Sweets For The Sweet

Stomping into the living room, which, since it was Friday night and almost everyone was out, was empty save for Nightcrawler, Kitty growled, "Okay! Who's been in my room? I have a teddy bear and I'm not afraid to use it!" She glared at her best (but maybe not for long) friend.

Most teenage boys, when confronted by the sight of Kitty Pryde in pink shorty pajamas with pastel rainbow colored stars on them, wearing matching slippers and a scrunchie, and brandishing a dark blue teddy bear, would have laughed…or at least leered at her legs.

But not Kurt Wagner, Mutant High's resident blue fuzzy elf and prankster extraordinaire. Not that he didn't want to leer at her legs (laughing never crossed his mind).

Especially since he was the one who had invaded her room.

Raising one three-fingered hand shakily and preparing to 'port if things got ugly, he softly admitted, "Ah, zat would be me, Katzchen."

Snarling in her best imitation of Logan (which actually came out pretty good, but still made Kurt have to fight off a smile at the thought of a Berserker Kitty) Kitty demanded, "Why?"

Gulping, Kurt knew that he would have to 'fess up. "Ah, vell, you see, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I vanted to give you somezing…but I didn't know vhat. I zought if I took a look around your room I might get an idea."

Blowing out a breath of frustration, Kitty plopped down on the couch next to Kurt. "Oh, Fuzzy, you could have just asked me."

Kurt nodded. "Ja, but then it vouldn't have been a surprise."

Wrinkling her brow, Kitty asked, "Why does it have to be a surprise?"

Kurt swallowed hard, before answering, "Ah, vell, because when I gave you ze gift, I vas going to ask you to be my…mein girlfriend." He cringed, waiting for her to beat him about his person with her teddy bear, sure that she had no feelings for him, and that his grand Valentine's idea had been a fool's errand.

A beautiful smile broke over her face like a sunrise. Throwing her arms (and the teddy bear she held) around Kurt's neck, she said, "Oh, Kurt! Like, of course I'll be your girlfriend, silly!"

Kurt was dumbfounded. Never in his wildest dreams could things have turned out this well. "Vas? You vill?"

Pulling back slightly, Kitty grinned and said, "Why do you think I bought a teddy bear the color of your fur and pinned a tail on it? So I could always have you close." She blushed, playing with the makeshift tail on her sleeping companion.

Smiling gently, Kurt pushed a stray lock of hair behind Kitty's ear and said, "I'll never be far away from you, Katzchen. I promise." Pulling her into a sweet kiss, he vowed to himself to get the biggest box of Godiva chocolates he could find.

After all, the sweetest thing in his life deserved the sweetest sweets.