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Chapter 1 – The result of passion

Severus Snape lay in his bed, staring at a picture of his last and only love, Gwendolyn McKay, a hot-headed Scottish woman at the time barely over twenty. She made silly faces at him every now and then, but mostly she just smiled. Severus loved Gwendolyn's ginger, loosely curled hair that flowed down to her waist, her warm, soft blue eyes that warmed up even the darkest of people and her dazzling smile that was made even more stunning by dimples on each cheek. Just seeing a picture of her made you wonder what a beautiful cheerful girl had seen in a man like Severus, who was moody and had once been a Death Eater. How he had loved her, and yet he had left her without saying at least a goodbye.

Severus sighed and rolled over as he remembered that day, the day that he hadn't known would change his whole life. His stomach felt as if hundreds of stones were being put in one by one, the feeling of regret sinking in once more. After a while of self-pity, there came a knock on his front door. He cursed at the thought of getting out of bed. It was six in the morning for goodness sake. He hoped that it wouldn't be the couple that lived upstairs asking him whether he had any Fire Whisky to spare. He cursed again as he stumbled over one of his many cauldrons snubbing his toes.

When Severus opened the door, at first he thought it was one of those Girl Scouts that sold cookies and you had to buy them to get rid of them, but when he looked again he saw a girl who seemed familiar to him but he couldn't remember when he had seen her. Then it hit him. The girl standing in front of him resembled Gwendolyn intensely apart from the different colour hair and eyes. Her hair was raven black like his, but had the liveliness of Gwendolyn's bouncy hair and intense black eyes that still gave off warmth.

"You, Mr. Severus Snape?" the girl asked. Severus nodded. "Right, can I come in? I've got something really important to tell you and I rather you sit down in case you faint or something." She looked up and watched the expression on his face, seeing if he looked worried. He didn't. "Though I highly doubt it."

Again Severus nodded and lead her into his living room and when he turned to look at her, he realised she was carrying a suitcase and a reasonably large sports bag. As he sank into his favourite armchair, the girl cracked her knuckles, whilst she prepared to tell him what she had been practising on the Knight Bus all the way there from Scotland, which wasn't very far from here but not close either.

"You must be wondering who I am and what I want to tell you that was so important you had to sit down There ain't no simple way to put it so I'll tell it to you straight. Me name's Siobhan McKay, daughter of the late Gwendolyn McKay and apparently you're my father."

Severus gasped as reality sank in. That steamy night they had shared, him and Gwendolyn, nine months before the fall of Lord Voldemort, one week before he had decided to pack his bags and leave. This had been sixteen years ago and sure enough, there stood in front of him, was the sixteen year old result, staring into thin air with a sombre look on her face.

"What do you mean, the late Gwendolyn McKay? Late as in tardy or late as in," he asked choking before he could finish his sentence. Oh, how he wished he could see her, if she was still alive. "or late as in dead."

"Well, what do you think? She died last week, murdered, and the Ministry dug up some family tree and, sure enough, there was your name." Severus noticed that she had a semi- Scottish accent which was mixed up with a proper English accent which made her sound rather strange.

This was a tough situation. Severus had been in more tough situations than he had had cold dinners and this was one of the toughest. Was he going to believe her? Of course, he was, and he knew she wasn't lying, he could just tell. How was he going to cope? He wouldn't be able to cope being a single working father but, then again Gwendolyn had been a single working mother and she had coped for sixteen whole years. He had to talk to Dumbledore and sort this mess out. He turned and looked at Siobhan who had taken to the sofa and lay there, hair hanging of the sides lightly brushing the carpet.

"Is this normally how you look like when you greet people?" she asked after she had stared at him for a while. He looked down and realised that he was only wearing his tartan boxers and a white vest. His eyes had bags under them from the lack of sleep and his face was rough from the stubble growing on his face. He hadn't bothered to shave since... well, he couldn't remember.

"No. Make yourself comfortable and you can look around the room. Though, I must warn you not to touch that cabinet," he said pointing to a large oak cabinet. "If, you do not wish to be propelled backwards ten feet whether there is a wall or not." At that he turned and left the room, probably to get dress and if he could be bothered, shave.

Siobhan looked around the room. Compared to what she was used to it was a dump. She got up and examined the cabinet closely, and immediately felt intrigued. If Severus hadn't pointed it out she would have never noticed it. Curiosity being her nature, she wanted to know what was behind it, but as she was about to touch it, somebody stopped her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," the person said. It wasn't Severus' as this man's voice was old and heart-warming. Siobhan turned and around and immediately recognised him from the Chocolate Frog's cards, as no other than Albus Dumbledore. "It's not a nice feeling going through a brick wall."

Dumbledore cocked his head to one side and looked at her through his half- moon glasses, as if he was searching her. He was about to say something when Severus walked in dressed in Muggle clothes; black jeans, black trainers and a black t-shirt, basically everything black. His hair was now straight and unusually greasy, a complete opposite to the fluffy mess Siobhan had seen just a few minutes ago.

"Ah, here you are Severus. I came as soon as I got heard your call. What seems to be the problem?" Dumbledore asked even though the problem was staring him in the face.

"Albus, you know Gwendolyn McKay?" Severus asked as he needed to know whether Albus knew her or not to continue explaining. Albus nodded.

"I believe she was murdered last week. Tragic death. The only one present was her daughter, so it was hard for her. Imagine watching your mother die."

"Yes, well her daughter has no-one to live with and the Ministry have decided to send her here, since I'm her biological father and that just won't work. Can't they send her somewhere else?"

"Severus this is a human being we are talking about. You can't ship her from one place to another she's already here now. Plus she needs her father now, even if she has never needed you. She is the last of the McKay's. The rest have been killed of because of their amazing...gift."

"What about sending her to a home? A foster family? She can't live with me since I spend most of my time at Hogwarts unless she transfers from God knows what school she went to."

"Why would she need a foster family when she has you? Don't be so childish, you just don't want the responsibility. You, of all people, should know what it feels like to lose a parent at this age. I will gladly give her a place at Hogwarts and transfer her from Fin Connelly Charms School. It's too expensive anyway."

"But Albus- "

"The decision is final. She will stay with you and you will be a good father. Good day, Severus." Turning to Siobhan, he lifted the sky blue wizards hat he was wearing and bowed. "And to you, Miss McKay it was a pleasure meeting you."

Before Severus could argue, Albus Dumbledore diss-Apparated out of the living room with a light 'pop'. All through the conversation Siobhan had sat there listening, not saying anything, whilst her life was decided by a complete stranger, and a father was practically a stranger. She seemed to have ran out of luck. Her mother was dead, and she had a father who didn't want her, let alone love her. Siobhan sighed, and felt her stomach rumble. The only thing she had eaten since the funeral had been some disgusting cabbage soup that she hadn't been able to keep down.

Siobhan lay upside down on the sofa and began staring at the cabinet, wondering what spell was protecting it. Severus shook his head. He knew she was going to touch the cabinet, it was her nature to be curious. All teenagers were too curious for their own good. His stomach began to rumble and he made his way to the kitchen and started making breakfast. After making up his mind what he was having, egg on toast with baked beans, he realised he had

no idea what Siobhan wanted to eat, that is if she wanted to eat. If she was like her mother she would want toast with cheese, and that was only if she was like her mother.

"Um, Siobhan. What would you like for breakfast?" he asked her as he stuck his head through the gap in the door. She didn't hear him as she was concentrating on rolling a piece of paper she had gotten from somewhere. He watched her as she flicked it towards the cabinet and upon contact come straight back hit her on the shoulder. That was going to create a nasty bruise. As if she hadn't heard him.

"I warned you. What part of don't touch the cabinet don't you understand? Is it that difficult to process the information?"

"I'd like toast with cheese and some orange juice," she said answering his first question. So she had heard. "And the bit I don't understand is 'don't touch'." Bossiness and cheekiness were not a good combination. Severus disappeared through the door again and, properly started making breakfast.It took quite a while to make breakfast, even with the use of magic, since Siobhan kept flicking more and bigger objects at the cabinet, causing them to propel themselves towards the wall or Siobhan. In the end, after getting sick and tired of hearing his wall being smashed up, he bound her arms together, telling her it was for her own safety. He should have thought about shutting her mouth up as well, because out of it came a series of curses all under ten letters long. Of course, he simply closed the door and carried on making breakfast.

When they finally sat down to eat, and Siobhan's hands had been unbound, Siobhan stared at Severus not blinking, boring her eyes into him. Severus didn't look up to meet her gaze but he felt really uncomfortable. It was as if she wanted something, and he had it.

"Tell me, what is in that cabinet, that I can't see, let alone touch? Is it gold or silver? What is it?" asked putting down the piece of toast she had been eating and started pleading Severus with her eyes.

"There is no use putting on that face, it won't work. When the time comes I will tell you, and that time is not now," he replied, and then simply went back to eating his toast. He ate such fattening foods yet he was so skinny. Well, he had a bit of muscle at the top but not much.

"Jeez, talk about boring. You could at least tell your long lost daughter that you didn't know you had and have missed out on sixteen fun years with, the spell you used. Or use your imagination to make something up like a killer bee collection."

"Emotional blackmail won't work either. Seriously, what part of no don't you understand? The N or the O? I can spell it out for you."

"No thank you. What part of show me what's inside that cabinet don't you understand? Show me and I'll stop pestering you."

"You do know that if I show you what's inside that cabinet I'll have to kill you, and I can't do that since I promised Albus."

"Right, whatever. Can you show me to a spare room where I can get some sleep. I'm sort of tired." She faked a yawn hoping that he would fall for it. He did.

"Right, you can have the spare room. It isn't Buckingham Palace but it's habitable. Aren't you going to finish your toast first?"

"No, I'm O.K. I'm not that hungry. Had, um, a big dinner last night." Of course she was lying. Severus spotted something but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

They left their plates on the table and Severus lead her to a room right at the end of the corridor. When Severus opened the door, Siobhan stepped at the shock from the state of the room. The side with the bed, the wardrobe and the dresser was clean but the other side was littered with so many boxes filled with you could hardly see the floor. Siobhan walked over to one of the boxes and saw that it was filled with photographs. One of them had the glass cracked on the picture frame and it was hard to see. Siobhan picked it up to have a closer look and saw her mother standing next to a fluffy haired man who she recognised as

Severus, without the over-greased hair. They looked so blissful, love struck even, like there was no trouble in the world, even though Voldemort had been at his strongest at the time.

"What happened to this? Did you two have a fight or something? Siobhan asked staring at Severus with her quizzical eyes, forcing him to remember something he'd have rather not remembered. He looked away and changed the subject.

"You'll have to wait awhile whilst I remove these boxes. If you want I'll get you some paint and you can paint it any colour you like... apart from yellow." With a flick of his wand the boxes lifted several inches from the floor and followed him out in a single file.

The minute the door closed, Siobhan flung her suitcase and holdall into a corner. She was too lazy to unpack. She lay down on the bed and was surprised that it was soft.

'Great,' she thought, 'A lousy room and an even lousier father. Trust me when I get my hands on that Death Eater he'll be so sorry.'

Even if she hadn't been lazy, she wouldn't have had the energy to do anything. On the Knight Bus she hadn't been able to sleep since she kept trying to picture how her father would look like, and how he would react. It was hard to sleep on the Knight Bus anyway, but if she could have, she would have found it hard. She had known he had black hair and eyes since it didn't run in the family, and had never done except on one occasion, they had all been redheads with sparkling blue or green eyes. Never had she thought he would be a greasy-haired boring old grouch.

Siobhan took out a locket that her mother had given her when she was one year old. Her mother had made her promise she wouldn't open it until the day she died, as if she knew she would die at a young age. It had been a week since Siobhan's mother had died and she still hadn't opened it. She prised it open with her teeth since it was stiff from not being opened for fifteen years, and realised why her mother hadn't wanted her to open it until she was dead. On one side was a picture of Severus when he was still young, his eyes less sullen, his hair less greasy, and on the other side a picture of her mother still young and stress-free holding a baby she recognised as herself. Siobhan put the locket back on and she closed her eyes, and gave way to a restless sleep full of nightmares.

Meanwhile, Severus Snape was dwelling in the past, swimming in self-pity stomach heavy with regret. Well, that had been a nice morning for him. After managing to gather enough courage to find her, she dies. He had known she would die at an early age, but not that early. She must have been barely 36. He picked up the smashed photo and looked at it. No, it hadn't been broken in a fight, it had been broken in his hurry to fit everything into his trunk as he prepared to leave. What an idiot he had been, and still was. Sixteen years and she hadn't gotten married, as if she had been waiting for him to show up, even if he hadn't. Ignoring the fact he was meant to be clearing away the boxes he deposited in his room, laid back onto his back and fell into a restless sleep full of taunting dreams.
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