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Epilogue: Redemption

"Blaise! Where the hell are you? You said you were meeting me at the restaurant! I was there and they said we had no reservations!" Draco yelled out as he apparated into Blaise's flat. It was dark… Too dark.

Three years after the final war. He had fought alongside Dumbledore. It was hard to let go of everything he had: His money, his ways, his whole life had to start over. His father? He had been killed by Draco in a dual.

"Lumos." Draco said getting out his wand. The small light on his wand was treated with someone putting on the main lights in the flat.

"Surprise!" He heard a few dozen people yell out as he saw them gathering around him. Draco couldn't help himself from smiling as he saw people he hadn't seen in quite some time along with people he saw almost daily.

"21 years old, Draco. It wouldn't do to have you go to a restaurant with a few people." Blaise said as he clapped his friend on the back.

"Isn't it a bit immature not to tell me about it though?" Draco replied simply as the people around him snickered.

"We never got our chance to be immature, so here it is." Blaise said as he lost himself in the crowd.

"Draco, happy legal drinking age in the states. Whine?" Harry asked him as he handed him a glass.

"Six months older than you, Harry. Cheers." He said as he clicked his glass against his friend's.

At first Harry had refused to believe that Draco had changed. It was not until the final war that Draco killed his own father to save Lucius from cursing Harry that Harry actually believed he had changed. Harry had used every once of knowledge he had gained in the Department of Mysteries, including almost stepping inside the veil to talk to Sirius, to defeat Voldemort. He had done so successfully and his wand had backfired leaving him between a state of life and death. He had almost died had it not been for Hermione. What happened then between Harry and Draco? Ancient history.

"Cheers. When can I expect a niece or nephew from you and Hermione?" Harry asked as he smirked Draco's old trademark smirk. Draco got used to the fact that Hermione would always love Harry and Ron just as much as him. He was always used to the fact that when he had children they would be calling those two 'Uncle Ronny' and 'Uncle Harry'.

"I dunno, mate. We're having fun trying though." Draco said knowing that the expression of disgust on his face would be normal. The second that Harry actually gave Ginny a chance, they fell for each other. His little crush on Hermione was long over as he now had a bride of his own to take care of. Hermione was like a sister to him.

"That's way too much information. You two have been wed for one and a half years now. If Ginny and I were married that long we'd have a child running around by now. I'd have wed her already if it weren't for Ron needing to be in every step of our relationship. I'd like to see his face on the Honeymoon." Harry said laughing as he clicked his glass of wine against Draco's again. Draco couldn't help himself and laughed. Engaged for three months, the wedding for those two was set by Molly Weasley for August 19th.

Harry left him shortly before he saw none other than Ron and Lily. He smirked at the way Ron's hand was placed on her back, "Happy birthday, Draco. Ron! Do you honestly feel the need to hang on to me like I'm going to break?!? For Merlin's sake I'm not dying!" She barked at him.

Ron looked down and mumbled an apology with puffy bags under his eyes. Draco smirked and said, "It's a bit sweet though. Don't be too hard on him Lily." for the poor bloke's protection.

Lily's face did a 180º turn and said, "I'm sorry honey. You are just the sweetest husband a woman could have. I love you." Ron kissed Lily and she hugged Draco and walked away.

"Happy Birthday, mate. Two months pregnant and she's already screaming at me for pickles with ice cream. She's also screaming at me for being involved with Harry and Ginny's relationship, buying that estate just out of Auror training, and just about every other reason she can think of. Here's to three years of marriage and the second when my son or daughter goes to Hogwarts." Ron said as he clasped Draco on the back and clicked his glass with him.

"Best of luck. Harry was getting on to me for not getting Hermione pregnant. Now I'm a bit glad she's not." Draco said smirking as Ron's eyes got big as he heard his wife call him, "Good luck."

"Ginny?" Draco asked as the redhead turned around to wish him a happy birthday. Draco had long apologized to her and though their relationship had an awkward air about it, it was broken the second she was Hermione's bridesmaid at the wedding.

The wedding had been perfect. Getting a lot of inspiration from Ron and Lily's wedding which had happened literally right out of school, Draco had planned and proposed to Hermione on New Year's Eve at midnight, under the oak tree by the Hogwarts lake. Where had the ceremony been held a year later? Godric's Hollow. Hermione only had a single bridesmaid while Draco had two best men: Blaise and Ron. Where was Harry? In a Wizarding ceremony Muggles could not have a part but may have been present. Harry gave Hermione away.

"Have you seen Hermione? She wished me a happy birthday this morning at the manner, but I haven't seen her since." Draco asked curiously as he received a sly smirk from Ginny.

"You'll find out." She said as she got lost in the crowd. Draco frowned deeply as he was approached by Marijana.

"Happy 21st." Marijana said as she took her glass and clicked it against Draco's. "Remember how we all got here?" She asked in remembrance as her eyes got a far away look.

"You were the one who showed me I could back out even with all my family's expectations. I blame you." Draco said with a smile as a laugh escaped his lips. She slapped his shoulder playfully, "Do you know where Hermione is?" Draco asked her curiously.

"Well, she's at-" She was cut off by Blaise bringing her around and kissing her deeply. She giggled when he broke off, still hanging on to him, "I can't say, Draco." She managed to get out before taking Blaise in another kiss. No engagement announcement for them yet, which was different since wizards usually married right out of school, but they wanted to take it slow. Draco was expecting the Wedding invitation soon, though.

He mingled with a few more guests before looking at the clock on Blaise's wall. It was approaching nine and Hermione was nowhere to be found. His eyebrows creased in worry.

He snuck into Blaise's bedroom and sat down on the bed, his head in his hands. Where was she? She would never abandon him on his birthday. What if she had finally realized he still hadn't redeemed himself enough to be with her? What if she had found someone better and used his party as the perfect excuse to get rid of him?

He shook his head and stood up to look at himself in the mirror. He was just thinking the worst. She would be here. She would be perfectly fine.

"Draco? What's up?" Blaise asked him as Draco felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Where's Hermione?" Draco asked instead.

"Don't freak out. You'll be surprised." Blaise said secretively as he smiled at Draco and led him into the living room.

"Happy birthday, Draco." Terry Boot said he clicked his glass against Draco's like a set pattern. What got Draco freaked out was that they knew something he didn't. He growled and thanked him.

"Mate, you just got an urgent owl from St. Mungos. They said they need your opinion on a patient. The head Healer said room 749." Blaise said walking up to Draco with a smirk.

"On my birthday? I specifically took the night off." Draco said as he apparated to the specific room.

He saw the room empty except for one curtained off area. He didn't bother calling for the Head Healer as he walked to the curtains and opened them harshly.

"Happy birthday, Draco." Hermione said.

Then it clicked Draco. This was a maternity ward. He almost fell onto the bed in surprise. "We're having a- you're pregnant?"

"I was having some morning sickness. I didn't want to panic you so I a few days ago. One month along." Hermione said as Draco let tears fall down his eyes as he leaned over and kissed Hermione, "It's a boy."

"A boy?" Draco asked as he leaned over and kissed Hermione again, taking care to not put pressure on her stomach. "Name?" Draco asked as he put his wand to her stomach.

"I was thinking-" She paused and smiled at him, "Emerson."

"Emerson Draco Malfoy."

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