Ships: HieiXKurama

This was my first fanfiction. Hiei and Kurama have been seeing each other for some time.

Irreplaceable Moments in Time

The red-haired kitsune sat up, stretched, and rubbed his eyes. As he yawned, he heard a deep, rumbling voice coming from his left side. "Sleep well, fox?" the dark-clothed koorime asked, while skillfully balancing in a half-crouching stance on the fox-human's windowsill.

With a start, Kurama bolted out of his bed and rushed over to the smugly amused Hiei. "How did you get up here?" the kitsune asked bewilderedly.

"Hn, fox no baka." the fire demon stated. "You left the window unwarded. Anyone could have gotten in."

"Oh, relax," Kurama laughed. "Anyone who came would have to contend with me."

"And you're so capable at protecting yourself, are you? That's why you've been nearly killed so many times in this useless human form of yours, am I right?" retorted the apparition.

All joy at seeing his lover flooded out of Kurama's face. "I can protect myself…" the beautiful kitsune trailed tentatively.

The dark koorime leapt gracefully off of the windowsill and landed lightly on the balls of his feet in front of the startled Kurama. Admonishingly, he looked up at the kitsune, staring balefully at Kurama's green eyes, silently berating him for doing such a foolish thing. Understanding this look, the hurt kitsune stalked, shoulders drooping slightly, to the bathroom to freshen up and blame his own self for the stupidity he had displayed, to lead his lover and friend to be disappointed in him.

Cursing himself, the forbidden child ran to the bathroom and knocked on the door. Desperately, he pleaded to Kurama, "Kurama! You know as well as I do there are many strong Makai demons after you. When I'm not here… well… I worry." The demon slumped against the door, and slid down to the ground. Banging a fist against the floor, he placed his head on his knees and waited for the kitsune to come out.

Brushing his hair, the fox youkai stubbornly tuned Hiei's pleas out. But as he heard his lover's words, so direct and fraught with emotion, his mouth parted slightly and he closed his eyes as he drew his hand to his chest and clutched the brush to his heart. Dropping the brush on the bathroom counter, he opened the door to find Hiei sitting, arms folded on his knees, by the door.

The strong, muscular koorime slowly lifted his head up, and looked at the kitsune. Kurama squatted, kissed the fire demon gently on the lips, and then, moving his lips toward Hiei's ear, whispered, "I love you. But I'm not weak." These words felt like a soft caress to Hiei, so the demon closed his eyes for a moment and purred, all his anxiety and doubt flowing away, to be replaced by trust, friendship, and love for Kurama. Opening his eyes, he found his lover gazing into his eyes.

As the kitsune and koorime looked tenderly into each other's eyes, sharing this irreplaceable moment, they both nodded in silent agreement, and retired to the bed, hoping to prolong this extraordinary time they had together, knowing that after these long hours they had with each other, they would have to go back to their grueling, but fantastic work and catch the very demons they were trying so hard to keep safe from.

*~/The End/~*