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Chapter One: Three Guys, Three Lives

Robert Mitchells, better known as the former King Bob of Third Street, was busy relaxing on the wooden swing hanging on the porch. The hot June weather was perfect conditions for a well-deserved nap, especially after a hard game of catch with a rambunctious Jack Russell terrier, King Bob's dog Scrappy. The little dog was lying sprawled out on the porch panting with his green tennis ball beside him.
"Ah, the perfect way to spend the day, huh, Scraps?" Bob smiled down at him.
"Yep, I'd rather be doing this than being at some CAMP or something."
He heard the screen door open and close, then somebody walking towards him. Judging from the sound of high-heeled shoes, he guessed it was his older sister, "Lady" Sheila--more like "Lady Demon" if you asked Bob.
"Hello, Dorkbert," he heard her say in her snotty tone. "Mom said she wants to see you in the kitchen."
"Why? I didn't do anything."
"Just do it!" Sheila demanded. "Anyways, I'm going to the mall, not that you care, just tell Mom that's where I am."
Bob sighed and relunctantly got up from the porch swing, Scrappy following close behind. Heh, Sheila could forget about him telling Mom anything. He went inside the kitchen where his mother, Allison, was busy talking with her new husband, the stuffy politician Jacob Griffin. Bob didn't really like Jacob, because he was really strict. He much preferred his real dad, Lance Mitchells, even if he didn't take anything seriously...except his relationship with his kids.
"Mom, Sheila said you wanted to see me," Bob told her, leaning on the door frame.
"Oh, honey, I didn't hear you come in," Allison jumped. "Don't be shy, come sit down."
Bob started getting suspicious. "What's going on? You guys aren't having a BABY are you?"
The two adults started laughing, much to the young teen's dismay. He hated it when adults laughed at him. It really aggravated him. He crossed his arms, waiting for them to finish.
"Oh, no, dear," Allison gasped. "We're not planning on having a baby so soon."
"I don't believe you'll have to worry about having a little brother or sister anytime this year, Robert," Jacob added.
"Then why the heck did you want to see me?"
"Well, you know, since I'm married again," Allison began. "We're going to be doing a lot of work around here. You know, getting the house fixed up, paying off honeymoon bills, that sorta junk. And I know you don't want to be around when this happens, so me and Jacob decided to send you to a camp."
Bob's jaw dropped about six inches. No, this wasn't happening. His own mother was sending him to a CAMP? This had to be some kind of nightmare.
"Y-you're kidding, right?" he asked, even though he doubted they were.
"Of course not," Jacob replied. "I'm into politics, I have no time to kid around."
"Sweetie, it's for your own good," Allison insisted. "Besides, you need to get out and make some friends. All you've done since school let out is play with Scrappy."
"So, is there a law saying it's illegal to play fetch?" Bob muttered sarcastically, slumping down in the chair. "Besides, if Jordan and Jerome hadn't moved off last month, I would be hanging out with them."
"Well, they're not here," Jacob began, starting to get impatient with his new step-son. "Camp is a great way to build self-esteem, and you can learn lessons while you're there too. Here's a pamphlet for it. It's called Camp All-Star, and it has every type of sport imaginable--well, except ice hockey--but they have the others. And you're leaving tomorrow morning."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the LaSalle's house on the next street, Vince and T.J. were playing one-on-one basketball. And as usual, Vince won, no scoreboard necessary. He sunk in his twentieth slam dunk for the day, and T.J. called a truce.
"Okay, you win, I give up," he sighed, wiping sweat from his brow.
"You didn't do so bad, Teej," Vince admitted. "You almost made it a few times."
"Yeah, almost made it past the point of passing out on the sidewalk," he joked. "So, what else in store for the summer?"
"Well, as far as I know, I'm not going to any camp this summer," Vince replied, shooting another basket. "But even if I do get sent to one, the others will still be around for ya hang with."
"Wrong-o, Spinelli went on a cross-country road trip with her parents," T.J. explained, taking a drink of his Gatorade. "Gus went to another military camp, Gretchen's off on some smart kid convention at the White House, and Mikey's...well, he's got the flu right now, but I'm sure he'll get over it soon."
"Ew, too bad. I guess you're lucky I'm staying here all summer, then."
"Hey, Vince," Chad LaSalle, Vince's older brother called from the house. "Stop playing with that air-filled playing device and come into the house. Mom has some mail for you."
"Air-filled playing device?" T.J. repeated.
"What else do you except your geeky older brother to call a basketball?" Vince asked him, throwing the ball into the garage.
"Good point. I've gotta get home anyways, so I'll talk to you later," T.J. said, going over to his red bike and riding off towards his street.
Vince waved good-bye to him, then jogged to the front door. He figured his mom was just wanting him to go run an errand or something--but why couldn't she tell Chad to do it? Whatever the reason, he went into the kitchen to see what she wanted.
"Here you go, read this," she told him, shoving a pamphlet into his hands while she rushed to get dinner cooked.
"What the-" he started, then he read it. "A sports camp? Camp All- Star? Mom, I just told T.J. that I was staying here all summer."
"You'll have to tell him that you were wrong then," Mrs. LaSalle remarked from the stove. "With me and your dad going on that business trip for two weeks, and Chad starting the summer session of college soon, you have to go somewhere."
"I can just stay with T.J.," Vince suggested. "I'm sure his folks won't mind."
"Honey, Mrs. Detweiller just told me that they were going out of state for a family reunion," she told him. "So go pack your bags, you're leaving in the morning."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was almost twelve o'clock at night when Lawson decided to drag himself home. Boy, he was going to have to stop hanging out with Jocko, Carillo, and the other guys. Hopefully his parents didn't notice that he was coming home late, or else he was definitely grounded.
Glad to see that one of the windows of the first floor was unlocked, he quietly let himself in the house, making sure he didn't wake anybody up. Unfortuneately, he didn't realize somebody was already up...
"What are you doing?" he heard somebody say in front of him.
He jumped at the unexpected voice, but then realized it was his older sister, Rhonda. Great, she would more than likely turn him in for staying out past curfew.
"Didn't Mom and Dad say that you were supposed to be home by NINE?" Rhonda asked him, shining a flashlight on him like a police investigator.
"Cut it out, I lost track of time, okay?" he insisted.
"Yeah, right. I think the fact that street lights came on three hours ago was a big hint," she smirked. "So, Jerk-win, I suppose this means your grounded, AGAIN."
"Come on, sis, don't rat me out," Lawson pleaded with her. "Mom said next time, I'd be busted for a month."
"That's your problem, not mine." She paused for a second. "Do I smell cigarette smoke?"
Uh-Oh. Now he was definitely going to have to stop hanging with the guys, especially since for some reason they had decided to start smoking on tonight of all nights.
"Uh...no, you don't," he insisted, although knowing full and well she wouldn't fall for it.
Rhonda's eyes got wide. "THAT'S why you've been out late! You've been out smoking pot with those so-called friends of yours!"
"I have not! I didn't do that stuff, the other guys did!" For once he actually told the truth...
"Yeah, right, I'm telling Mom, and you are so busted!"
It was kinda weird seeing an eighteen-year-old trying to tattle on their little brother, but this was Rhonda we were talking about. She ran upstairs before Lawson could think of anyway to somehow bribe her into silence, and...oh brother, he could hear his dad getting into his "bad mood" mode right about now. Gulp, he was SO busted.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, that was a sorta boring chappie (but unusually long in my opinion), but it was necessary. Next time, we'll be at the bus saying our good-byes and all! What's going to happen at Camp All-Star? Gotta keep reading the story to find out! And PLZ REVIEW!!!