Title : "Different Steps"

Author : Acidic Kitten

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Website : http: www . acidiclipgloss . strawberryshake . net [remove spaces]

Summary : This Fan-Fic is PG-13/possibly R. This is what happens after Sara is sent off to Julliard. She and Derek want to continue their relationship, but a new friend gets in the way and discoveries are made.

Disclaimer : This fan fiction was written solely by myself, Acidic Kitten. However I did not create the original characters from the motion picture Save the Last Dance. I do not own the trademarks or copyrights to zed characters, plots, merchandise, etc... Only the written words of this fan- fic are my property.

Chapter Four : "One Wild Night"




Derek opened his mouth in surprise. "Nikki," he began, "Nikki... we can't. I... Sara..." br But the woman only raised her well-trimmed brow. "What about her? She's off at her little dance school doing God knows what with some other guy." Derek started to say how stupid that was, but then stopped. "What guy?" Nikki shrugged. Of course, she knew nothing about Jordan, it was all a bluff to manipulate Derek. What she was best at. "Yeah, my girl Trysiana goes to Julliard and she says she saw Sara all up on this otha guy. Kissing him and shit." br Derek stared for a moment. There was no way Sara would ever do anything like that to him. They loved each other. Right? br He took a step away from Nikki "I don't care about your girl. No matter what, I would never cheat on Sara." br Nikki sauntered forward, leaving less than six inches between her toned body and Derek's. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to." She whispered seductively, her breath hot on his face. br Derek stuttered, unsure of himself, "I... good. I don't... I don't want anything." br Nikki hesitated a moment. "Look me in the eyes, and tell me you don't remember, Derek. Remember us? The fun we had? Don't you want it back? Even just a little?" She blinked a few times, looking up at him through her naturally thick lashes. br "I... no." But this time the no was more of a maybe. Derek was dazed, confused... br Nikki pushed him back onto the couch. Climbing onto his stomach, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. After a moment, his hands fluttered to the back of her head. He pulled away for a moment. br "Nikki, I can't." He murmured, but his words were lost as she launched another deep-seeded kiss into his mouth. br Then, as if he were caving inside, he said "I want you." br Nikki smiled, "I knew you would come around." And with that, she removed her bra.




A knock interrupted Sara from her letter writing. Before she could get up, the door swung open and Jordan entered, carrying several bags. br "So if you don't mind, I'll be in the room next to yours." He said as he walked past her, bags in tow. br How could she mind? It was the only other room in the dorm. Of course it was where he would be staying. She rolled her eyes and picked up her letter off the desk in the living room. Entering her room, she flopped down on her queen-sized bed and re-read one part of the letter to herself out loud. "I think about you all the time, I can't get you out of my head. More than anything I want you here with me." br "That's nice." A voice said. Startled, Sara sat straight up. Jordan stood, leaning against the doorway, with a big grin on his face. "I feel the same way about you." He replied, his grin softening. "Sara, I love you." Shocked, she opened her mouth to reply, then shut it quickly. "Umm... Jordan, about this letter..." Sara began to explain. br But Jordan cut her off. "Don't worry about it." He grabbed the paper from her hand and threw it towards the wastebasket, where it gingerly floated in. "No one else has to know." Taking a seat beside her on the bed, his hand rested on her shoulder. As he leaned forward for a kiss, his gentle hand moved up to her cheek, holding her to him. br Sara tried to pull away, but weakly gave up after a moment. "I think you should go." She said as soon as the kiss ended. "I have a boyfri..." But once again, he interrupted her words, "I know. That's why we have to enjoy the time we have together now." br He knew about Derek? For how long? Then why was he here? br He kissed her again, this time his hand absentmindedly reached around her back and started to drift up her shirt. "No." Sara started, pushing his hands away. "Derek..." Jordan ignored her pleas, unhooking her bra. His lips locked with hers, holding back any further protests. br Finally he backed away and pulled something out of his pocket. Seeing what the item was, Sara tried to writhe away. No such luck. br A condom.