~~*Title*~~ : "Different Steps"

~~*Author*~~ : Atomic Kitten

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~~*Summary*~~ : This Fan-Fic is PG-13/possibly R. This is what happens after Sara is sent off to Julliard. She and Derek want to continue their relationship, but a new friend gets in the way and discoveries are made.

~~*Disclaimer*~~ : This fan fiction was written solely by myself, Atomic Kitten. However I did not create the original characters from the motion picture //Save the Last Dance//. I do not own the trademarks or copyrights to sed characters, plots, merchandise, etc... Only the written words of this fan-fic are my property.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Chapter One : "The Letter"*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Dearest Derek,

Days grow longer and longer here without you. Ballet has taken over much of my life and yet, a void that can never be filled is left in your place. I'm sure you'll think I'm being sentimental, but it happens when one has been away for so long.

Some days I almost regret leaving you. My only consolation is your visit in the spring. I thank God each day that it is only twenty days away. As the day we will be together again draws near, I can't help but miss you even more.



Derek sighed. To be perfectly honest, he missed Sara too. Though her message had seemed a little sappy, it was definitely Sara and that's what he loved about her. At the mention of his visit, a smile played across his lips. Derek had long awaited seeing Sara. It had been, what, four months since she started Julliard? His excuse to her was that he was waiting for her to get settled in. In reality, he was just trying to scrape up enough money. He was doing okay in his med school, the scholarship paid for 100% of his tuition and books, but he still had to work for his leisure money.

That was why he had taken a part-time job as an apprentice to the local mechanic. It was manual labor, but it paid $20 an hour. So after these long months away at his school while Sara danced her heart out, he had managed to scrimp and save just enough for a round-trip ticket. He would, of course, stay in Sara's dorm with her. She had arranged it all with the dean, being organized as she was. Though his trip was less than three weeks away, he felt as though it would be an eternity before he would meet her again.




Back at Julliard, Sara was lounging in her dorm while her Spanish roommate Taeya is getting ready to go to a dance club. [S = Sara][T = Taeya]

T: "Ay! Chica, you shouldn't sit alone on a friday night. Come with me to ~~*Intersection*~~." She sat expectantly on the edge of Sara's bed.

S: Sara sighed. "I'm busy with... something."

T: "Oh really?" She began doubtfully, "Like what? Counting the threads in your sweater from the Gap? Puh-lease niƱa, come ON!"

S: With Taeya's urging starting to get to her, Sara's protest weakened. "Well... I... I can't."

T: "Why not? Girl you know I know you ain't worried about your moves on the floor. I'm here for singing and I can still dance at ~~*Intersection*~~, so I know you got some ballet shit to show off."

Sara bit her lip, she had purposely not attended any clubs or social gatherings since she arrived at Julliard. Temptation wasn't something she wanted to face. Not with Derek so far away.

S: "If I go with you tonight, will you leave me alone for a while?"

T: With her face lighting up brighter than the lightbulb above their heads, Taeya enthusiastically quipped "Cross my heart!"

After some intense wardrobe adviseries, courtesy of Taeya, the girls were on their way to the club.


[@ Intersection]


Walking in the door, Taeya laughed and pointed to a hottie nearby. His bleach blonde spiked hair and icy blue eyes made him stand out against the crowd.

T: "He's the whole reason I come here."

S: She shrugged "Not bad."

T: With a look of disbelief Taeya turned to Sara. "Not bad? NOT BAD? The guy's a god!"

A short spunky girl with cropped hair dyed bright pink bounced up beside the two. Bangles jangled at her wrists and her black plastic framed cats-eye glasses glimmered under the flashing lights of the club. She laughed and said to Taeya "He can be my god anyday."

Sara looked from the petite miss to Taeya, slightly confused and majorly curious. Taeya smiled. "Sara, this is Lala. Lala, Sara." The two shook hands and Lala rolled her eyes.

L: "My real name is Alana, Lala's just what friends call me."

T: "All the more reason for Sara to call you Lala. I know you guys will love each other." A knowing smirk settled upon her tanned face. She looked to the hot guy before returning her gaze to her friends and raising a finely plucked brow. "Now, if you'll excuse me..." Taeya bounded off towards 'her man.'

L: Cocking her head, she mused aloud, "You should meet Jordan too. He's really funny."

S: "Jordan? Oh! That one..." Her eyes followed Taeya's coiled dark hair to her beau.

L: "Yeah! Let's go. Tae won't mind us butting in on her together time with him, she hoardes him to herself all the time anyway."

Uncertain of what to say, Sara didn't even need to murmer a word. Lala grabbed her by the wrist and literally dragged her over to the couple. She smiled her flouncy smile and announced "Jordan? This is Sara, Tae's friend."

She would have expected him to smile and have his teeth that sort of off-white you'd expect from a prom king or something. Ah no, Jordan was much too 'punk' and 'fuck authority' for that. He nodded and shrugged. "Hey."

Looking down, Taeya felt the pockets of her denim mini, "Damn." she cursed, "I left my cell in the Jag and my sister's gonna call tonight with the results of her pregnancy test." Sara shook her head. "Isn't your sister 15?" Taeya's own head moved side to side. "14." she replied with a melancholy attempt at a smile.

Lala patted her shoulder, "I'll go with ya." And so the two set off for the parking lot, leaving Jordan and Sara alone. She felt quite awkward, to be alone with someone she had just met. She made small talk, one of the few activities Jordan was willing to partake in. After a few moments, he began to loosen up and talk a little more.

Sara had never told anyone the story of her mother's accident before, except Derek. And yet she found herself confiding in this complete stranger. There was something soothing and trustworthy about him. He repaid her life story with a short bio of his own.

It had been about twenty minutes and Tae and Lala still hadn't returned. Apparently Jordan had grown bored of standing and talking, he looked to Sara. "Wanna dance?" She shrugged and so they were on the dance floor. It wasn't hard to grind with him, he used many of the same moves Sara herself had learned from Derek.

Soon a crowd of people had formed around them, watching their bodies move in unison. The music ended and the crowd slowly went away. Sara, exhausted, sat in a chair to catch her breath. To her surprise, Jordan took a seat next to her and grinned. "You're a great dancer." he practically had to shout over people's conversations and the latest song that had started. She returned his smile with one of her own. "You're not so bad yourself."

Jordan leaned closer to her. "I'd really like to dance with you again." Sara's grin disappeared, could she be just friends with him? "Uh... yeah. Yeah, sure."

She felt his breath, hot on her own. His face hovered in front of hers for a moment before dipping down into a slow, tender kiss.

It was then that Lala and Tae appeared beside them.