A STORY OF A PRINCESS THE moon hung in the sky, yellow and bright. In the little village of Ameton, a story was told to girls of 16 in age for generations and generations. IN the 5th of January, snow cracked through the lax clouds, and as softly, it hit the unawake street. IN the carriage with the flame going, princess Jess sat quietly holding the only souvenir from her empire father, a white jade bunny. Jess desperately wanted to escape, but where on earth could she go besides the castle she had lived for 16years? How could she live without her father? And how could she smooth the upcoming war between the country of her father and my bridegroom's? Tears, like boiling water poured over her cheek. Her great- grandma's consoles recollect in her mind. "POOR cat, don't blame your father for betroth you to a foreign country, he has his burden that you can never feel. As an empire, he rules the world, but in another way of saying it, the world also controls him. To keep this country peace, your father can sacrifice anything, including you, his beloved daughter. THE old woman's eyes shone red. "ALSO as a princes you are too, responsible for this country's peace." THE woman wiped gently Jess's tears. "BUT will that really help the war?" "And what if a war was fought between the country of my husband and my father? Which side should I stand for? Jess queried. "ANY of your choice between them will be right." She took a sip of tea and waved for the servants to retreat. "THEN I'll be split in half, how I'm suppose to manage that?" Jess looked puzzled. "POOR cat, but listen, when you grow more older you will learn that as a woman you are responsible to serve not only your husband, also you children and your parents, you are actually split in to many pieces but you just can't give on for your self." The old face shone in her mind and vanished. PRINCESS Jess realized the horse was slowing down, a cold breeze shocked the flame and with the coldness it died out. "Princess, we are arriving, it's time to meet the king of Britainy. The servant girl embraced her as she got down the carriage. On the white snow where she landed her leather boots, she felt the welcome of the new land. Every thing in her sight was so new and fresh now. With out looking back she sat her footsteps bravely into the king's castle.
FIVE years later a war began. Before any blood of her beloved husband and father was given in, she let herself die in front of the white jade bunny.