CG XV: Epilogue

The young couple was walking hand in hand down the pathway in the city park. They seemed completely wrapped up in one another and oblivious to the rest of the world. Truly it was amazing just how quickly two people could become attached to one another and fall in love so irreversibly.

Kagome burst out laughing when the man beside her on the park bench began to tickle her rib cage and draw her out of her subconscious thoughts. She slapped away the strong, lean hand from her ticklish spot and moved them towards her lips where she kissed the palm.

Sesshoumaru smiled at his fiancé even though she thwarted his attempts to make her suffer under his tickling assault. He gave a fake pout complete with puppy dog eyes as he leaned in close to press his forehead gently against hers. "You spoil my fun. I like watching you squirm under my ministrations." He dipped his lips towards hers and kissed her briefly.

As soon as her eyes began to take on that dreamy look that he could always count on inspiring he drew back and looked back towards the pair of teenagers walking hand in hand along the path that ran along the outer ring of the park.

"So what do you know about her?" He asked, in reference to his little brother's girl friend of the last three months. Sesshoumaru settled his arm around Kagome's torso and pulled her towards him on the bench. He smiled to himself when she gave a frustrated sigh before melting against him, as he knew she would.

"Well, she seems really nice. She's a sophomore and she started Shikon High right after I withdrew. I didn't have any classes with her, but apparently she and Inuyasha ended up in Health class together during the semester before graduation." Kagome explained.

"Hmmm," Sesshoumaru acknowledged her answer as he laced the fingers of his right hand with hers. Idly he rubbed his ring finger over her ring finger, feeling the band of her senior class ring. It was an alright ring; however, it paled in comparison to the platinum band on her other hand.

"Something on your mind?" Kagome asked as she lifted her face up to his.

"Not especially," Sesshoumaru answered as he dipped his face to nuzzle against her cheek. He inhaled lightly her fresh scent and was reminded of the garden in which they first made love. That particular memory made his heart drum happily in his chest.

"Well, I think everything will work out just fine between Inuyasha and Rin," Kagome remarked.

"I'm sure you're right," Sesshoumaru agreed. The name of the young teen reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was a memory of some sort floating at the edge of his consciousness.

"Did I mention that gramps is walking without his cane now?" Kagome inquired quietly, the comfort she felt with Sesshoumaru always relaxed her.

"Hmmm, yes I believe you mentioned he was forced to learn to get around without the cane when Souta decided to hide it from him, for his own good." Sesshoumaru spoke softly in her ear, nibbling on her lobe between every few words.

"Do you ever wonder what happened to us in the past?" Kagome asked after a few minutes of solitude passed between the two lovers. She pulled out the hair tie that held his long silvery mane in an organized assembly at the base of his neck. Nimble fingers ran through the silky mass that fell to the man's waist.

"Sure," Sesshoumaru replied without hesitation as he felt himself being lulled to sleep with her fingers running through his hair. The light tugging of his scalp was a little too soothing to remain fully cognoscente.

"Well obviously we were in love," Kagome began, but was stopped when Sesshoumaru moved away from her ear and found her mouth. After making sure she was breathless he pulled back.

"Obviously," he agreed.

Kagome pulled his arrogant lips back to hers with a firm tug on his scalp courtesy of his silvery mane of hair. "I'm guessing you turned human and we had children and all that jazz."

"Yes, and all that jazz." Sesshoumaru answered. He was about to kiss her again when a frisbee came sailing towards their heads. With reflexes that no normal athlete could even boast of, he retrieved the flying disk and saved Kagome from having a sound bruising at her temple.

A little boy, no more than possibly eight came running over apologetic. He took the frisbee from Sesshoumaru's extended hand. "Gee mister, miss, I'm really sorry about that. My dog was supposed to catch that. I didn't mean to hit you, honest." His emerald eyes turned to glare at the small white dog that was trailing at his feet.

"No harm done but be more careful," Sesshoumaru gently scolded the young boy before he ran off with his dog once more.

"You handled that very well," Kagome complemented.

Sesshoumaru didn't comment for a while. Bits and pieces of odd memories from his time as an astral projection came to mind. There was something about that red-haired boy with the green eyes that was oddly familiar. He had the same feeling of de-ja-vu the first time he met Inuyasha's girlfriend. He shrugged off the feeling.

"You'll make a great father one day," Kagome continued, watching his face for any signs of a reaction.

Golden eyes grew large and Sesshoumaru grabbed hold of both his fiance's shoulders and turned her to face him. "We're pregnant?" He asked, not sure if he was panicked or excited.

Kagome burst out laughing at his expression. "No silly, I was just saying!"

"Oh," Sesshoumaru wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed. He looked over towards the red haired boy with his dog silently. Kagome tugged on his chin and forced him to meet her eyes.

"I'm sure we will be one day," she assured him.

Sesshoumaru gave her a look that defined the term narcissism. "Maybe we should work on populating the entire world with our offspring. We can replace the vermin of the world with our superior genetics."

Kagome searched his expression and seeing no hint of jest burst out laughing. "Oh how I adore you!" She exclaimed with a joyful mirth in her eye giving him a quick hug.

"Faith has an odd way of working out," Sesshoumaru commented, dead serious. "I would have never thought that night of the accident that such a thing could possibly result."

"Don't worry; I'm sure we'll have plenty of other exciting adventures to pass the time in the future." Kagome moved her arms to wrap around his neck and press her body firmly against his.

"That's what I'm afraid of my love," Sesshoumaru teased.

"Hey you two, knock it out. Some of us don't like watching you procreate on the middle of a park bench," Inuyasha's voice penetrated the cloud of desire and love that surrounded the two.

Sesshoumaru turned to glare at his younger sibling as he and Kagome stood and faced the dark haired man and his little girlfriend. "See what I mean?" He asked Kagome, not turning away from his brother's confused look. "We need to work on replacing the ignorant vermin as soon as possible."

"What are you talking about? Are you calling me a vermin?" Inuyasha's face grew crimson at his brother's obvious taunting.

The two brothers squared off, temporarily leaving their women out of the fire. "So, do you have any exciting plans for the summer?" Kagome asked Rin conversationally, trying with great effort to ignore the scene of her fiancé giving his younger brother a noogie.

Rin was also doing a valiant job of ignoring her boyfriend trying to yank his older brother's underwear up to give a wedgy. "I think Inuyasha and I might make a trip across country and enjoy the scenery."

"Right, scenery," Kagome agreed growing distracted. She didn't like watching Inuyasha's efforts to give Sesshoumaru a wedgy and promptly intervened by prying her peer's hands away from his brother's waist.

Sesshoumaru stepped back and released his brother from his headlock. He turned towards Kagome with a question in his golden eyes. Kagome tugged on a long strand of hair to pull his ear towards her lips. "I didn't want to risk him endangering the merchandise."

Sesshoumaru burst out laughing, his joyous bellows causing his younger sibling to gap at him. He reached out and tapped Inuyasha's chin, effectively shutting his pie-hole. He lifted Kagome into his arms and proceeded to carry her away from the other couple towards his car. "Good point, lets make sure everything is still in working condition, shall we?"

A/N: That's it! That's the real end! I hope that you have enjoyed this tale as I have enjoyed sharing the workings of my imagination with you all. I have appreciated your support and hope to see you all in the future with some of my other works which now includes a novel published via authorhouse. Check out my profile page for the link to Heart of a Wolf. BDN