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This can be taken as Heero's view while thinking of Relena. Comments would be nice, please.

While You Were Sleeping

I've watched you lying there in shadows
Caressing the contours of your face.

Light recedes at more defined angles
Bending your brow to a sigh
Reflecting your innocent smile.

Why did you wake me to your dreams?

I did not need to see
I will not make believe its truth.

Can you hear me?


And there will be no more secrets
I have watched you sleep with eyes closed
Wanting so badly to kiss you.

But you answer me with darkness and dreams
While I keep my vigil.

Could I embrace this darkness
And release my fears?

Fall asleep in your arms...
Would you wake in my dreams?


I know you hear me
Confess in silence
My desires...
Lying in shadows

Caressing the contours of your face...
I tell myself it is...

Just a dream.

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