Phoenix Island was truly a beautiful island, when one truly looked at it.
True, it was just an island. The people who lived upon the island were simple folk who lived simple lives. They never had any adventures and never did anything that could be considered wrong. Most of the folk who lived their were either fishermen or merchants.
It was expect of all the boys, come the age of eleven, to go to the Great Faerie Goddess, Allure, and she would give each of them a task. Most of the tasks were quite simple, yet it was how well the boys performed these tasks that would make Allure decide upon their future. No one dared to question Allure's decisions, for it was noted that she was very powerful and, when tempted, she could do terrible thing. Great things, yes, but terrible.
Take Remus Lupin for example. When he was growing up, he wandered into Allure's garden, one that was to be strictly forbidden to all. As accidental as it might have seemed, Allure cursed Remus, making him both man and wolf–a werewolf. Not only after that, she banished him into the forbidden forest, where only dark and hateful things lived. No one saw him after that.
Yet, Allure was also capable of doing great things for a common good. Bill Weasley, the oldest son of the Weasley clan, when fishing with his father one morning, came across a boy in the water. Bill jumped out of the water and rescued the boy. The next morning, the Weasleys' took the boy to Allure, and she was pleased. She blessed their family, and sent Bill off to a far away island where he could learn the skills to be a banker.
The boy, whom Bill Weasley saved, was named Harry Potter. An orphan and a trouble maker, most people treated young Harry as they would a piece of dirt.
"He's been nothing but trouble since the moment he got here!" They would say. "Ye should have never pulled him out of the ocean, Bill. Ye should of let the little twerp die." They would say.
But the Weasley family would hear nothing of the sort. They liked Harry just as much as Harry liked them. Ron and Harry were best friends from the moment they met, and Ginny was considered a good friend as well. Together, the three of them would cause more trouble than the Weasley Twins, and that was a lot of trouble.
Perhaps, Allure thought one day, while watching Harry, Ron, and Ginny perform one of their dastardly deeds. Perhaps one day, young Harry will be given the chance to prove himself. She smiled at the thought. Oh yes, one day Harry would prove himself. She just hoped it wouldn't happen too soon.


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