Title: The Healing Touch

Author: Shellie

Paring: Calleigh/Horatio

Rating: Hmm, I think PG-13 as it's pretty tame.

Summary: Calleigh is attacked at a crime scene and ends up staying with Horatio.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, none of the CSI: Miami characters belong to me. But maybe if I had enough money I could buy David Caruso. Hmmm, better start saving, lol.

Hearing the incessant ringing of the phone, Horatio sighed, put aside his reports and picked up the phone. At this rate he was never going to get the reports finished that were due at the end of the week.

"Caine," he mumbled, answering the phone.

"H, it's me."

Horatio sat up at hearing the urgency in the younger CSI's voice.

"Speed, what is it? Is something wrong?"

After a pause of silence, Tim continued.

"It's Calleigh."

With those two words, Horatio's world collapsed.

"What happened? Is she okay?"

Horatio heard Tim sigh.

"She was attacked at the crime scene."

"What!?" Horatio yelled, as rage and worry took over. "That crime scene should have been cleared. And where were you and Eric?" he demanded.

Tim could hear the anger in his bosses voice and tried his best to explain.

"H, calm down. The crime scene was cleared, but the guy came back. Eric was out the back and I was talking to the neighbours. We didn't even know the guy was there until we heard the gunshot."

Horatio's heart stopped at that word. Gunshot.

"She was shot?"

"Yeah, in the shoulder. She also has a concussion. Ambulance took her to the hospital about three minutes ago."

Horatio felt sick.

"Thanks. You and Eric finish up there."

"Okay, no prob. And if you're going to the hospital, give Calleigh our best."

Hanging up the phone, Horatio sat back in his chair, closing his eyes. What would he do if he lost her? She had no idea of how much she meant to him. Quickly getting up, Horatio picked up his jacket and hurried out the door.

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