Synopsis: A demon out to destroy the charmed ones, uses gemstones to trap powerful beings (demons, witches, whitelighters etc...) in which he then wears around his neck so he can channel their powers to use as his own. Takes place in between `The Sleepy Halliwell' and `I Dream Of Phoebe'


A young woman ran down the alley. She stopped as she came to a dead-end and doubled over in an attempt to catch her breath. She looked over her shoulder in terror as she heard a deep laugh and she turned to face her purser.

"You can't run from me witch!" a man dressed entirely in black sneered, "Your heart is mine!"

As he said this he held his hand out in front of him and very slowly and deliberately curled his fingers in to make a fist. As he did this the young woman clutched her chest and began to gasp in pain. The man, now revealed to be a demon, stepped towards the witch and plunged his hand into her chest, effectively stopping her heart. The witch let out one more gasp and then her eyes glazed over and she slumped forward...dead.

The demon quickly removed his hand from her chest as he heard clapping echoing around the empty alleyway. He turned round to see a dark figure secluded in the shadows.

A man with dark hair just turning grey and dark, almost black eyes, emerged from the shadows; he too was dressed entirely in black.

"Impressive! That is quite a power you have there." The man said, as he stopped clapping

"Who are you?" The demon asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

"I am Garentax..." the man replied, "and I want your power!"

"Just try it!" Said the demon, as he prepared to use his power against the older demon.

An evil grin spread across Garentax's face, "Gladly!"

Suddenly a beam of red light shone out from Garentax's hand and enveloped the demon... The demon disappeared and Garentax stood grinning and holding a red gemstone in his hand.

"Thank you my friend!" Garentax said, looking closely at the gemstone.

There inside the gemstone was trapped the demon...alive.

Garentax laughed evilly and put the gemstone round his neck on a piece of cord and shimmered out, leaving the alleyway empty save for the dead witch.

End of Teaser