I think we all know that I don't own Dune or any of the characters in it which were created by Frank Herbert. That said lets get on with it.

Duncan's hair billowed in the dry air as Paul's 'thopter speed away towards the storm. Paul and Jessica would be safe; he knew it inherently. House Atreides would live on. He exchanged a quick glance with Kines, both knowing that their sacrifice could save Arrakis.

Duncan looked back towards the billowing smoke pouring into the sky above the shield wall, from Arrakeen.

This is not the end of the Atreides.

As the Sardukar descended upon Duncan's position, he knew that the Emperor's plot would fail.

Duncan watched the Fremen warriors around him, what fierce fighters they were. If only there had been more time. The Sardukar were falling dead all around, but even the Fremen could not hope to match such overwhelming numbers.

Unsheathing his Crysknife, Duncan ran into the battle shouting, "Long live House Atreides!"

Duncan winced in pain as a Sardukar's knife buried itself in the small of his back.

"The slow blade penetrates the shield," his lips mouthed the words as the masses of Sardukar ran past his falling lifeless body.

Time stretched on for an eternity in Duncan's mind. He saw himself living again and dying a thousand times.

The massive worm body with a human face of Leto II crushing him in a fit of rage…

Five thousand years of the Tyrant's "Golden Path."

Countless years of the Bene Gesserit…

Fish Speakers… Ixians… Sardukar… Honored Matres… and the Tleilaxu. Duncan saw his death at the hands of every major power in the universe. He glimpsed for a moment the worms now spread throughout the universe in the second scattering of the Bene Gesserit, a pearl of the Tyrant's awareness in each, and Sheena whom they all obeyed.

In the instant of his death on Arrakis, Duncan saw the span of his own lifetimes, the entire net stretching out before him into the farthest reaches of time, no end to his consciousness. Finally images resolved into one figure. Paul stood before him, clothed in the robe he had last been seen in before wandering into the desert. Paul's empty eye sockets stared at him.

"You left me on Dune."

"Something is wrong," the voice came from an Ixian scientist, with several noticeable cybernetic implants protruding from his face.

"This is absolutely normal. I assure you Dr. Galen," a young Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother standing on the other side of the room.

"She's right Galen," this one was Tleilaxu, "Our technique is perfect." He didn't sound so sure.

The Reverend Mother noted this sentiment and stored it away for further analysis. She resisted the urge to slap down the Tleilaxu with a comment about the flaw in believing anything could be perfect.

The three watched as their new Duncan Idaho Ghola began to spasm again. He was strapped to table in the center of the darkened room. The Ixian machines that surrounded him gradually grew silent; their work now completed.

Former Reverend Mother Alicia Norvina suppressed a shudder she felt coming from her other memory. Voices from the Bene Gesserit past spoke volumes of the dangers of intrusting the future to the Ixian machines. Too late to heed their advice now, after leaving the sisterhood to pursue this, she wasn't sure their words could save her now anyway.

"His awakening is complete, all vital signs appear normal," Galen spoke absently as he stared into the readouts on the screens in front of him.

"You see Doctor, everything is fine, as Alicia and I said it would be," Clicks, the Tleilaxu Face-Dancer grinned in the triumph of his assessment.

Galen turned to face him, his cybernetic eye audibly clicking into focus, "The technology is sound, Clicks, this ghola worries me though. Idaho was know for is unpredictability in life, we should be no less cautious with him in death. Especially when our theories on the artificial awakening are unproven"

Alicia watched the conversation stoically as always. It was a dangerous partnership into which she had entered, full of too many unstable elements. The Idaho ghola moved slightly.

Galen spun around to face his screens again; "He's regaining consciousness."

Duncan's eyes fluttered as he adjusted quickly to the dim light. He flexed slightly, testing the binds that held him to the table. Images of Arrakis lingered in his mind, the Sardukar sweeping over the dunes like locusts.

"Paul!" he shouted before he could stop himself.

"Residual memory ingrams, from artificial awakening," Galen's assessment carried no emotion.

Idaho immediately recognized the familiar sound of mentat projection. His eyes darted across the room to the Reverend Mother.

"I am Alicia Norvina, Duncan. We are responsible for giving you back your memories."

"Some things are better left forgotten."

Dr. Galen was still pouring over his readouts, as Clicks whispered in his ear, "If you are right, then we must dispose of him quickly. The enhanced Prana Bindu reflexes we have given him would enable him to kill us all."

Duncan heard these words, but made no outward sign of it. If he were to survive this he would have to lead them to believe that he was a normal ghola. Even as he had this thought he saw behind Alicia the fleeting image of Paul walking away from him down the corridor.

"I think our experiment was a success, Dr. Galen," Alicia spoke with a far away tone to her voice. Something was strange here, but they didn't have time to create another ghola. She had to keep Clicks and Galen thinking everything was all right, and hope that it was.

Alicia removed the straps holding Duncan to the table. He sat up and carefully surveyed his surroundings. Looking towards the corridor, he heard Paul's voice very faintly.

"You left me on Dune."