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Author's Note: This story was created in June 2003, four hours after I saw Spirited Away for the first time. Please read and review!

Spirited Away Again

By: Chi Yagami


Once there was a place, a place so magical that if Merlin himself entered, even he would be astounded. This place wasn't currently open to the public, though it may have been once because it used to be a theme park. It is hidden deep in a forest that only has one road made of dirt.

To get there, you'd have to get on the freeway and head north. You would then get off at Exit 35. As soon as you get off, you'd see a tiny dirt path made by tire tracks. Follow these tracks, and you should reach the entrance of a tunnel with a statue placed in front of it.

It is at this very place that so many people chose to leave their lives behind and venture out into the unknown. You could've been next, too, if you had arrived a year ago. Now no one could find it. You see, the road that could be seen from the freeway was now gone. Several trees hid it from view, so that no one else would make the great mistake, like the thousands of others who did.

The only good thing that can come out of going into that tunnel is the view. As soon as you come out on the other side, you see a great massive stretch of grass. Further on are the main buildings, which include the restaurants, the clock temple, and the bathhouse.

There are a lot of restaurants. Everywhere you look, there is another café. Many people who came here smelled food and went looking for it. However, the food is cursed. Whoever eats the food, is turned into a pig. The more food you eat, the bigger pig you'll be.

If night should come, and you haven't eaten any food, the spirits will find you, catch you, take you to their master, and then she'll turn you into an animal or a piece of coal. Yubaba hates to have humans around. Unless…

Unless… you get a job. If the spirits should take you to her, ask for a job; she can't refuse. However, Yubaba isn't the head-honcho anymore, and things have changed quite a bit since the last time someone came, which was about a year ago…