Hi, everybody. This fic is probably going to be more serious then my others. Maybe character deaths, maybe OOC's...

I read a few fanfics ('Mercury Gold; Assassin of the night' and others), and since vampires are my favourite 'demons', it seemed logically that I would put an attempt too.

I will only say this once, so...


+Shadow in the Night +Arrival+

It was around midnight when the plane touched the ground. The passengers left the vehicle through the tube connecting it to the Airfield.

A young girl, an old lawyer, a couple returning from their honeymoon, a boy with gold-like hair, a family with 3 children. They all left.

"Thank you for flying with us. We hope you enjoyed the ride." The stewardess said, repeating it automatically. She counted the passengers.

"Hey, Rachel." she said "Something is wrong. I only counted 43 passengers."

"Me too." Her colleague agreed. 'Weren't there 44 passengers when we took of?"

The two girls walked through the plane, searching all spaces someone could possibly hide in.

When they neared the end, Rachel pointed to her fellow-attendant. "Sarah, check the toilets."

The girl Complied and looked at them. They where both unlocked. Still, she knocked on the door. No reply.


The door opened. Rachel and Sarah started to scream. Inside was a young girl, no more then 19 years old. Her once blond hair was now partially covered in red blood.

She was dead.

Isaac grinned. He had heard the alarm go off, but he was already outside. 'Too late.'

The vampire was already in New York, searching for his new companion.