A/N: Finally, dear friends, I came up with another one.  It took me a long time, but here it is.   You see, they have to just… come to me.  This one came at about 1 in the afternoon as I was laying in bed trying to wake up. 

            It's BradSchu, AGAIN, don't give me that look young lady, EVERYONE loves BradSchu.  Oh, yes, they do.  Except maybe Yohji who wouldn't care.  But that doesn't matter.  He shouldn't be using the internet for fanfictions. He should be using it for porn, like a REAL MAN.

            A note to all the Yohji/Omi people: First of all, why are there so many of you? Do I attract Yohji/Omi people for some reason? And if so wh- Ooooooohhhh….. The Talk did it.  I get it now.  Anyway, I hate Yohji/anyone male.  Sorry.  I'm strictly canon on him. 

            HOWEVER: Because it took me so long to write this, I have decided on a contest.  You guess what anime I'm watching right now (and it's not Weiss) and I will let you pick a pairing for me to do.  And then I'll go stare at the ceiling until I think of something for them. Yes, you can even do Yohji/Omi. I'll figure it out… somehow.          

            Ok, I've talked too long, here is the fic.


            "You know, I was thinking about the two of us getting married."  Schuldig began suddenly as he sat at the kitchen table across from Brad.   Unfortunately, Brad hadn't been thinking about this subject and, startled, he knocked his cup of coffee off the table and onto his leg.  Swearing, he picked it up and put it back on the table and made his way to the sink to catch the possibly permanent brown stain on his pure white pant leg.  Schuldig continued talking as if it hadn't happened; resting his chin in one hand and staring into space. 

            "And I was thinking which one of us would be the 'husband' and which one of us would be the 'wife'.  And it's really a tricky subject because we'd never agree but one of us would have to be something different than the other.  I mean, you can't expect someone to go into a hospital and be like, 'I have to see John!' and the lady says 'Are you related to him?' and the guy says 'I'm his husband'.  'His' and 'husband' sound pretty weird next to each other, but I guess if a guy walked in a said he was John's wife, that might be even weirder.  Then again, we don't go to hospitals, do we?  We just die."

            He glanced over finally at Brad.  And while Brad was an extremely clean man, he was still a man, and had not the sense to take off his pants to clean them, so there was a long wet spot on his knee.  But it was a clean wet spot and that's what mattered.  Now he was squatting, using a paper towel to clean the coffee that had hit the floor.  He seemed to know that Schuldig was looking at him and decided he was done and so he said: "Don't ever say any of that ever again" in his usual firm, but not especially angry tone of voice.

            Schuldig considered.  He stood up, watching Brad, and then walked towards the hallway with his hands behind his head.  He stopped before he exited, his back to the kitchen. 

            "You know, I think I will say that "ever again" if I want to because I like watching you clean things," He turned his head for the last word, grinning with purely delightful cruelty. "…wife." 

            Brad was left feeling slightly aroused, mildly angry and possibly a little intimidated.  But most importantly, he was left with a need to assert his masculinity.  So he ignored his usual policy of "Let him come to me" and marched out of the room, bursting through the door.


Send me an e-mail with your guess! If you get on AIM, I might give you hints. MIGHT.  And also if I've told you what I'm watching then you are disqualified. I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO TRY, TERRA. And then make me do Brad/Aya. Too bad. :DDDDDD