A/N: Just a random bit that popped into my head.  I find it amusing.  We don't usually think about our  yaoi-ed characters having such conversations, but you'd have to assume it happens.  I think Ken's decently in character and while Aya may seem a little off, just remember he's saying everything in his normal angry Aya voice.  My purpose was merely to entertain, so please enjoy!


"Oh God."  Ken sat straight up out of bed in the middle of a certain summer night.   Aya, to whom he had been lying next to, opened his eyes lazily, hoping the interruption to his sleep would be short.

"Oh God!! I'm gay." Ken gasped.  Aya sighed and closed his eyes again.

"I suppose so."

"But… this means I have to act like it!  Oh no."  He ran his fingers into his hair nervously. "…Oh no!  Does this mean I have to obsess over my hair?  I mean, I like my hair but I don't really care…. OH NO! Can gay people play soccer?"

"I'm sure there are a lot of gay soccer players, Ken."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just trying to shut you up."

"This is important, Aya.   I mean, I never thought I'd be gay.  I guess… I-"

"You certainty liked the sex."

"…..Hehehe. I guess I did."

"Go to sleep, Ken."

"….Aya! …Oh no, Aya!"


"Does this mean I have to check out other guys?"

"I'd really prefer you didn't.  I suppose I'm your boyfriend now."

Ken's eyes widened. "….Boyfriend!"

"Partner, then?"

"That's even worse!"

"Lover?  Soul mate? Better half?"

"…Those are ok."

"Come here, then, and be my soul mate and go to sleep."

"….fine." Ken resumed his place in Aya's arms.

There was a short silence.


"What now."

"Do you spend a lot of time on your hair?"

"…..define 'a lot'."

"..Ok, yeah you do."


"That means you're uke."

"Fi- wait.  No, I'm not."

"Yes you are.  The uke is the more fe-"

"Ken, remind me again how we had sex tonight. Where were you?"

"Under yo- Oh yeah."

"Can we sleep now?"

"Yes.  ……Aya, why do you want to sleep so bad?"

"Because we have a shop to run tomorrow. Just like every day.  And we might have a miss-"

"Oh God.  We own a flower shop.  How gay is that?  I mean, Omi's flaming and Yohji…"

"Don't try to tell me Yohji's gay."

"Maybe he flirts all the time because he's covering up!"

"Then why does he read Playboy?"

"Because he's covering up."

"So why does he hide them?"

"Because he……… oh.  How do you know about them?"

"I make it my business to know my teammates' secrets."

A tense silence.

"…Do you know... about…"

"..Yes, I know about Mr. Fluffy."

"…Can he come-"



"Ken, why do you need a stuffed comfort object when you have a flesh one?"

Ken sighed.  "Because.. I.. ..Well. I suppose your body is comforting enough for me."

"Hmm.. that's pretty gay."


"Shhh." Aya kissed him gently.  "Don't think of it as being gay; think of it as being in love."

A happy smile burned on Ken's face. "..ok."

"Goodnight, Ken."

"Goodnight, Uke."


"Just kidding."


A/U: :D… love me.