Authors note – well this is gonna be random and it's about a new member of the FBI who's transferred there from somewhere for a particular reason (no I'm not being mysterious I know nothing about the FBI so I kinda gotta figure that out later!!) yeah, well she's not there by choice and when it comes to the 'assignment' she's working on she's not taking any crap from anyone. Oh and I can almost guarantee it will be angsty at some point!! I like angst!! Oh and if you want me to shut then plz tell me coz this my first attempt at writing romance/drama.

Disclaimer – Miss Congeniality is good, therefore it is not mine!! Nor will I make any money or whatever from this story, I mean if I could would I be publishing it on a free website??

Chapter 1

As I walked up the corridor the only sound I could hear the resounding 'click' that my boots made. I was wishing I had never been given this crazy assignment, I mean investigate corruption in the FBI; what kind of assignment is that? Are they under the impression that I alone can investigate an entire department, I mean I know I'm good but I'm not that good! Ok well I'm not really even good, the only reason I got this job is because the only other woman in the place I'm working on is married to one of the top guys in the department, incidentally he's one of my top suspects as well.

Here I am Emerald Liston, age 32, age 32?? Excuse me but I am not 32, I do not even look 32 I am so gonna hafta yell at SL about that, right after I yell at him about the no information and insane assignment. I mean SL, Snow lion what a ridiculous code name, I mean how predictable and he laughed at mine, there is nothing wrong with Jewel as a codename, at least you can drop it into conversation more easily than Snow lion! I mean who talks about Snow lions anyway?? I like Jewel it's pretty and it kinda reminds me of my real name, the one I'm not even meant to be thinking about, I'm not even sure if 'I' exist anymore.

Oooh! I'm pissed off now 32???? I'm only 24 and he says 32!! Well I guess I should have looked at my personal details sooner, well I did but I just missed my 'age'. I was distracted; this assignment seemed the perfect escape new area, new people, no 'Thunderstrike'. Dammit I promised myself I wouldn't think about him anymore, I think I promised SL to but to be honest he can't do anything about, he can manipulate everything else but he can't control my thoughts.

'Excuse me, can I help you?' the voice broke straight through my thoughts and I started guiltily. I struggled to regain my composure as I recited my well-rehearsed answer to that particular question.

'I'm here to see senior Detective Matthews, my name is Emerald Liston and I've just been transferred here' The words came out quickly and clearly, I can lie it's one of my few skills in life, I've lied from the day I was born and I'll lie on the day I die, that's something 'Thunderstrike' never had to teach me. The man who had spoken to me was short and more than slightly overweight, I saw from his name tag his name was Thomas Jenson but I decided to ask who he was it doesn't pay for people to think you are too observant. 'Can you tell me where I should be I'm a little lost, Mr Um...'

'Jenson, Thomas Jenson but you can call me Tom everyone does' he smiled at me in that way men who want you but realise you would never feel the same way have. I decided it wouldn't hurt to help his ego a bit so I put on my best Bimbo smile, fluttered my eyelashes and looked at him as though he could make the world move.

'Oh Tom, do you know where I should be, you seem so clever and I'm already late' ok so the clever bit was coming on a bit too strong but be subtle and these guys will never get it. He didn't seem to mind so I guess there was no harm done.

'It's just this way, Emerald I'll take you' he grinned again only this time it was a far more sickening sight, he was looking at me as though I was a dumb blonde who was actually interested in him, I'm not even naturally blonde!! And I hate men who presume they can use your first name just because they've given you permission to use theirs. Well it's not really my first name but he doesn't know that! By the time we reached Matthew's office I was feeling positively nauseous from his special little smiles, he only met me a few minutes ago, but he presumes he knows me, people do that a lot to me so I guess it's why I can do this job. But still Yuck!

'Here we are' he says. Since when are we a 'we'?? I have no knowledge or active participation in this. At least I'm escaping that lecherous old fish, I mean Matthews can't be worse can he???