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A Maze in the Mist

Chapter 1: I'm Always Wanting You

'Bloody hell! She is drunk. I think... Wait, no she isn't. Then why is she singing songs in the compartment, and why is Mudblood sitting alone on the train? I wouldn't well thought that Granger would be sitting with Weasley and Potter.'

'Well, it's my duty to go in and accompany her. Even if she is a Mudblood.' A now six foot four Draco walked in the compartment and sat across from a five foot eight Granger.

"What do you want Malfoy?" He looked into her eyes. She was easy to read, like a book. Her eyes told everything, and the minute she realized he was looking into her eyes she completely shut off, "I ask again, Malfoy. What are you doing in my compartment?"

"Wondering why Potter and Weasley aren't here." He answered as a flicker of emotion passed through her eyes. So it was about them. He wondered if they were off shagging each other.

"Wondering why Harry and Ron aren't here?" Hermione gulped down. This was too easy.

"Did I stutter, Granger?" Asked Draco snidely. It was an automatic response which usually pushed people away. That was how he liked it. He was in control without everyone else being aware of it. This is how the Malfoys owned half the world, and now that his father was in prison, everything was all his.

"Get out." Hermione answered without even looking at him. She was wondering two things, he knew for sure: Why he wasn't using petty nicknames, and why he hadn't tried to kill her after fifth year like he said he would.

"No. I'm perfectly content right here. Besides, there are no other compartments open." She growled slightly but nodded for him to sit down. He flopped down on the seat across from her and looked out the window.

"So did you make Head Girl?" Draco tried to make some polite conversation. Even though he had so much history with his father... Bad history... He still learned manners and manners were a thing he would always have.

"Of course. I thought I wouldn't though considering there are so many people that come from families much more-" He waved her off.

"Come off it, Granger. You're Dumbledore's favorite Golden Girl. He wouldn't give the position to anyone else for one, for two Dumbledore doesn't care about heritage like I do per say." Draco answered as she started to fume.

"Get out Malfoy."

"No." She slouched back down in her seat angrily. He smirked his family smirk and began to gaze out the window again.

Hermione looked out the other side of the window obviously not in the mood to read another book. Something was bothering her, and it had to do with Boy Wonder and his trusty sidekick. So he grew out of petty nicknames, that didn't mean he had to stop using them in his mind from time to time.

"Come on, Granger. Tell me." She looked up slightly and looked back out without so much as a trace of emotion on her face. She was smart this one. Too bad she had dirty blood.

"Malfoy. Shut your bloody mouth before I make you." She threatened, obviously not the type to just cry out their problems when confronted.

"I'd like to see you try." He challenged her, smirking. She wouldn't do anything. She was the peace maker not the fighter. That was obvious.

"I'll take off points." She hadn't realized this is the heads compartment. Obviously she was a little off today.

"And I'll give them right back." She immediately got the message, and a look of understanding spread over her face as she sighed loudly, "Don't you want to share your feelings, Granger?" He remarked sarcastically.

"Not particularly." She answered as she gazed out the window. They had spent a surprising amount arguing and a booming voice rang through the train for prefects to meet in front.

Draco took off his shirt followed by his pants to show his chiseled chest and milky skin. Hermione cast a quick spell for the curtain and did the same, not paying attention to Malfoy's body at all. They changed quickly, and before they knew it, everyone was entering.

"So you are the new prefects for this year. Introduce yourselves and your house, and let me introduce our new Head Boy and Girl: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger of Slytherin and Gryffindor." McGonagall spoke quickly as she explained the rules and told Draco and Hermione to stay after the sorting to get their new room assignments.

They all nodded in agreement to patrol the halls every few minutes, and with that McGonagall left quickly to apperate to the gates of Hogwarts.

"I hope you will find these satisfactory enough for all your accomplishments. I already have gone over the rules, but let me remind the two of you: No fighting with each other; no prejudice between houses; no breaking the rules; no taking away points for unnecessary reasons." She looked at Draco for the last one, and he just smirked at her. "You will have access to all common rooms and are expected to plan the Halloween feast as well as all other feasts and balls." Her face then softened and frowned, "I want none of this Slytherin/Gryffindor; Pureblood/Muggleborn nonsense." With that she walked out of sight.

"What shall your password be Miss..." A handsome young man asked in a husky voice eyeing Hermione with pleasure.

"Hermione Granger. It will be ferret. Thank you, Ben." Hermione smiled slightly and walked into their new common room, ignoring the look Malfoy was sending her.

It was a decent space with a star speckled ceiling, blue walls, and white furniture. He looked over and saw a door saying Head Boy: Draco Malfoy Slytherin, a door saying Head Girl: Hermione Granger Gryffindor, doors saying Gryffindor Common, Ravenclaw Common, Hufflepuff Common, Slytherin Common, and some desks and bookshelves. It wasn't as grand as the Malfoy Manor, but it was a start.

Draco entered his room and smirked at seeing dark green walls with a king sized four poster with green and silver, a closet, a desk, a bookshelf, and another door leading somewhere. He would have to research something to enlarge the room later.

He entered the door to find a bathroom a lot larger than the prefects bathroom. He saw another door at the end of the bathroom and smirked. He and Granger were sharing one bathroom. He was curious to see what the bookworm had under her baggy clothes.

He returned to his room and went into his closet which was full of all his robes and other things he had brought from home. He grasped his new Firebolt Midnight and rushed out the closet. He saw balcony doors he hadn't noticed before and went outside. The balcony had a nice view of the mountains and of the lake. He saw movement from another door and realized Granger and himself would be sharing this balcony also. He frowned deeply as he mounted his broom for a nice night fly. A Malfoy could never sleep more than needed.

Draco woke up with a sneer on his face. Today was Saturday. He couldn't remember the last time September 2nd was on a Saturday. Generally it was somewhere in the week, but it was logical for it to happen once in seven years.

He grabbed his robes and went into the bathroom to hear nothing but peace. Then again, why would she be up? It was Saturday and with all the business going on at the Malfoy Manor there was never any time to sleep in. He turned on the water to the bathtub and pressed down a few taps to let out a nice aroma. Malfoys never played with anything.

He took off his boxers and stepped in the water. Draco wouldn't bother with silly swim trunks when Granger wasn't bound to wake up in the twenty minutes he would take in the bathroom. He grasped onto his wand and cast a silencing charm around the bathroom so he could listen to some music. With that he cast another spell he learned from his friend Blaise Zabini for music. Simply think of the band and song and it comes on.

'Wouldn't some Blink-182 be nice right about now? All of this.' The song came on, and he relaxed in the bath. He closed his eyes, and he never heard the door of the bathroom open and shut just as quickly. He never saw a tomato Hermione dash out of the bathroom into her room.

After a few minutes of relaxation, he stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around his waist. He shook his hair slightly to get off some of the water that was dripping on him. He pulled on some boxers, a shirt, and some pants before he pulled on a black robe since it wasn't school. He took some gel that he was about to slick his hair back with when he thought he would try something new for his semi-long hair. Draco took some gel onto his hand and spread it onto his wet hair. He shook his head slightly with the gel on it and took a blow dryer to dry it.

He smirked at the face that was showing back through the mirror, "I quite like that." The mirror agreed with his thoughts With his cream hair and milky white skin he looked quite dashing, and he knew it. Perfect.

He took the silencing spell off. Then he cast a quick spell to clean the bathroom. With a satisfied smirk he left the bathroom and walked down to breakfast.

"Malfoy. What's with the hair?" Blaise asked him smirking at his hair. Draco drooped down next to him as a snake would and smirked himself.

"Thought I'd try something else. Something new." Draco replied to his oldest and best friend who just nodded at him.

"So what do you think of Granger this year?" Blaise asked as Hermione walked to the almost empty Gryffindor table to sit next to Seamus Finnigan since her friends were most likely sleeping.

"She's a Mudblood, you're not supposed to think anything of them." Draco replied, scooping on some eggs and bacon.

"Come on, Draco. She's nice on the eyes. You're sharing a dorm with her. You could have her since she has to be a wild one and a nice shag." Blaise commented looking at Granger's choice of tank top and pants.

"She's a Mudblood." Draco repeated as he looked sternly at Blaise, "What would your father say?" Draco more commented then asked.

Blaise just shrugged, "My father doesn't control me, nor does yours. We'll be on our own after this year. We have to make our own decisions." Blaise commented.

"I will not sink so low as to have a Mudblood in my bed, besides, you know I'm not the easiest person to get-"

"The hardest. I've never seen anyone turn down so many shags." Blaise interrupted.

Draco just ignored his comment and went on, "I will not associate with Mudbloods and disgrace my family name." Draco finished eyeing Granger and then his friend, "You can, however, go ahead if you want. Just don't blame me when no decent Pureblood wants to marry you after you've shagged a Mudblood." Draco stated.

"It's only one shag, mate. Besides, if I break the Golden girl I'll be a celebrity." Blaise sneered as Potter and Weasley walked into the hall looking very disoriented.

'That reminds me. I wonder why Granger wasn't with Potter and Weasley. I have to find out about that later.' Draco thought as he saw some kind of apology transpiring between the three.

"If you do, you might as bloody well make sure she breaks up Potter and Weasley. We'll have all the power if they separate." Draco transpired to Blaise, mentally making plans on what to do when that day comes.

"That'll be just fine, mate." Blaise smirked, looking at Hermione. Draco could feel what Blaise was trying to do. Hopefully, he wouldn't use any force with her. Some Slytherins would do anything to get what they wanted. Draco had pride and would get something his own way.

Draco finished eating and stood up to leave the Great Hall.

Making his way towards the common room he felt an arm slink onto his. He turned around and sneered at the pug faced girl, "Leave Pansy. I will tell Goyle that you'll want to give him a blow job." Draco threatened. Gods, this girl was annoying.

"Come on Draco. The Mudblood can't give you what I can." Pansy slurred making her words hardly understandable.

"The Mudblood and I are living together because we are Heads, Pansy. Now go away. I do not want you, nor have I ever wanted you. Leave." He ordered as he walked away before she could make another protests. Gads.

Walking into the common room, Draco saw Granger with a book propped up against her leg. Draco didn't give her legs a second thought as he grabbed his wand and put on a spell. He felt like annoying someone. He was still somewhat a child, and sometimes it had to come out. 'On with some Sum 41. They are one of my favorite Wizarding bands. How about Thanks for Nothing?' He thought as the music blasted through the common room.

"Didn't know you liked Muggle alternative bands, Malfoy." The Mudblood teased him, thinking she had something on him.

He snorted loudly, "Are you daft, Granger? All have decent bands or singers are Wizards and Witches. How do you think they got their voices. Well, I wouldn't say that Deryck from Sum 41 has a nice voice, so he does it on his own." He told her snorting again.

"Really? Then why isn't everyone in the world a singer?" Hermione challenged, thinking she had stumped him again.

"You really are dafter than I would have thought anyone could manage with so many O.W.Ls. No one wants to put up with Muggles, or write songs, and they don't even get paid that much until they retire. Everything is the recording company's." Draco answered without hesitation. He saw that last question a mile away. He wondered to himself about how someone so smart could be so dumb sometimes, ignoring the glares she was sending him.

"What about people like Hilary Duff. She doesn't write her own music, she's too stupid to be a witch, and her songs are relatively pointless." 'True.' Draco thought. I mean how smart do you have to be not to be able to come up with lines like 'If the light is on then it isn't off.'?

"Muggle. Kind of shows the world what America is like if she's the number one Muggle artist over there. All Wizards naturally don't listen to that. Can she be any more obvious?" Draco asked as the mood lightened.

" If the light is on then it isn't off." Hermione mocked singed as herself and Draco started laughing at what they both had in mind. A song called Change Clothes by Jay Z came on in the background meanwhile.

"I can just see her trying to get the writers to make even worse lyrics; How about; When I shut the door, the door is closed." Draco started to laugh which he noticed Hermione note was really a soft look for him.

"How about something like: The clock counts the time with minutes, hours and seconds?" Hermione managed through sprints of laughter.

"At night the sky turns darker."

"When I touch hot food, my fingers get burned." Hermione added with a big laugh. The song switched again by the time they were done making '"Hilary Duff out to be as big a fool as she was.

Draco seemed to sense what had happened and frowned. Society wouldn't approve of a Pureblood getting along with someone with dirty blood such as herself, even if it was for such a short period.

"Listen, Malfoy, maybe we should try to get along for a while to set an example for younger students.

Draco thought about this for a long time and with a decided sigh he shook his head. This wasn't going to be approved, "No."

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