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No Need for Vegeta


Vegeta Trained, as he always did. Day in and Day out he trained to be the best, or more importantly, to be better than Kakarrot. Usually he trained in his gravity room back at Capsule Corps., but he had decided to train out here in the barren regions to get away from Bulma those annoying parents of hers, and that brat of his. He had almost succeeded, Bulma had caught him as he headed out and somehow, he still wasn't sure how, managed to convince him to take the brat with him. Vegeta looked down from his vantage point in the sky, there below him sat the boy, playing his games on the laptop Bulma gave him, not training like a real Saiyajin should. But Vegeta had other things on his mind, other than his fury at being forced to bring Trunks on his training mission, or as Bulma called it, a bonding trip. He had his training, things had gotten slow since the death of Majin Buu. Vegeta hated that, he was a Saiyajin warrior, the Prince, being idle like this agitated him to his core. His only goal left to him was to surpass Kakarrot, but it always seemed that Kakarrot would somehow reach a new level no matter how hard Vegeta trained. Vegeta looked at Trunks again, "Trunks!" he screamed, Trunks looked up from his video game at his father with a curious look. "I am going to be training for the rest of the day, see to it that you have my food ready when I return," Vegeta started to turn then remembering something else yelled,"and if you know what's good for you DON'T eat my dinner again!" It wasn't that Vegeta couldn't find his own food, far from it, but since the boy didn't seem interested in training, Vegeta would make sure he knew how to follow orders. Vegeta was a prince after all, and he would not be disobeyed.

Trunks watched his father fly away as Vegeta had every morning of this trip. "I hate it out here, it's so boring, I hope something interesting happens soon," Trunks whined. An annoying beeping noise went off beside him, Trunks pressed a button on the devise and a miniature screen popped up, with Bulma on the screen.

"Hi Trunks, how's my favorite little guy? Are you and your father having a good time?" Bulma asked in baby talk.

"Aw, mom... Do I have to stay here? I want to go play with Goten? All dad does is take off to go train, saying I would only slow him down. I'm BORED."

"Well you just call me when your father gets home tonight, and we'll get this whole matter straightened out!" Bulma demanded. Trunks knew he had gotten his father in trouble again, and that was always bad.

Noon - A valley in the desert.

"AHHH!" Vegeta screamed as he crashed into a mountain exploding it with a blast of his fist, in a flash the mighty Saiyajin leapt backwards, and shot smaller beams vaporizing the pieces of rock to dust. "Bah! This is no way to train, fighting rocks and imaginary foes. I need a sparing partner, someone who can keep up with me, I grow weary of these exercises. I need a challenge!" Fury soared through Vegeta's veins he let his ki flow around him, then released it in a massive surge of his aura. "BLAST YOU KAKAROT! " Vegeta's aura filled the area sinking the region into a crater, finally the prince regained himself. "You should be the one coming to me, begging me to train with you, NOT me looking for you as a sparring partner!" Vegeta fumed, it still angered him how Kakarot had offered to train with Ubu, yet he never asked Vegeta to grace him with his presence for training. Vegeta let his fury flow freely as he fired ki blast after blast, then appeared in front of the blast to destroy each with another blast.

Meanwhile in Washu's lab

Computer screens flashed to life, read outs and lights blinking power increases "Well what have we here" Washu said studying the monitor, "hmm these reading look very similar to the ones I have observed in specimen C" Washu looked at the readings, "Very interesting, I wonder what could generate a power like this?" She typed in a few key strokes, and a map appeared, pinpointing the area where the energy surge came from. "This could be another problem, and as the greatest genius in the universe it's my duty to solve problems like this before they get too big. But I still want to compare these readings to those of specimen C. I know I'll send one of the others, now lets see who to send," Washu flickered through a number of screens, showing what everyone else was doing, Washu scanned everywhere, looking for the person she felt was the only one not doing anything at the time. Ryoko. "Now where is that girl," Washu mumbled under her breath, until she found her, relaxing on the roof in her bikini, as usual avoiding work. "Ah ha! There you are, Ryoko."

Ryoko laid on the roof top soaking up the warm rays of the sun, it was her favorite past time when Tenchi wasn't home from school. She gazed toward the midday sun and daydreamed of the man who had stolen her, Ryoko, the great space pirate's heart, "Tenchi" she mumbled she had lost her self in her mind thinking of him, so much so that she didn't see the image of Washu appear in front of her.

"No, sorry, it's me Washu." Came a voice directly above her. Ryoko awoke from her tranquil state in an instant, trashing about nearly falling off the roof.

"WASHU!" Ryoko screamed, holding her chest as if the shock had caused her to have heart problems. "I told you not to go doing that to me, now what do you want I'm busy!"

"Oh I can see that, laying here in the sun must be so hard on you," Washu teased. "I need you to go scout something for me," a digital map appeared showing a precise area of some occurrence.

"I don't have time for that, I'm washing clothes Washu." Ryoko said laying back down on the rooftop peak.

"RYOKO!" Aeka screamed running out of the house scanning the area for her. The Jurian princess looked everywhere until finally she saw Ryoko on the roof. "You call this doing laundry!" Aeka held up a robe, much like the one she was wearing, except it looked more like the size of something Sasami would wear. "You shrank my robes!"

Ryoko sat up smirking she said,"Oh relax little princess, besides you should thank me, I mean you could stand to lose a few pounds, and besides if you want to win Tenchi from me you need something a little more revealing."

Aeka was furious through clenched teeth she hissed, "Why you... Ryoko See here I will not be spoken to in such a manner! I am the first princess of Juria..." Ryoko yawned and looked away ignoring the princess.

"Ryoko!" Sasami said in shock as she came up the path, "What are you doing out here? I thought you said you were going to watch the food while I went to get a bucket of water."

"Oh don't worry kid, I have Mihoshi to take care of that." No sooner had Ryoko said this, then a something blasted through the kitchen wall, and a fireball erupted from the kitchen door, followed closely by Mihoshi complete with hair blazing.

"AH!" Mihoshi screamed as she dove into the lake, her hair hissing.

"MIHOSHI!," Kiona yelled, "What have you done now! You blew another hole in the wall. As always Mihoshi begged Kiona not to be mad, and that she would fix everything.

Ryoko looked over at Washu's image realizing work would probably be following, she said, "So Washu where was that power spike again?"

Tenchi walked up toward his house just in time to see a fireball blast out of the house, Mihoshi running about hair on fire, as Aeka and Sasami tried to combat the kitchen flames. He could only sigh, "Looks like everything is normal at home...lucky me." Then he ran toward the house to help combat the blaze.


Ryoko left quickly, as soon as work would need to be done, and flew until twilight, she could have been to the area much faster, but she didn't see any need to rush, Washu was always wanting something else to study, it was probably just some dumb rock or something. The band Ryoko had on her wrist "Ryoko!" the voice of Washu said, "haven't you found it yet? What are you lost!"

"No I'm not lost, I just don't see any reason for me to be out here, it's getting cold, and I'm hungry, I missed lunch because of you, and now I'm gonna miss dinner. " Ryoko complained.

"Well you were the one who ran off before eating, Ryoko. Now then according to my calculations you should be able to see the source of the disturbance right now. " Ryoko scanned the horizon seeing nothing at first glance. After a few moments though she spotted a tiny camp fire.

"Ah ha!" She thought. "Now's my chance to get something to eat! Cause if there's fire there must be campers, and that means food! I'm sure they won't mind sharing with a beautiful woman like me, and if they do mind, well I am a space pirate. I just need to get Washu off my back, then I'll make up some story about it being nothing when I went to check it out."

"Ryoko! Have you seen the source of the disturbance yet?" Washu demanded.

"Uh yeah" Ryoko said, then faking static noises, "uh oh Washu sound's like we're breaking up, I'll call you back, buh bye" then she shut off the transceiver. Landing near the outside of the fire she saw there was only a small boy sitting there, he looked at her as she walked up to him, "This will be too easy," Ryoko thought.


Vegeta was drained, his training had, as usual, taken nearly everything out of him. He soared downward, he saw Trunks sitting by the fire, and heard Bulma's voice from the video phone sitting on a rock so that Bulma could see from where she was the whole camp. "Blast that boy, he called his mother again! Now I'll have to listen to her incessant whining." Vegeta landed by his bedroll, that Trunks had laid out, and sloppily it was all in lumps, and saw his dinner plate, minus dinner. "Boy what have you done, I told you not to eat my food or I'd.." But Vegeta's threat went unfinished as Bulma's reply drowned him out.

"He's not your slave Vegeta! So back off, and what's with you taking off and leaving him in the middle of nowhere by himself, he is your son you know! Honestly Vegeta sometimes I think no thought go through your head at all!" Bulma's barrage on Vegeta continued, and Trunks tried desperately to get his fathers attention

"Father there's something I need to tell you.." Trunks pleaded

"Not now boy! I haven't time for your nonsense" The saiyajin prince replied, to which Bulma added her own comment about Vegeta's ability to be a good father, the two of them continued to argue as they always did in times like these until a voice interrupted them, coming from where Vegeta's bed roll lay.


"WHO IS THAT Vegeta!" Bulma demanded. "And what is she doing in your bed?" Vegeta was enraged he glared at Trunks.

"Well boy, who is this wench! Where did she come from?!" Vegeta demanded.

"She's not a wench, father, she's Ryoko, she's looking for something around here, I told her you might now where it is." Trunks explained then quickly added, "She ate your food, not me."

"Wench!" Ryoko replied "You take that back! I'm Ryoko the dreaded space pirate!" Vegeta smiled evilly.

"Ryoko... My father told me about you when I was young. Somehow I thought you would be bigger." Vegeta replied. "I can hardly believe you gave my people so much trouble."

"Your people? And just what are you a vegetable? What kind of name is Vegeta anyway.." Ryoko mocked, however somehow that name seemed very familiar to her.

"I AM VEGETA! PRINCE OF ALL SAIYJIN'S! You have invaded a planet under my protection and have stolen from me prepare to die!" Vegeta roared. While Vegeta powered up, Ryoko quickly turned the communicator on.

"WASHU! COME IN WASHU!" Ryoko screamed into the device.

"Yeah Yeah I'm here what do you want,"Washu said sleepily. It was obvious she had been asleep.

"We've got a problem, there is a Saiyajin on EARTH!" Ryoko yelled. At that moment Vegeta charged.