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It was raining. The leaves on the trees were rustling in the slight wind. An elf wandered through the wood, before looking around him and shouting:


But, oh no Legolas, it isn't. Legolas sat against a tree and pouted at being thrown back into the fanfic he's hoped he'd escaped from forever. Just then, a cheery voice sounded from nearby.

"Hello Legolas! Fancy meeting you here, on such a, erm, fine day!"

Legolas looked up, to find a hobbit looking expectantly at him.

"Hey Frodo. Er, where's Aragorn?"


"Oh great, I have to do ANOTHER of these fics and I don't even have Aragorn to spend it with?!"

"Oh, no, my mistake, he's over there."

And with that Frodo smiled a cheery hobbit smile and…vanished into thin air. Legolas didn't have much time to wonder at the vanishing hobbit, because precisely 2.69375 seconds later Aragorn tripped over him.

"Hi Aragorn."

"Oh no! She didn't get you too?!"

"No, I am a figment of your imagination. In actual fact I am at home in the bath. Of course she got me too, nitwit!"

"Oh yeah. Sorry."

"What were you running for, anyway? Saw another crow?"

"No! I thought, maybe if I run really really fast I'll be able to get out."

Me: Nope.

"It was worth a try."

So Aragorn and Legolas (or should that be Legolas and Aragorn? Legolas arrived first, after all) began to do what they do best: wandering aimlessly while they wait for plot. They were just rounding a bush when they heard something. Something that sounded remarkably like a sheep's baa. They turned around and there was…A SHEEP!


"Is that all you ever say?" Asked Legolas.

"No. I also do chicken impressions!" The sheep clucked around in a circle for a minute or two, to the utter bewilderment of the elf and the king. Eventually she stopped and proceeded to stare at them.

"Erm…well done!" said Aragorn, a little belatedly.

"Thank you." The sheep grinned from ear to ear. Don't ask me how.

"So, what's your name and what are you doing?" Legolas enquired.

"My name is Louise the Sheep, and the reason I'm here is because I'm a sheep. Anyway, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be off combing your hair?" sniggered Louise the Sheep.

Legolas looked hurt, and his hand instinctively moved to cover the pocket where he kept his favourite comb. Louise the Sheep, with her damned good eyesight, noticed and threw her head back to laugh.

"Ha ha! That where you keep your travelling comb is it?!"


"It's where he keeps his favourite one. He can't leave home without it!"


Me: Er, guys, this isn't supposed to be one of those fics where Legs spends all his time looking in a mirror. Louise the Sheep, if you have to tease him about something, choose something else.

"Okay" said Louise the Sheep, hanging her head in shame. She perked up in time to say, "Your clothes are weird!"

"Hey!" Complained Aragorn, "You're upsetting the elf!"

She stuck her tongue out at him (again, don't ask me how. Maybe she was a magical sheep or something.) With a parting shot of "Big ears!" she ran away into the undergrowth.

"Well, that was different." Remarked Aragorn.

"You don't think she's gonna come back, do you?" asked Legolas, staring worriedly after her.


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