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Tea Gardener was in the park thinking to herself. (I can't believe I am having this feeling for kaiba! He's cruel, cold, heartless, cute. Did I just say cute? Well he is kind of handsome, Okay he's sexy and hot. But there's no way he likes me. Well he isn't as mean to me as he is to the others, and he saved me at battle city, but I wonder why he acts like that?)

Tea wasn't paying much attention and bumped into someone and landed on her rear. Oof! "Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you k-kaiba!" In his usual outfit kaiba smirked and helped her up and started to walk away. Wait kaiba! Shouted tea grabbing him by the arm. What!? Snarled kaiba at her a bit surprised she grabbed him. I want to ask you something. Well what is it? "Why do you act so heartless, so cold to everyone around you?"

Kaiba glared at her with his cold blue cerulean eyes. "Do you want to know why I act this way why I act like a cruel person all the time? You probably would act this way if your mother died giving birth to your brother, My father shot himself when I was seven and for two years mokuba and me was in an orphanage. I could have been adopted by another family but there was no way I would leave mokuba!"

Tea listened with interest now as kaiba continued. "When we finally get adopted by gorazubo he treats us like crap, taunted our parents, and look at this! Kaiba rolled up his sleeve revealing scars on his left arm. He abused me one of his favorite pastimes when I wasn't making data for his damn company!"

Tea understood now as he had a terrible childhood. "That scumbag was going to put mokuba up for adoption there was no way I would let him do that! So, I got rid of him and a year later a certain multi-colored haired pharaoh destroyed the only passion I had besides mokuba. (A/N if you don't know who that person is you really need to watch anime) And then, people who I thought I could trust turn on me and Pegasus kidnapped mokuba! I vowed to find and rescue him no matter the cost! And some good I did to save him! Had to cheat in a duel and despite everything I did it was not enough to save him! Now you know tea why I act this why because no one cares about seto kaiba not you, yugi, yami, or whoever he is!"

"That's not true seto! Shouted tea with tears in her eyes I care about you!" Wha? "I know the world's can be a terrible place and that your heart has been shattered. "But you may not care but I care for you!" Kaiba brought her face up to his and asked her. "Is what you say true?" Yes!! "I loved you for so long mmphf!"

Kaiba suddenly grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. (I don't believe it he thought for so long I have loved her but was afraid to tell her I thought she was like the rest thank you tea you have given some hope) Tea returned the kiss with equal passion and when they broke apart it was only for air. I know you are now and I love you Seto Kaiba she whispered to him. And I love you Tea Gardener he whispered right back before they resumed kissing.

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