Chained to your side


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, hints at Malik/Marik, Yami/Yugi and Bakura/Ryou, handcuffs, (suggestive and/or bad) language, oocness.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 17th may 2003, by Misura


"Of course, I'm not afraid of Yami," Malik began.

Marik grumbled something.

"His puny threats wouldn't even scare a ... a -Ryou-," Malik continued, pleased to have found a suitable example of, well, utter push-overness.

Marik 'hm'ed.

"I could take him on any day," Malik declared confidently. "Especially with you by my side."

"So ... why aren't you telling him that right now, instead of running away like a scared little ... Ryou-bunny?" Marik inquired.

"I'm not running!" Malik protested, slowing down to a nice jogging speed.

Marik produced a quite eloquent silence.

"I was simply getting ... -bored-. Yes, that's it. I got bored, so I left." Malik nodded emphatically.

"To go where?" Marik asked, apparently willing to let Malik get off the hook easily.

"Well ... " Malik had to think about this for a while. "We could go see how Bakura's doing. Maybe molest Ryou a bit, just for fun."

"Steal the key and see if we can make Yami beg for it. Or Kaiba," Marik proposed.

"Not -Kaiba-!" Malik shivered. "Kaiba's scary. But yes, getting Yami on his knees would be fun."

Marik eyed him puzzledly for a few seconds, then decided he liked the mental image of Yami begging him for something better anyway.


There was no reason at all for Mokuba not to be at the Kaiba-mansion, doing his homework and waiting for Seto to come home. And there was nothing at all that could possibly interest Mokuba at the meeting that his big brother was hosting in his office today.

Thus, when Seto was tackled by something Mokuba-shaped that was yelling 'wheeeeeeeee!' at the top of its lungs upon entering Kaiba Corp.'s Headquarters, his brains first needed a few seconds to go through the matters of Mokuba's unexpected presence, Mokuba's apparent gain in weight and Mokuba's obvious sugar-high, before even -remembering- he might want to explain the handcuffs.

A delay that proved fatal, since Mokuba's brains had gone in overdrive the moment he'd seen Joey following Seto out of the limousine.

Seto might still have saved himself though, if it hadn't been for a certain well-intending security-guard, who'd get fired the next day for his intervention. The man had apparently not worked at Kaiba Corp. long enough to be familiar with Mokuba, and asked the innocent question: "Mr. Kaiba, are you all right?", while holding out a hand to help Seto get up from his position on the floor.

Acting purely on instinct, Seto lifted his hand. Not to accept the man's offer of assistance, of course, since Seto Kaiba didn't need anyone's help ever, but rather to shoo the man away with a pointed gesture and a few well-chosen words.

Unfortunately, this movement revealed the handcuffs quite clearly to everyone in the hall.

An awkward silence fell, shattered abruptly by Mokuba yelling 'wheeee!' again.

"I -knew- the two of you'd get together!" Mokuba declared triumphantly.

"We're -not- - " Joey began, apparently having caught on to the situation.

"He's -not- - " Seto sputtered at the same time, then glared at Joey for speaking out of line and making it impossible for other people to hear Seto's announcement that he and Joey were not, in any way, together, aside from physically, which was much more important than any nonsense Joey had wanted to spout.

"My big brother's going to get married!" Mokuba beamed.

Dozens of gazes were turned in Seto's direction, while the hall was slowly filled with people who'd heard Mokuba's exclamation and wanted to see what was going on.

Seto sternly told himself that now would be a really bad time to faint. Or to try to throttle Mokuba, though only because being handcuffed to Joey would hinder him too much to do a proper job of it.

"He's gotten himself handcuffed to Joey, because he can't stand to be one second without him anymore," Mokuba explained to a nearby secretary. His voice was still loud enough to be heard throughout the hall, even if at least Seto's ears weren't hurting anymore.

Several women swooned at Mokuba's creative interpretation of the situation. A few of them ran out of the hall sobbing, Seto noted with a certain smug satisfaction. At least his relationship with Joey was good for -something-; his female employers would be a lot less likely to pester him with their romantic proposals now.

Seto blinked, then frowned. He was -not- in any relationship with Joey. He would never be in one either. Mokuba and the stress of this day were obviously getting to him and making him unable to think straight.

"Mokuba ... " Seto started, aiming for 'dark and menacing'.

"Oh. I'm so sorry for ruining the suprise. You wanted to tell everyone yourself, didn't you? I'm such a bad little brother to you ... " Mokuba's lower lip trembled, as his eyes became teary.

Seto was 100 percentpositivelysure thatMokuba was faking it. If Mokuba thought Seto was going to fall for a cheap trick like that, he was making a very big mistake.

"You must hate me now!" Mokuba cried.

Seto twitched. Joey was staring at him with an expression on his face that said 'shouldn't you be doing something about this?', which was utterly unhelpful and precisely what Seto could have expected.

"I don't hate you," Seto sighed, admitting defeat. For the moment.

Mokuba's expression brightened.

"I -would- like some privacy though. And I'm -not- paying you people to stand gawking at me. Get back to work everyone!" Seto somehow managed to look down on every person in the hall.

Seto briefly toyed with the thought to add a pronouncement that he was -not- getting married to Joey, or anyone else for that matter, but he decided a memo might be more suitable for that. A memo would also allow him to list some of the things he'd do to people who spoke to another living being about having seen Seto Kaiba handcuffed to Joey Wheeler.

Pleased with having found such a perfect solution, Seto dragged Joey along to his personal office, paying little to no attention to Mokuba who kept chattering on about weddingcakes. He'd simply pretend nothing had happened. Tomorrow, everything would be back to normal.

After all, nobody had any -proof-.

Now he only needed to find someone capable of getting these handcuffs off of him, and then this whole unpleasant episode could be safely forgotten.

tbc ... at some point in the future

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