried if she'd been here with Chloe. To you, we're expandable. So what if Rona dies. Amanda's always going to be there to take her place.

So get your mighty ass off that jeweled throne and open your eyes. Because we're not putting up with it anymore.