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Legolas lovingly grabbed Aragorn's hair and yanked it. Hard.


"Serves you right."

"…fair enough."

Me: Wow…I think that was the quickest settled fight you guys ever had.

"Whatever other people may say, violence really is the answer."

Me: If you say so, King-boy.

"So…erm…now what do we do?"

Me: I don't know! It's the last chapter, go wander about or blow kisses at your fans or something!

"Wanna wander with me Legs?"

"Sure thing."

So Aragorn and Legolas wandered off in the general direction of…er…a tree, leaving several disappointed fans behind them.

Me: You know, you two just wondering about is really boring. Ok, I'm gonna take you on a really quick tour of all the places you've been since this fic started, ok?

"Erm, not really…"

Unfortunately the author wasn't in the slightest bit interested in what they had to say of the matter, and the scenery around them started changing from one thing to another at a dizzying speed. They saw again the pond-like river, the cavern, a huge hole and trees. Loads of trees. After a few seconds (they really hadn't been to many places) it stopped and they were back in the bit of unnamed wood they had been in before.

"Well, that was fun."

"Please tell me you're being sarcastic."

"I am."

"Oh. Good."

"So, um, authoress, what is the name of this wood? Are you ever going to tell us?"

Me: Yup. I am indeed, my dear elf.

"Let me guess: it's called the unnamed wood, right?"

Me: Aww, now you spoiled the surprise.

Aragorn and Legolas exchanged wearied glances, deciding not to follow that up. Thankfully, at that moment, a certain sheep jumped out on to the path.

"Oh no" groaned Legolas. The sheep just gave him a rather puzzled look, before hopping away through the trees. No sooner had it disappeared than the one and only LOUISE THE SHEEP appeared in front of them.

"Wow. Never knew I could appear out of thin air."

Me: You can't. It was me.

"Oh. Hey, I thought anything could happen in a fanfic. Why can't I have the ability to appear and disappear at will?

Me: Because Will doesn't like it. Now get on with teasing Legolas.

"Hey Legolas you have…er…goddamnit I've run out of insults!"

"But there's so much to work with!"

Me: Aragorn, I'm warning you….

"Ok, ok! Sorry!"

"Oh I got one! Legolas, you're a scaredy-elf!"

"…am not."

Me: Legs, you're scared of a sheep.

"Hey, don't be mean!"

"Sorry, it's my job!"

Me: Ok, that's enough. Louise the Sheep, you gotta go on home now.

"Can I at least say bye to my fans?"

Me: Ok.


And the sheep trotted off, never to be heard of again.

"Well, that was random."

Me: Isn't everything in this fic, Aragorn?

"I never thought of that..."

Me: Obviously. Now, do you guys wanna go home now or not?

"Oh god, please don't make us stay!"

Me: Somebody calm the elf down. Now guys, before you go, do I need to remind you what to do?

Once more Legs and Aragorn turned towards the readers and chanted "Thanks very much to all readers and reviewers, especially Dreamality who's been with us from the very beginning. And of course we can't forget c-marabini either, who'd been a great regular reviewer."

Me: That's great. Ok, you can go now.

Legolas and Aragorn vanished even before they'd finished their leaps of joy.

THE END!!!!!


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Dreamality – I'm sorry to leave behind this fic, but it seems the right time to end. Besides, I'm having a hell of a time balancing this and "Interesting" (my POTC fic) so I want time to concentrate just on that. Yup, that title does have a nice ring to it, but most people who've ever read any of this know it from the "Tales of an Elf" title, so probably best to leave it at that. Thanks for being my best reviewer :D

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Aragorn replies…

c-marabini – What do I drink at my parties? Wine, usually.

Dreamality – I always knew you did. Thankfully I can go back to Gondor now. Nobody ever mentioned fanfics as part of my duties…

Legolas replies…

Dreamality – As soon as I get back home, I shall send a message to you. Unless, as you say, another author abducts me. If so, feel free to roam Mirkwood until my return.

Laseri – I'm afraid I cannot stay any longer…what am I saying? Afraid? I'm free at last!

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c-marabini – Ernie says hi. Maybe sometime we'll come and deliver your post.

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Dreamality - he is wonderful!! Pretty sexy in a sheep way too...

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