You're probably wondering why I did it. To you, I have the perfect life. I get to go to high school and go on dates while you had to travel around the world, saving people who'd have you locked up if you told them the truth. You could die any day, fighting to save a world that can't be saved.

But you don't know what it's like, Buffy. You have no idea how hard it is to get up in the morning, knowing that the person you love most could be dead and the person who is supposed to love you most doesn't even realize you're there most of the time.

You never have to see the zombie that mom's become, because you're not there.

Did you know that she doesn't even see me anymore? She's turned the entire house into a shrine dedicated to you? She ignores me, but talks to an invisible, imaginary older daughter who could have been so much more.

Last week, I was attacked by a vampire, bleeding all over the place and too dizzy to walk straight. And do you know what mom did? She yelled at me for getting blood on the wall. She went totally ballistic because I might have ruined one of the thousands of pictures of you.

But you know what? Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be. You, coming home to find my decayed body, this note beside me on the bed, and mom never having noticed I'm gone.

Because, really, what other option is there?