Hey, this is what, my third BVS story? and I haven't finished the others. Tisk tisk, bad author. Anyway, this story starts off after Spike tries to rape Buffy but before he gets his soul. Don't worry if you're confused at first, there will be more explanation in the next chapter.

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Buffy kicked the door down and dragged in a half conscious Spike. "C'mon Spike, keep awake."

She pulled Spike, trying to keep him from falling to the floor, and put him on the sarcophagus, an arrow petruding from his chest. She pulled it out and laid it next to him. "I can't believe you did that, you stupid- "She smacked his arm. "You could have died!.... Again!!" She looked down at him, feeling genuinely guilty that he was hurt because of her. "You're lucky it didn't pierce your heart." she said, placing her hand tenderly on his chest.

"I don't think it was a regular arrow pet." he said, looking as though he was having trouble breathing (eventhough he didn't need any breath) "I think it's poisoned. Those bloody cowards. Keeping you preoccupied so that they could do that!" he was extremely pissed off.

Buffy tensed, her hand slid up to the scar on her neck, which was left when she cured Angel when he was poisoned. Spike noticed the movement as well as the pain in her eyes. "You - you don't think it's the same poison... do you?"

((A/N: I don't know if Spike knew about it, but it's my fic and for my purposes he does)

He started to shake his head, but the movement caused a wave of dizziness and forced him to stop. "The poison that's poisonous enough to kill a Slayer, and immobilize a vampire has no cure.

At first Buffy said nothing, just staring at her hands folded in her lap, He seen tears start to fall from her eyes. "But there has to be." She wondered to herself why she cared so much, she blamed it on it being because he almost died trying to save her. "I'll get Giles and we could go into research mode and we'll find it."

She stood up and grabbed the arrow. "I'll try to be back before dawn" she looked out the open door and seen it was about an hour before dawn.

As she was about to go through the door she heard Spike say "Buffy..." she turned "...thanks."

She gave him a small smile "Well I have to do something... you saved my life." Then she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

Sorry if this chapter is a little short, I'm just trying to get it up as quick as I can.