Ankh Of Despair


This is my first Ancient Egypt fanfic. I'M NOT USING THE REAL NAMES (such as Pharaoh Atem), so please do not criticize the names that I use. I am not exactly sure how long I am going to make this fic yet. It depends on how many people actually read it. THE MORE REVIEWS I GET, THE SOONER I WILL UPDATE.

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The sun shone through pink velvet clouds onto the peaceful capital of Ancient Egypt. The marble walls of the palace gleamed in the evening sun, the trees that surrounded this place swayed and rustled in the gentle breeze.

Villagers moved slowly through the streets. Most merchants were beginning to close shop, and those that hadn't were yelling out bargains on what little they had left to sell. Everyone was tired after a routine day of shopping and working. Children rested in their parents arms, if they were small enough, and the older children walked silently by their parents' side.

Pharaoh Yami ruled this land. He was relatively young to be crowned Pharaoh, but his father had passed away, leaving only him to rule the throne. At his disposal were hundreds of soldiers and guards, as well as a handful of powerful priests. One of those priests being his cousin*, Seto.

Yami watched the villagers return home from his perch up at the Mountain Shrine. It overlooked the entire kingdom, as well as the many shrines. There was the Mountain Shrine, the Sea Shrine, the Forest Shrine, the Meadow Shrine, the Desert Shrine, and the Shrine of Glory**.

"It always seems so peaceful here. I often wonder if it is a foreshadowing of terror that is to come, for one has never ruled a kingdom in which no troubles ever occurred..." Yami turned his head to was the water that surrounded the Sea Shrine, "I just wonder what is in store for me."

A small, purple form caught his eye. It rested on the edge of the water of the Sea Shrine. Not moving from what he could see. Curious, he went down to see it for himself, all alone. It never occurred to him that it could be a thief or a rebel, however, he was cautious as he got closer.

It was his cousin Seto. His arm was down in the water, swinging back and forth, creating gentle ripples. His formal headpiece had been placed aside and his hair hung down in his face. The rays from the setting sun were reflected in the pool encircling the shrine. The pure gold of Seto's headpiece and armbands also shimmered.

Yami just watched. Yes, Seto was his cousin, but there was something about him that was attracting. Perhaps it was his grace and elegant tongue (the way he spoke). Or maybe it was his build or his strength. Either way, it was Seto's eyes that caught the attention of so many others. His eyes were of the most perfect of blues. The way they looked so gentle, yet so fierce. Yami just wanted to get close to Seto and...

Yami jump from his thoughts as he was abruptly shaken. It was Seto. Those beautiful blue orbs meeting with Yami's violet ones.

"What? Never seen a priest relax before?" Seto chuckled as he joked, "You know, it is getting to be late. When the sun starts to set like that, you should travel with guards. We wouldn't want any rebels to harm you, my Pharaoh." Seto looked towards the palace in a dreamy manner.

Yami let out a long sigh. Seto always called him by the title of 'lord' or 'pharaoh' even though they were cousins. Yami studied his much taller relative. He had strong arms. Thoughts of being wrapped in those arms flooded his mind. Lost in his own head, the young Pharaoh swayed.

It was Seto to the rescue. He caught his cousin before he fell, "I see that you're tired, my Pharaoh, but don't worry, I will just carry you to the palace." He smiled gently, being happy to help his Pharaoh. Yami could do nothing but smile. The warm feeling of the strength of Seto's arms, the gentle rhythm of his beating heart...all sheer bliss.


On the outskirts of the kingdom, there was a small ghost town by the name of Kuru Eluna. This village was once inhabited by ancestors of Tomb Robbers...but now, It had only one citizen: The King of Bandits, Bakura. The other villagers had been sacrificed years ago to be used in dark alchemy...the bodies of those that were murdered were boiled and the resulting goo was poured into a stone mold. It created golden amulets known as 'Millennium Items'. The priests of that time were the men who had done this bloody deed, unknown to the Pharaoh, King Amukanukanon***.

Bakura had escaped becoming one of the 99 sacrifices that were required, but he had witnessed each and every murder. He was just a small child at the time. Now, it was 15 years later, and Bakura had a thirst for revenge. He was after the kingdom, and what better way to get even than to kill the current Pharaoh and priests? For the people that died, he saw the fall of the Pharaoh a virtue.

Bakura sat down at an old table. He carefully placed a sack on it and pulled it open eagerly. The last bit of sunlight bounced from his stolen goods. He awed at the beauty of his latest acquisitions.

"The life of a tomb robber couldn't be more perfect." He kicked back in the not-so-sturdy chair, "I am truly the bandit king! Not a thief in this entire kingdom could top me! Hahahaha!" His laughter echoed out of his window and ricocheted through the empty streets of Kuru Eluna.


Priest Seto laid his cousin down on his elegant bed, "Get some sleep, my Pharaoh. I wouldn't want for you to pass out during the day." He bowed respectively, "Sweet dreams, my Pharaoh." He spun on his heels, his large, white cape flowing out behind him. As he made his way to the doorway, a taunting voice called out to him.

"That's it? Are you sure that you don't want to say anything else?" It was Yami.

Seto turned around quickly, taken aback by his dear cousins words, "What, my Pharaoh?" His words dripped with the shock in which he felt. "My Lord, out of all the times I have put you down to rest, you have NEVER asked such an absurd question!" His eyes were opened wide and his thin eyebrows were turned up in great turmoil.

"Seto, Seto, Seto......" The Pharaoh sat up as he waved a slender finger at the Priest. "Tell me. Isn't there something that you have longed to tell me, but have been afraid to do so? Anything at all?" He tilted his head like a curious puppy would.

Seto took a small step back and looked to the side. He bit his lower lip and sweat beaded between his sapphire eyes. He was hesitating to answer a rather simple question, "Well," He began, "I do suppose that there is ONE thing I've somewhat held inside of me....."

Yami's eyes shimmered, "Seto, my dear cousin, do tell what it is that you have so long kept inside." The excitement showed in his expression.

The Priest fidgeted nervously, "Um...well you see, my Pharaoh, when you walk, you sort of bounce." He looked to the Pharaoh to ensure that he had not insulted him.

Yami rolled his violet eyes in utter disappointment, "Yes, alright then. I suppose I'll take that as constructive criticism, yes?" He sighed as Seto smiled, "Well Seto, that will be all then. You may leave now." He waved his hand to dismiss the pleased boy. When he was sure that the priest was out of the range of hearing, he spoke quietly to himself, "Am I not good enough for him? Is it because I'm his cousin? Or perhaps because I am the Pharaoh.....Or maybe he doesn't go for men." He yawned and rested his head on his pillow. He would sleep on the subject, for now.


Priest Seto placed his head ornament on a small night stand by his bed, "I hope that the Pharaoh gets over this little phase soon. I can't stand it knowing that he is in love with me." He sat on his bed and gripped his brown hair, "He wants me to love him as well, but he is a male, and my cousin at that! I could never have such a relationship. It would be unheard of! Obscene even! Being a priest, it would be absolutely despicable if I were to even lay a hand on the Pharaoh!" He sighed heavily, "Perhaps Akunadin**** would know what I should do..." He removed what was left of his clothing (except for his pants, mind you) and laid down to sleep.


*cousin-In the manga, you learn that Yami's father was the brother of Seto's father, therefore making Yami and Seto cousins.

**Shrines-These shrines appear only in the video game "Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories" and do not actually ever appear in the show or manga. Play the game to learn more about the shrines and their purposes.

***King Amukanukanon-The name of Yami's father. I may not have spelled it correctly, so the spelling may change in later chapters.

****Akunadin-Priest Seto's father. Also a Priest. He supposedly died 15 years ago in the battle in Kuru Eluna. What really happened is that he gained the dark spirit of the Millennium Eye that he acquired. Unfortunately, Seto does not learn that Akunadin is his father until the battle in the tomb, which occurs MUCH later.


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