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Vegeta Muyo! Part 8 The End

Cell was overjoyed. Soon all his enemies would be destroyed, and he his dream of assimilating the entire universe into the perfection that was Cell would become reality. All he had to do now, was kill Vegeta. The last man standing between him and Goku.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you once and for all Vegeta. You have been a massive pain ever since I met you. But I must admit, for someone who amounted to so little against me, you have proven yourself to be a massive problem to get rid of." Cell thought. As Vegeta's Final Flash, and Cell's Kamehameha cascaded against each other, Cell could feel Vegeta was weakening, the strain of trying to fight Cell, as well as the massive power the Final Flash took, were taking its toll on the mighty prince. Cell mentally smiled, "It won't be long now..."

"Alright Mihoshi, it looks like it's now or never!" Kiyone yelled, "FIRE!" The two galaxy police officers shot the special devices straight into Cell's back. The monster did not even flinch.

"Oh no! Washu's weapon didn't do anything!" Mihoshi shouted. As usual, stating what both women could obviously see. The two realized they had given this fight everything they could. It was out of their hands. Everything depended on Vegeta holding off Cell.

"What was that?" Cell wondered as the twin shots had hit him. He had felt a mild tingling at the back of his head, but ignored it. If he allowed himself to get lost in thought now, it could have severe consequences.

Vegeta could feel his power falter, "No...I will not let you win this time Cell. I am VEGETA, PRINCE OF ALL SAIYAJIN! I can not be defeated by some wild beast grown in a mad man's basement!" roared the angry Vegeta as he put everything he had left into his blast, the strain of continuing such an attack could kill him, but that was fine with Vegeta.

Cell rejoiced as he pushed even harder sending more power to meet Vegeta's final attack.

Tenchi finally managed to get to his feet. He looked up at Vegeta putting everything he had into his ki battle with Cell. Tenchi wiped the blood from his face. Forming his sword once again, he moved as fast as his shaky legs could carry him toward the invincible monster.

Finally after putting so much into the battle, Vegeta could no longer maintain the power he needed for the Final Flash. Trembling, the Saiyajin prince blacked out, falling toward Earth. Cell had done it, Vegeta did not have the power to kill him. As Vegeta's blast faded Cell's Kamehameha was about to collide with Ayeka's shield, vaporizing it, the princess, her guardians, and Goku. But Tenchi reached Cell before his blast had hit the shield. Bringing his sword blade down swiftly, he severed Cell's arms just above the elbows. Cut off from the source of it's power, the Kamehameha fizzled. However there was still enough power left inside it to crack Ayeka's shield. The strain of the blast caused Ayeka to cry out, and like Vegeta she fell toward Earth, unconscious. Azaka and Kamidake raced downward, catching the falling woman before she would meet her death.

"DIE!" Cell mentally commanded as he blasted everything he had, from point blank range, right through Tenchi's chest, once again sending the young man flying . This time Tenchi did not rise. He lay very still, blood splattered all around him.

"Tenchi!" Ryoko cried softly as she looked toward the spot where her beloved had fallen.

"No..." tears rolled down her eyes, her face a mask of sadness, which was soon replaced with rage as she continued to make her way, slowly thanks to her numerous injuries, toward Cell. Cell heard Ryoko's cries, but paid her no heed.

"These fools, they care too much. They think their emotions give them power. It is very amusing," Cell thought darkly as his arms burst out of the stubs, regrowing themselves, and as always before the new arms were encased in a black substance. Looking above him, Cell saw Goku was ready with his Spirit Bomb.

"Well I think it is time to go," Cell thought laughingly. Putting his hand to his head, he prepared to use the Instantaneous Movement. "I know exactly where I'll go too, directly behind you Goku," Cell happily realized. However, as soon as Cell began to concentrate, a horrible searing pain shot through his mind.

"AH! Those damn women! What did they do to my perfect mind! When I try to concentrate, my brain is filled with searing pain!" Cell grasped his head, although since his hands were still encased, it appeared more like he was covering where his ears should have been from some loud noise.

"I see it did work after all," Washu said to Sasami and Bulma, who watched the battle from beside the tiny genius. "Nothing like a neural scrambling device to really give you a headache," she chirped.

Goku looked down, seeing Cell buckle over in pain. "This is it," he realized as he flung the spirit bomb with all his might at the monster called Cell.

Cell looked up, his mind still burned in pain, but Goku's Spirit Bomb was descending quickly toward him. Cell stood back up, ready to outrun the weapon created for his destruction, but at that moment, Ryoko leapt on his back, holding her energy blade to his throat.

"Damn you, you wretched animal! I have no time for this!" Cell raged as he tried to grab Ryoko, however his hands had not yet been freed from their casing, so he could not grab her. In his panic Cell looked up, the Spirit Bomb would hit them any second.

"Ryoko! You must release me! If you don't, we will both be incinerated by that thing! Your heart still is as tainted as my own, you will not live through it!" Cell pleaded as he tried to throw her from him. His only option was to throw her off, but it she decided to pull back no that blade, and sever his head, then all would be lost. He could easily regrow his head, but in those precious seconds the Spirit Bomb would hit. He looked at his black encased arms, "if only that damn boy hadn't sliced off my arms, I could gut this wench with my elbow blades! But they are still encased!"

"You killed my Tenchi..." Ryoko reminded Cell smiling weakly, "I have nothing to live for now. If I'm as evil as you say, then I guess we can keep each other company in hell." She would like nothing better than to slice off Cell's head, but she had nearly no power left, trying to keep him distracted was all she could think to do.

The Spirt Bomb was now upon them. Cell thrust his arms forward catching the might ball of power. Cell was pushed back by the sheer force, his feet digging deep trenches in the ground. Cell's aura exploded forth fueling him, Ryoko screamed.

"Like a bug caught on a bug whacker," Cell realized. Ryoko spasmed on Cell's back for a few seconds then fell landing at the monsters feet. Cell used all his power, pushing the Spirit Bomb back toward Goku, there was still a chance to claim victory.

"You see Goku," Cell mentally yelled to Goku, "even your Spirit Bomb is nothing to me!" Ryoko looked up one final time at the evil monster whose feet she laid at.

"Spirit Bomb...?" she wondered. Then a though came to her as she looked at Cell holding back the energy. Reaching into Cell's aura once more, feeling the flesh of her body burn, she touched Cell's foot, causing herself and Cell to become intangible for only a fraction of a second. The result, Cell's hands flickered, and the Spirit Bomb over took him. When his body was completely solid, it was too late to fight against the power of Goku's ultimate attack, as the weapon forged by the power of Jurai and Earth evaporate Cell, piece by piece.

"I did it Tenchi," Ryoko though watching Cell begin to vaporize, "I hope we can see each other in the next life, at least for a little while..." Ryoko muttered, then she closed her eyes and died.

"NO! Not again! I AM CELL! I AM BEYOND PERFECTION!" The monster mentally screamed as his body was torn to pieces, one cell at a time.

Throughout the universe, from Earth, to Namek, even as far as Planet Jurai, Cell's death cry could be heard echoing in everyone's mind. Very few truly understood what they heard, but all felt deep down, that today, they had been saved from a monster whose evil had no parallel.

Goku stood panting in the air. His face had its usual victory smile. "It's over, we did it."

Floating down, he intercepted the descending Guardians, taking Ayeka in his arms, making her descent a little more comfortable than riding a log down. Goku landed setting Ayeka down gently on the ground her breathing was steady. Sasami came over tears in her eyes as she looked at her still sister.

"Don't worry, she's alright. Just a little tired," Goku said trying to comfort Sasami, who threw her arms around the mighty Saiyajin's neck leaning on him for support.

Washu approached him. "That was some trick Goku. How did you manage to get so much power?"

"It was made from the power of everyone on Earth, plus that of planet Jurai." he explained. He leaned Sasami off his shoulder. " I need to check on the others, are there any Senzu beans left?" Sasami shock her head side to side.

"I'm sorry. We gave one to Ryo-Ohki, Tenchi, and Vegeta, but now there are no more." Sasami apologized.

"It's ok Sasami. You did what had to be done." Goku said turning to walk toward the battle field. Sasami sat near her sister who lay still, sleeping from her over exertion.

Kiyone and Mihoshi soon appeared in front of Goku, carrying a very rough looking Trunks. It appeared Trunks had taken a savage beating. The two women each had one of Trunk's arms around their necks as they carried him toward the house, it looked as if Trunks had broken on of his legs while fighting Cell, probably from when Cell slapped him away.

"Look's like you saved everyone again Goku," Trunks said grinning.

"I couldn't have done it without everyone's help," Goku admitted.

"Same old Goku..." Trunks said, then entered into a coughing fit, moaning as the two women carried him toward the ruins of the Masaki house.

"Oh my poor baby!" Bulma screamed running toward him tears flowing down her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll fix you up, good as new! I swear your father will pay, look what Cell did to my baby!"

Bulma continued to fret over her son, as Mihoshi and Kiyone carried him up to the house. Trunks was embarrassed having his mother hover around him like he was a baby. "Ah mom...."was all he could reply.

"Don't you 'ah mom' me young man, I was worried sick about you. When I think of all the trouble I've been through because of you...." Bulma glad that her son was safe, returned to her usual past time, nagging.

Goku walked the battle field, looking for the last two, Tenchi and Ryoko. He found Tenchi, it was a sight he was not ready for. The young man, now in his regular clothes, laid with a gapping hole in his chest. Cell had blasted straight through Tenchi. "Just like Freiza did to Vegeta, so long ago..." Goku remembered. "Don't worry Tenchi." He told the corpse. "Everything is going to be fine. Now then, where is Ryoko?"

"The wench is right here Kakarot." Vegeta stated behind Goku. Turning Goku saw Vegeta, holding Ryoko limply in his arms. "She is dead."

Goku nodded. "Then we must use the Dragon Balls to restore them to life, and undo the evil Cell has caused," Goku said. "Let's go tell the others."

"No, Kakarot." Vegeta said flatly. Goku gave the Saiyajin prince an odd look. "I think this is something they do not need to see. Unless you delight in seeing that little girl cry." Goku was not amused in the slightest at Vegeta's comment, but he understood what Vegeta meant.

Concentrating, Goku contacted Dende. "Dende..."

"Yes I'm here Goku, did you kill Cell?" The guardian of Earth asked.

"Cell is dead, but unfortunately so are two others. I need you to ask the dragon to restore Tenchi and Ryoko to life." Goku said telepathically.

In a few moments, Tenchi sat up, shaking his head. "Huh? Oh man, I thought I was a goner." Ryoko sat up in Vegeta's arms, thinking she was in Tenchi's arms she kissed his cheek, her eyes still closed. Vegeta responded by dropping the Space Pirate.

"What do you think you are doing Wench!" Vegeta demanded. Ryoko's eyes shot open as she began spitting constantly.

"YUCK! I kissed a Saiyajin! I can't believe I just did that! Oh I think I'm going to be sick!" Ryoko shouted.

"Goku, we have one wish left, Shen-long is very impatient." Dende said.

Goku surveyed the area. The house was in ruins, much of the forest was uprooted, and there was gapping wholes all around them. "Have him heal everything harmed in the battle with Cell, and let no trace of that monster's touch remain anywhere." Goku told the Namekian guardian.

"Ok, Goku." Dende said. "Before I do, let me thank you once again for saving the planet." Then Dende's voice was gone, and in a flash of light it seemed like time had been turned back, holes disappeared, te house was fixed, the forest restored, and everyone was healed.

Ayeka sat up, "What happened? Where is Cell?" She asked panicking.

"It's ok Ayeka, Goku got him." Sasami said still kneeling by her sister.

"But it looks like nothing has happened, the house is repaired, and everything looks like it did before Cell attacked. Was I out that long?" Ayeka asked.

"No," Bulma replied, "Goku must have used the Dragon Balls." She explained.

Soon everyone was back together, rejoicing at their victory over the horror they called Cell.


"AH!!!" Cell Zero screamed. "NO! CURSE YOU ALL!"

"My doesn't someone have temper," a voice said. Cell Zero turned and saw to his shock, Perfect Cell standing before him.

"What?! How is this possible?" Cell Zero demanded.

"Quiet simple really. When you evolved 'beyond perfection'" Perfect Cell said accenting the words with his fingers, "we became two separate creatures." He laughed. "Did you really think some pathetic creature with such horrid powers, could match up to Goku, who even I had trouble with!"

"Not to mention that you were killed by a Spirit Bomb, no one Goku hit with a spirit bomb has died, except Majin Buu, but he was reincarnated. You really are a loser," Freiza said also coming out of the shadows to mock the new comer.

"Of course, one can't forget that Ryoko was the one who brought about his downfall. Even I could handle that woman." The newest person Cell Zero could not recognize. The figure smiled, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kagato."

"I don't care who you are, or about any of your pathetic attempts to beat Goku. I will be free of this place one day, and I will have my REVENGE!" Cell Zero shouted into the minds of the three who stood around him taunting him.

The trio merely laughed. "What is so funny!" Cell Zero demanded. "Well answer me!" his voice sounded weaker as it blasted into the minds of the others.

Finally Perfect Cell answered between laughing. "Oh my dear 'brother' so shut up. No one wants to hear that stupid voice of yours in their head. Besides, do you think you are the first person to plan an escape! This is Hell! Everyone who comes here claims they will escape!" Then Perfect Cell rejoined the others mocking Cell Zero, soon all of Hell was mocking him. His anger burned like a sun, but he calmed himself, and slipped away into the shadows.

"What's the matter," Freiza called, "did we give you a headache!" Freiza's jest brought even more laughter. Cell Zero flew away from them vowing not only to one day escape, but to kill those who mocked him. They would all learn that he was not someone to mess with. One day....

Back at the Masaki House:

Goku and the others had a splendid celebration, even Vegeta was involved. [By involved I mean he didn't blast anyone, just sat nearby watching the others preform their stupid party games, of course he did consume his portion of the food, as well as quiet a bit more.] Everyone had a wonderful time. Goku especially as he, Ryo-Ohki, and Sasami once again went out to the lake to get a watermelon, and came back soaking wet. But like all good things, even this celebration must come to an end.

That Night:

Vegeta walked outside. It was time for him to leave. He had stayed in these fools presence long enough. It was time to get back to what was truly important, training. He merely had one last task to accomplish, one even he did not actually wish to do, before he could leave, and be at peace. [As at peace as Vegeta could be.] Ayeka came out behind him.

"Prince Vegeta." Ayeka said politely.

"What do you want, Jurain!" Vegeta said, he still had one more thing to do, one more score to settle, and this woman was not the one he was looking for.

Ayeka ignored Vegeta's rudeness. "Washu has a device that allowed me to speak with my people, who I am grateful to say lived through giving their power to Goku's Spirit Bomb..."

"Yes, get on with it! I don't care about your stupid people." Vegeta reminded her.

"Yes... well that is...My father, the King of Jurai, would like to meet with you. To make peace with the remaining Saiyajin's in the interest of peace. I know it means little to you..."

"Fine. I'll meet your father." Vegeta said smirking. "But don't expect me to be waiting around her for him. I have training to do. If he wants me he'll have to find me. Now go away, I have no desire to speak with you any more." Ayeka bowed her head respectfully, trying to be kind to the very rude Saiyajin. As she stormed back into the house she uttered many things that would not be considered lady-like, Ryoko would have approved had she heard the princess.

Vegeta walked a little while further, to the archway to the shrine. There laying on top of it, lay his target, Ryoko.

Goku saw Ayeka storm back into the house. "Must have talked with Vegeta," he thought. "He seems to have that affect on women." Goku strolled outside, to say goodbye to Vegeta before the Prince blasted off to continue his intense training.

"Get down here wench!" Vegeta demanded. "I have something to tell you." Ryoko looked over her shoulder at Vegeta, sticking out her tongue. Vegeta smirked. "Have it your way then," he said charging up a ki blast which he pointed at Ryoko.

Ryoko vanished. She reappeared in front of Vegeta. "Alright, you psycho I'm here, what do you want!"

Vegeta looked at her, "In the last two days, I have suffered humiliation that I would normally kill someone for even thinking of doing to me. " Ryoko tensed, she really had no desire to fight Vegeta, but it sounded like that would soon be the case. "HOWEVER," he stressed, "in light of your saving my son's life, twice, when I could not..." Vegeta muttered the word 'twice' "I shall bestow upon you something I have never given to anyone else in my life." Ryoko looked interested, perhaps she would receive an ancient Saiyajin treasure or something. "You have..have...my thanks." Vegeta spat. That was the hardest thing he had ever said in his life.

"Gee thanks, Vege," Ryoko said disappointed, "So why did you have to be so secret to thank me, you afraid I would use it to hurt your reputation?"

"Wench, nothing you can do could possibly hurt me," Vegeta boasted.

"Oh? I can think of something I could do to hurt you." Ryoko said sounding confident.

"Fine wench, let's test that theory. The only time you ever hurt me was when I was nearly dead or distracted. But if you think you can hurt me, I'll give you one punch, or one kick. Go ahead." Vegeta said in his typical over confident manner.

"Are you sure? I don't want to cripple you," Ryoko said in a warning tone. Vegeta laughed holding his arms wide.

"As I said do your worst!" Vegeta said laughing. His laugh was soon replaced with a look of pure pain. Ryoko had kicked him right in the groin, full force.

"Oh that's gotta hurt," Goku said looking away, "I wonder why Vegeta would even give her the option to hit him, unless...no...it can't be, can it?" Goku smiled dumbly shaking his head.

"Well done Wen- Ryoko." Vegeta said standing up from his kneeling position, smirking. "You did hurt me. I'm impressed. That doesn't happen very often." Vegeta's power flared, "Well I have done what I came for, now then off to my training. This time wench, stay out of my way!" Vegeta demanded as he shot off into the nights sky.

"What a jerk." Ryoko said.

"Even after all these years, Vegeta still surprises me." Goku said walking up beside Ryoko. "I never thought I would live to see the day."

"What are you babbling about?" Ryoko asked. She needed a drink, dealing with these two Saiyajins the last two days was very stressful.

"After all these years, Vegeta has a friend." Goku answered.

"And who is that?" Ryoko asked not really listening to Goku.

"Why it's you Ryoko." he replied. "In the whole time I've known Vegeta he's never let anyone hit him, at least not without hitting them back. I guess it makes sense, you are a good fighter, and if there's anything he loves, it's fighting."

"I would have figured if anyone was he friend, it would be you Goku," Ryoko said thinking about Vegeta, it had been entertaining, or to say the least, not boring.

"Nah, Vegeta can't stand me. He claims to keep me around so that he can kill me one day." Goku said, "Well I'm going back inside." Goku answered turning back into the house. It truly had been a miraculous day.

Ryoko stood looking into the night sky. One day the prince and her would undoubtably meet again. If he wanted to consider her his friend, fine, besides in a morbid sort of way, she had enjoyed fighting with and beside him. Maybe they could be friends.

"I need a drink!" Ryoko decided, holding her head as she walked into the house.

The next day:

"Well, we have to be going," Bulma said as Trunks picked her up into the air, "stop by Capsule Corps sometime, I'll show you my lab. Bye!" Trunks and his mother disappeared into the sky, as everyone waved goodbye.

"I guess that means its time for me to go as well," Goku said as he left the group of friends.

"No Goku, I don't want you to go." Sasami said hugging his leg. "You're my friend." She appeared like she was going to cry. Mihoshi did cry.

"I hate goodbyes," Mihoshi blubbered.

"Don't worry you guys, all you need to do if you want to see me, is contact Bulma, and I'll be here in a flash." Goku vowed.

"Mr Goku. I'm sorry for all the trouble we caused you," Tenchi said offering his hand in friendship.

"It's not your fault. If anyone is to blame it's me. Cell was my fault." Goku replied taking Tenchi's hand. He knelt, giving Sasami a gentle hug. "Well I gotta go. Take care Sasami, everyone, I'll see you later. Bye!" In a flash Goku was gone.


Goku beamed in expecting to see only Ubu, instead Vegeta was also waiting, looking even madder than normal.

"Hey Vegeta! So you have a fri-" Goku began

"I knew you heard what I said and saw what happened last night Kakarot. I'm only here to warn you, if you ever breath a word of it to anyone, Nothing will save you from my wrath!" Vegeta hollered. Then he turned blasting off again.

Goku laughed. Ubu just stared at him confused. "I still can't believe it...Vegeta has a friend!" he thought

NEXT TIME: There is no next time, however I have an interesting plot involving the 2 new 'friends' Vegeta and Ryoko. It takes place quiet a ways in the future, maybe we'll see it some time who knows.

Author's notes: It's been a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed this series. Every time I would write a part, I could only thing "what happens next?" then I'd remember I'm the writer.

A few points I want to make to clear some stuff up: in caper 2 if you thought Ryoko couldn't beat Vegeta, then you have never seen Vegeta train, remember his training for the androids!?!? He doesn't just go until he breaks a sweat, he trains nearly to death, even then it's iffy that we would stop. Also the reason it's called Vegeta Muyo is that would mean No Need for Vegeta, and if Vegeta hadn't shown up, none of this would have happened. Now would it. Well thanks for the reviews, and all the hits. Please read my others epics coming up soon.