I'm not her. I get that. I always have. She was the love of your life, and I was just a little girl with a crush. But, damn Willow, it wasn't just some stupid kid thing. I really did love you. I'd have done anything for you. If shooting me would've made you 100% Willow again, I'd have let you do it. I'd have let you kill me. And you knew it. I'm not blaming you, really. I know you tried. You tried to have feelings for me. We even had sex. I'd call it making love, but it wasn't me, not in your mind. It was a blonde haired, blue eyed witch that was making you wither in pleasure on your bed. Hell, you were even whispering her name in your sleep that night.

So, please, Willow, just say it. I'll never be as good. Please just tell me to go.

Because I love you too much to do it on my own.