A/N: I don't own Gundam Wing. This is just experimental right now. It takes place a few years after the war and is assuming that the Endless Waltz never happened. I got bored and decided to start something new while I wait for a few ideas for my other stories to jump across my eyes. I should be able to come up with another chapter to either "A Match Made from Above" or "As A Girl" within the next few weeks or so.

* * *

Running through the woods was a man of twenty. The wind whipped at his face as he leaped over the fallen trees that blocked his path. The war that had raged no more than a few years ago had involved him in more ways than one. He had fought desperately to free himself of the confines of his missions. It was true. He had made his friends think that he put the missions ahead of everything else but in reality it was a front. He used to show his emotions and talk to people but he had been hurt years ago because of that. Since then he had listened to what Dr. J had told him, not to show any emotion. Not to care about anyone else. And most importantly, not to let people around him get to close. In his first trip to earth he had broken the latter in a few minutes, when Relena had found him along the shore line.

Returning his attention from his thoughts he dropped into the field of green grass that lay before him he looked over to the German Shepard, Kane, who had been running beside him. He laughed as the dog rolled over to lie beside his master. Man's best friend. In Heero's mind the old saying suited Kane perfectly. He was Heero's best friend since the end of the war. Kane looked at Heero expectantly from his place on the grass. Smirking Heero obliged and scratched his friend's head.

"Now I wonder where Relena got to, huh boy? C'mon, let's go find her." Kane trotted at his side as they walked across the fields of lush greens.

She was just coming over the hill in front of them on her horse when a shot rang out through the grounds. Relena immediately dropped off her horse to ground while Heero and Kane ran over to her.

* * *

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