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"Look doctor, I'm fine!"

Horatio could hear Calleigh from the hallway. Quietly thanking God that she sounded all right, he made his way towards her voice. When he reached the room, he saw an annoyed Calleigh and a slightly frustrated Doctor. He stifled a small smile thinking about her giving the Doctor hell. That was his Calleigh.

Studying her for injuries, Horatio saw that she was wearing a sling around her left arm and there was a gauze pad on her forehead.

"No, you are not fine Ms Duquesne. You were shot and have a very serious concussion. You should be in bed, resting."

"And I will be as soon as I get home."

Horatio's head shot up. She was going home? But she was just shot.

"Ms Duquesne, I really do not think that is a good idea."

"I'm sorry, I appreciate all you've done, but I'm not staying here. I will be fine at home."

The Doctor sighed.

"Fine, but you understand that you will be signing out AMA. And there should be someone with you at all times. I'm still worried about that concussion."

Horatio saw the look on Calleigh's face at the doctor's comment. She lived alone. There wasn't anyone at home to keep an eye on her.

Forcing a smile, Calleigh replied, "Of course, I'll get someone to stay with me."

Horatio could see she was lying just to get out of there, so he made a decision. Stepping forward into the room he made his presence known.

"Don't worry, she won't be alone. She will be staying with me."