Well this is it guys...the final part of gemstones! I can't believe I've finished a story (now if I could only finish my other ones!).......you know I haven't even seen the episode Phoebe finds out about Chris because I'm British (last ep I watched was 'Prince Charmed' I think it's called).

Anyway for those who wonder how Piper and Leo find out about Chris....you'll have to wait longer cos it doesn't happen in this story

Part 10

Chris half collapsed and Phoebe helped to guide him to the ground.

"Are you ok?" she asked, worry tinged her voice.

Chris nodded weakly, "Yeah, just a bit drained!"

"Must have been the gemstone, "Phoebe said, helping him back to his feet, "feeding your powers through to another person has made you physically exhausted!" At that moment two soft groans could be heard, as Paige and Piper finally regained consciousness and picked themselves up slowly from the ground.

"What we miss!" Paige asked, seeing Phoebe holding up a rather unsteady Chris.

"Oh only Garentax being vanquished and Chrissy here being freed from his crystal prison!" Phoebe replied happily.

Chris shot a glare at Phoebe, "Don't call me Chrissy!"

"Oh!" Piper said, sounding slightly disappointed, "Well I guess we can go home now!"

As she said this Paige grabbed her hand and the two of them orbed out of the cavern, leaving Chris and Phoebe alone.

*They could've made sure I could orb first!* Chris though glumly.

"You know I'm gonna miss all those active powers!" Phoebe said suddenly.

"Ah ha," Chris said unenthusiastically, "Let's just keep the ones they didn't see a secret shall we?" he added.

*Urgh! More secrets!* Phoebe thought to herself "I hope you know I'm not exactly the world's greatest keeper of secrets!" she said to Chris.

"You've been doing a good enough job so far!" he replied.

"Oh but that last power was a real kick ass one!" she said, "What was it anyway...I've never seen anything like it before!"

"I'm not entirely sure ok!" he replied, wishing that Phoebe had never had to use it, "it's some type of mental power...I don't even think there's a name for it...all I know is you send intense thoughts of pain!"

"Still say it was cool!"

"Phoebe!" Chris groaned as he grabbed her arm and orbed them back to the manor.

A little while later everyone was safely back at the manor and Chris had regained most of his strength.

The sisters and Leo stood in front of Chris and Piper and Leo were not happy with the young witch-whitelighter.

"What did we say about keeping things from us Chris?" Piper said, trying to keep her tone calm.

"Only do it in emergencies?" Chris replied, quickly.

"Don't get smart with me young man!" Piper snapped, and Chris averted his eyes to the ground.

"Phoebe could've been killed because you didn't tell us what powers you have!" Leo injected, angry that one of the girls had got hurt.

Chris' green eyes blazed in fury, as Leo tried to lecture him; how dare he! "Well how was I suppose to know he would use mine to try and kill you guys!" he snapped, glaring at Leo.

"You should've thought!" Piper said, with a similar glare, "I mean you have all this future knowledge and from what I can gather quite a few active powers and you didn't think someone would use them to kill us!" With each word Piper's voice rose louder and Chris' head got lower. "Come one guys! I mean I'm alive and well and Chris did technically save the day!" Phoebe spoke up, trying to defend her future nephew.

"No Phoebe, you saved the day not him!" Leo snapped.

Piper, however, seemed to soften at what Phoebe said but then her anger came back in full force, "That's not the point Phoebe! He lied to us...again!"

"Why don't you just tell us your powers now then?" Paige finally spoke up.

"You saw them, you work it out!" Chris snapped angrily he felt like they were ganging up on him again.

"On top of orbing, sensing and telekinesis you also have astral projection, some form of explosive power and Garentax orbed a knife while he was using your powers!" Leo said, getting angry again when he remembered what Garentax did with the knife.

"And freezing, don't forget freezing!" Piper added, "Can you tell me why I didn't freeze?" she asked Chris.

"I...I don't know!" Chris mumbled helplessly, he really didn't want to tell Piper who he really was yet, and he certainly didn't what Leo knowing.

"Chris, this is getting ridiculous!" Piper yelled, throwing her hands up. Chris instinctively ducked, expecting the explosion that never came. "You have to stop lying to us...now is there anything else that you're keeping from us?" she asked.

Chris ignored the look Phoebe sent him, "No...as I keep saying there are things I just can't tell you."

"If it could affect or does affect us, then you need to tell us...ok?" Piper huffed.

"No more lying, be straight with us!" Leo added, "I've gotta go!" he said as jingling sounded around the room.

"Ok...bye," Piper said, still slightly angry.

"Bye Leo!" Paige and Phoebe chorused. Chris remained quiet and still had his head lowered slightly.

Piper took one last look at Chris, shook her head and then left to go into the kitchen, at the same time Leo orbed 'Up There'.

"I have to go to work...we'll talk later!" Phoebe said the last part she whispered to Chris.

When Phoebe was gone Chris sighed and without looking up began to orb out. However, a hand on his arm prevented him from doing so.

"You're keeping something from us!" Paige said matter-of-factly, as she stopped him orbing.

"What! I'm not!" Chris said, fidgeting under Paige's scrutiny.

"You know why Piper didn't freeze!" she continued, ignoring his denial, "Leo even said it earlier but he dismissed it!"

*He would!* Chris thought darkly, "Is there a point to this Paige?"

"Piper didn't freeze because you have her actual power!" she concluded.

Chris sighed but otherwise remained silent.

"Silence usually means yes," Paige said, "the question is did you inherit the power because we're related or did..." she pulled a face, "do you steal it in the future?"

Chris' eyes narrowed, "I did not steal it!" he cried.

"Then you inherited it...so you're..."

"Piper's second son!" Chris finished for her, annoyed at himself for being found out...again.

"Really?" Paige asked shocked, she hadn't expected him to be Piper's, "You mean Piper and Leo get back together!" she said happily, lowering her voice slightly.

"Well they were never really separated in the future," Chris answered, coming to terms with the fact that it was his fault his parents weren't together now. "But I hope they do because otherwise I'm in big trouble!"

[THE END...for now]