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Notes: I wrote this story for my aunt in the summer of 2002, before book 5 came out. We were so bored that I decided to write my own book 5. She and I are both obsessed with Harry Potter. Some of this stuff in this story are rumors that I heard. Oo Please read & review!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter 1

"Hurry Wormtail! Hurry!" "Yes master lord Voldemort sir," wailed Wormtail. He hadn't eaten all day. Ever since Harry Potter had escaped a month ago, his master had been in a worse mood then ever. His hands were so tired from turning the crank; he felt they were going to fall off.

"There! All done master sir."

"Ah, yes…put in the hairs now, Wormtail." His voice was full of evil.

Wormtail put in the first hair. It was a sleek and shiny black hair that had once belonged to one of Wormtail's old friends. The next hair was reddish-yellowish. It had belonged Wormtail's friend's wife. After he'd put in the hairs, he stepped back away from the machine. The machine started to boil. Then, without warning, the two tubes began to fill with liquid, one red, and the other black. These strange tubes were about six feet wide and seven feet tall.

"Master, do you think the plan will work?"

"Well, Wormtail, we'll know whose fault it is if it doesn't."

"But lord, see here…" Just then, one of the tubes stopped filling. Then the other. Slowly, the first tube opened. A man stepped out. He had long, greasy black hair and blue eyes. He had on a black shirt and blue jeans. His sneakers were worn out. Seventeen-year-old James Potter took off his glasses and threw them on the ground. Then he crushed them with his foot.

"I won't be needing them."

"Oh you won't?" The other tube had opened too. A girl of about seventeen was standing there. Lily's red hair shown through the darkness. Her shirt was old-fashioned. Her skirt was faded, and her shoes certainly weren't up-to-date.

"I can see without them Lily."

"Well, now that the both of you are settled, go out and kill Harry Potter," Voldemort ordered.

"Are you crazy? Go out and kill my own son? What kind of order is that? Who do you think you are, ordering us around like that?" James was mad.

"My dear James, why, I'm Voldemort of course. And you are my slaves. Unless… Wormtail you did cut the ends of the hairs, didn't you?"

"Well… I may have forgotten… No master, please! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Wormtail lay dead on the ground. "Now, as for you two-" Voldemort stopped. James and Lily Potter were nowhere to be seen.

"What do we do now, James?" Lily asked. They had been running for mile after mile.

"I don't know Lily. We must find Harry and warn him of the dangers that await him."

"James, do you think Harry would recognize his parents when they're seventeen? I mean he barely knows what we look like. All he's seen are old photos and our shadows the night he was with Voldemort."

"I know Lily. I know. But we must have faith in our son. And we must help him."

"But James, what's going to happen to us? Will we die after a day? What?"

"Well, Lily, all I can say is that what ever happens, I'll be right there beside you. I promise."

"I guess we'd better get started, huh?" Lily asked hopefully. "Yeah, I reckon." James retied his shoes and adjusted his belt. Then the pair started off towards King's Cross in London.