Four months in Azkaban were enough for Siobhan. By the time the trial cam round, she was ready for anything. Whether she was to be sentenced to death or something slightly lighter, she didn't care. Just as long as she was out of there.

In those four months she had been imprisoned, a lot had happened. Voldemort hadn't taken the defeat of his niece and only heir very kindly. He had set about destroying major British wizarding towns and cities and killing as many people as he could. Diagon Alley was in ruins and Hogsmeade would never be the same again. There had been a final showdown at Hogwarts, and although Siobhan hadn't read all the details, Harry had managed to defeat Voldemort.

Siobhan had felt it. She had been lying in her cell, staring at the grey ceiling when she felt a searing pain through her head. She felt as if she was going to die. The pain was so bad it was at least a day before she came round again. Not that anyone checked to see if she was alright. As long as she wasn't escaping, nobody really gave a damn about her anymore. Even the Dementors seemed to have gotten bored off her. The first few weeks they had loved feeding on her hope that she was going to survive but that had quickly disappeared. Especially when Siobhan found out she was……………

She was handled roughly, and their grip on her was tight as if they expected her to wave her arms and disappear. She couldn't though. She had tried many times without any success. Trailed by Dementors she was brought into a large dungeon. The walls were of dark stone, dimly lit by torches. Benches rose in levels on either side of her, filled with people here to see what Siobhan would be sentenced. Ahead of her sat the whole of the Wizengamot, or what was left of it. Sitting down in the chair in the middle of the room, the chains bound her wrists which were skinny from not having a proper dinner in weeks.

In the middle sat Cornelius Fudge, his hair a lot greyer than it had been the last time Siobhan had seen it. To his right sat Harry Potter, his eyes the same but the frown lines that had appeared in his forehead suggested he had seen too much. To Fudge's left sat Dumbledore, looking a lot older than Siobhan knew him but his clear blue eyes had failed to change. Several other members that Siobhan did not know were seated along. Fudge cleared his voice and the trial began.

"Siobhan McKay, you have been brought here before the Wizengamot so that we may pass judgement on you for a crime that could have changed the outcome of the Second War," Fudge began, his voice ringing through the dungeon so that everyone there could hear him. "We have heard evidence against you. You stand accused of capturing Hogwarts and its inhabitants by force. You are also accused of putting three Aurors, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebot and Nymphadora Tonks, into St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries with several injuries. Moody has yet to recover completely."

"I now ask the jury to present their sentence for the accused where it will be discussed and agreed upon by the Wizengamot."

A short man from a bench on the right-hand stood up and cleared his voice. All sound in the dungeon was stopped and you could have heard a feather drop let alone a pin. Reading from the scroll in front of him, he said what Siobhan had been waiting months to hear.

"We have come to the decision that the accused, Siobhan McKay, is guilty but should not be given the Dementor's Kiss as suggested. Being under-Age, it would be unethical and it would be unjust. Although she did capture Hogwarts we have reasons to believe she was under the influence of her great-granduncle, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, for she did help release the students and teachers who were at Hogwarts. However, she was under her own influence when she fought against Aurors sending three of them to hospital. Therefore, the jury has decided that the accused be exiled from the wizarding world and stripped of her magic."

There was a murmur as people whispered to their neighbour what they thought about the decision of the jury. Siobhan was relieved that at least she was going to stay alive. Whether it was in the wizarding or muggle world she didn't care. Looking around whilst the Wizengamot argued amongst themselves, Siobhan spotted her father holding Emily on his lap. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing that Emily saw her like this, all skin and bones and ashen, but it was better than hiding it from her. She had grown so much in the past 4 months. She was two years old if Siobhan's memory served her right. There was a loud cough and the dungeon the courtroom went quiet once more.

Fudge stood up to deliver the sentence. "The Wizengamot find you guilty, and you will be exiled from the wizarding world and you will wear a bracelet that will restrict your magic, whether it be with a wand or without. As long as I, Cornelius Fudge, am Minister of Magic and Head of the Wizengamot, you shall not set foot in the wizarding world. If this sentence is broken, you will be imprisoned for life."

Siobhan felt herself breathe a sigh of relief. A copper bracelet was clipped onto her right wrist and it seemed to fuse with her skin. Later, she would come to try and remove it but fail. At this moment though, she was happy. As Snape came to pick her up from Azkaban where she was being formally released, she fell into his arms. She was so glad that it was all over.

It was going to be hard for her to settle in the muggle world after getting used to living in the wizarding world. Snape brought a house in the suburbs of Kent where he didn't mind spending his evening looking after Emily whilst Siobhan went to evening classes to catch up with her muggle education. At least this way she would be able to get a job. Cutting all contact with the wizarding world was equally hard, if not harder. There were times when she wished she could send an owl to Harry but stopped herself. The urge was stronger when she gave birth to a healthy pair of twins. Harry-Jay Maximilian and Vanessa Lily McKay. But they didn't need a father. She had survived long enough without hers.

One day,Harry would say to them, I never knew you existed.

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