You know what, B? It's your fault. No matter what you think, you're the one to blame. You had everything. The friends, the family, the hot boyfriend... and do you know what I had? The attitude. The leather. The thirty two bucks I had from the last guy who picked me up.

You were the exception to every damn rule. You had everything a Slayer wasn't supposed to, and you still couldn't share. *You* were envious of *me*. What, were you afraid I'd steal Willow and Xander away from you? That Giles would like me better and try to give you away when the time came? That your mother would want a daughter who didn't have to worry about getting expelled from high school because she always dropped out? I wasn't any kind of threat. I didn't wanna take your friends away from you, I just wanted to see what it was like to be liked for more then my cleavage. But I barely got to learn their names before you started saying shit about me.

So, really, it's your fault I'm not helping you fight Spike, but sitting on a grave cheering him on. It's your fault you're getting your ass kicked. It's your fault you're going to die.