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Hook and Wendy – Loss of Innocence

Chapter Four: The Captain's Cabin

The Captain was most friendly when he led Wendy up to his cabin, but that did nothing to soothe her. She was afraid of what he was planning to do with her.

Naturally, she had heard from her mother, as soon as she was old enough and of a marriageable age, what it would be like to be with a man. Her mother had not been very specific, also because Wendy did not really wish to know what it exactly was her father had done to her mother to get her pregnant. She had a lively imagination and really had no wish to picture her parents in such a situation.

She now wondered if it perhaps would not have been wiser to ask her mother a bit more, just to know where her strange and confusing feelings came from.

She watched, rather more stared, as the Captain lazily took off his blood- stained coat and shirt, to reveal his chest. Wendy had never seen anything quite like it; she had never seen her father like this, and her brothers only when they had been much younger. Captain Hook was a man, a grown-up man, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. It was clear to Wendy his body was used to hard labour.

What caught most of Wendy's attention was a strange, leather contraption the Captain wore, which appeared to keep his infamous hook in place. Somehow, she found it exciting to watch, especially the way in which it dug slightly into his skin as he moved.

Much to Wendy's regret, the Captain took the contraption off, and let Smee clean his upper body. Wendy shuddered slightly at the sight of the stump, in which place should have been his right hand.

Soon, the Captain was dried up and dressed again, and Smee left. The Captain languidly approached Wendy, screwing his hook back in position.

"My dear Wendy," the Captain said, looking at her for the first time since she had entered the cabin with him. "Smee is now making dinner, and I wanted to talk a few things over with you."

He paused for a moment, apparently considering. "You see," he went on again, his eyes fixed on Wendy's face. "There will be a few rules I would like you to keep yourself to. Number one: no trying to send any messages, in whichever way possible, to any of your friends, anywhere. Number two: no attempting to escape from this ship. Number three: total obedience. You are at my mercy, dear Wendy, and you will be so until I let you go, and only when I see it fit to let you go."

Wendy stared at the Captain's face, which did not seem to display any emotion. She could only nod.

"Very well," the Captain said, and he turned as someone opened the door. "Ah, it is Smee, bringing us dinner." He motioned Wendy to come to the table, which was laden with all sorts of delightful food. Under any circumstance, Wendy would have been pleased at the sight of such a table, but on that moment, she was not in the least hungry.

Still, to please the Captain, she sat down on the chair he offered her and took some of the lobster that stood before her.

They ate for some time in silence, Wendy watching the Captain more than anything else. When he had finished his plate, he ordered Smee to clear away the rest, as he had apparently noticed Wendy wouldn't be eating any more.

He led Wendy to his bed, and sat her down on it.

"Dear Wendy," he said, taking one of her hands in his. "Dear, dear Wendy. You are going to have to listen to me very carefully to know what I want you to do next."

But Wendy was hardly listening anymore; it had been a terribly long day, full of exciting moments, and she was very tired. The food and the calm warmth of the cabin had made her extra sleepy, and only when she sat on the bed, she realised she wanted nothing better than to curl up and doze away.

The Captain watched in astonishment as Wendy first skilfully stifled a yawn, then crawled slightly closer to him, so she could lean her head on his shoulder. At first, he was pleased with this development, as it would make it all much easier for him. But then he noticed she was nearly asleep.

This irritated and infuriated him, and he trembled a little with rage, until he realised she had closed her arms around him. He was very surprised, and thought she had not entirely denied him. She was merely very tired, and something in the Captain broke.

He looked down on her face, which was now entirely relaxed. He had difficulty finding a way to put his arms around her without making her uncomfortable. He cursed his hook and decided to rest his right arm only slightly around her shoulder, whereas he reached the small of Wendy's back with his hand.

For perhaps half an hour he sat in this manner, feeling as peaceful as he could not remember feeling before, until he knew Wendy was fast asleep.

He lifted her off the bed, and ordered Smee to pull the sheets away, so he could put Wendy back on the bed and cover her. For a moment he looked at her nightgown, then asked Smee to make Wendy a dress.

The Captain sat down in a chair beside the bed, watching Wendy until he had lost track of time. Several times he had risen from his chair to hover over her, to watch her more closely. She remained the same, although she sometimes shifted in her sleep.

In the middle of the night, the Captain caught himself dozing off, and he had to rub his eyes with his hand to assure himself that Wendy was still in the bed before him. After dozing off and waking perhaps five times subsequently in one hour, the Captain decided it was time for him to turn in as well.

He unscrewed his hook, fidgeted with his shirt for a moment, then pulled it off, and single-handedly unbuttoned his trousers. He let them fall down to his ankles and stepped out if them, never caring to pick them up.

It was an odd thing to do, to step between the sheets while Wendy was sleeping, but he was far too tired to be troubled by it. She was warm and a comforting presence, and it did not take him long to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When Wendy woke up the next morning, a soft light played through the stained-glass windows of the cabin. She was a little dizzy for a moment, then realised where she was and how she had gotten there. She tried to sit up a little and could not, because the Captain had wrapped his arms around her in his sleep.

At first, Wendy was shocked at the fact that he had crept into the bed with her, but then she looked at his features, and she forgot all about her shame.

His face looked very peaceful, carefree, and innocent almost. It was completely relaxed and his mouth hung a little open. His luxurious hair lay spread across the pillow, and one curly strand hid a part of his face. Wendy softly touched the hair on the pillow, taking care not to wake the Captain.

Only then she noticed the Captain was hardly wearing anything. This realisation not only made her stomach come alive with fairy flutter again, she now also felt a strange sensation a little more down. She gulped, and slowly reached out to touch the Captain's bare chest.

Quickly, and entirely unexpectedly, the Captain caught her wrist. He stared at her face for a few seconds, then released her again.

"Sorry, my dear Wendy," he said, his voice low and hoarse. "I did by no means wish to scare you. It was a natural reflex of mine." He touched her wrist softly, as if apologising. He looked her in the eyes, trying to invite her to touch him again. She sensed this, and tenderly lay her hand on his chest.

He shuddered at her touch, and she looked at his face, her eyes wide open, experiencing emotions she had never felt before.

"Go on," he said, reaching for her other hand, but she was quicker in the uptake than he had thought and put it right next to her first. He smiled and stroked her hair out of her face.

Wendy marvelled at the touch of the Captain's skin. It was warm, not as soft as her own, and she could feel his heart beating, if she sensed carefully, under her right hand. The Captain had put his hand in her neck, drawing her closer and closer, until she was so close to him, she could see the stubble very clearly, every tiny hair separately.

"My Wendy," he said softly, and then, quite unexpectedly, kissed her. Wendy was so surprised she let him, and he slipped his tongue into her mouth, which unsettled her a little. She drew back, and the Captain looked irritated. Wendy looked at him questioningly. He sighed.

"Never done any kissing, I suppose, my Wendy?" he asked her. She shook her head. "Then let's try again," the Captain said, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

He pulled her up close again, and she watched from between her lashes, her eyes nearly closed, as he closed his eyes and moved nearer as well. She consciously sensed his lips touching hers, then parting them, and his tongue slipped into her mouth again.

Slowly, she started to realise how it worked, and responded by twisting her tongue into his mouth. He made a small sound in his throat, but did not stop kissing her in the least. Suddenly, she realised his hand was touching her on very intimate places, places which her father would have found inappropriate for any man to touch on her. Somehow, she did not mind the Captain's touch in the least.

Quite on the contrary, she noticed her body respond automatically, as he reached down, under the sheets, and pulled up her nightgown. It was as if she was a hundred times more conscious of her body than usual, and she felt every single time he touched her skin only briefly as intense as if she was somehow focussing every nerve under her skin on that one touch.

The Captain made her sit up, and he pulled the nightgown over her head. Wendy felt very vulnerable, she was completely naked, but she felt a pleasant, throbbing sensation in her lower body.

The Captain's eyes went over her body, possibly in the same way as hers went over his; exploring, marvelling, taking in every inch of exposed skin. Wendy had to restrain herself from drawing the sheets over her, as she knew that would probably irritate the Captain.

An odd, greedy look had appeared on the Captain's features, and it made Wendy a little frightened. All in a sudden, she was reminded of the fact that she was his prisoner, and he could very well do with her what he wanted to.

The Captain fidgeted with some cloth under the sheets, then pulled it away. It appeared to have been his pants. The greedy look grew more pronounced, and Wendy could also see something else there, but she wasn't certain what exactly; later, she would know it had been lust.

The Captain took her right hand again, but instead of putting it on his chest again, he drew back the sheets a little to expose something Wendy had never set eyes on before, and there it was, larger than life, and her eyes widened at the sight of it.

"Don't be afraid," the Captain chuckled. "It may look scary now, but wait with your assessment until we have finished." Wendy gulped.

The Captain put her hand on his large, hard manhood. Wendy felt a little clumsy, and he kept his hand on hers, making her hand slide up and down the length of it.

"Is it supposed to be like this?" Wendy ventured to ask. The Captain made an odd noise, somewhere between a moan, a snort and a chuckle.

"Of course not, my silly Wendy," he said, his eyes closed, as he continued to steer her hand. "It is now like this because I am aroused."

"You are what?"

The Captain opened his eyes and released her hand. "Do you not feel it?" he asked.

"I do not know –" but Wendy never got the chance to finish the sentence; the Captain made an odd half jump and pushed her backwards on the bed. She looked up at his face, and then down, at her most private area, where she felt some part of the Captain tease her.

"Wendy, look me in the eye and tell me; have you been with a man before?" the Captain asked her, his glare intense.

"No, no, I am not married, how could I have been?" Wendy answered, confused.

"Very well," the Captain said, spreading her legs slightly by putting his feet between hers. "This is going to hurt at first, but I promise I will go gentle, so you may enjoy some of it as well."

Wendy felt a sudden surge of fear, leaping up from her stomach, but it was too late to stop the Captain, and she did not want to think of the consequences of such an action. The Captain tilted her hips slightly with the force of his hand, resting on his elbow of his right arm.

He slipped into her. Very deeply into her, and it hurt so much, Wendy wanted to scream. Instead, she found the Captain kissing her more passionately than ever before. "Do not scream, Wendy; I promise it will be over," he whispered into her ear.

He thrust a few times harshly, and pain seared through Wendy's body and made her gasp. The Captain continued kissing her, as if he tried to lighten the pain, then stopped thrusting. "The worst must now be over," he told her breathlessly, his face in her hair. He straightened up a little, and delicately brushed away Wendy's tears with his stump. Wendy found this so tender and endearing, she forgot about the pain for a moment.

When he started thrusting again, he was indeed not as harsh as before. It still hurt, but somehow Wendy found the opportunity to pay attention to other things. She noticed the Captain's breath catching up in the rhythm of his thrusts, and when she reached up to touch his chest again, it was sweaty and slightly sticky. She noticed she was very wet as well, also in the innermost part the Captain could reach of her. As his thrusts sped up, so increased her pleasure, and to her surprise, she felt a shudder of sheer delight going through her, coupled with an intense feeling in her lower regions.

The Captain chuckled a little as she arched her back and came; shortly after that, he came.

Afterwards, it would all seem a blur to Wendy; what had gone on exactly, she could not recall, but she knew for certain that she had found it pleasurable as soon as she had been able to forget about the pain.

The Captain lay beside her, looking at her face. Was she any different now? Much to his content, she was not. She was still very much the same Wendy, the Wendy he had seen, only three days ago. It seemed such a long time.

He looked at her, more intently. No, she was not the same Wendy! He looked closely, and saw she had already started to loose some of her naïve innocence. A pity it was gone, in a way, but irretrievable, and better still, taken by him.

He was her master, and she knew it. He could keep her his prisoner for ever.

The Captain's musings were brutally disturbed by some noises over head. Something was going on on deck, and he had to find out. He swung himself off the bed, quickly wormed himself into his harness again and pulled on his trousers. It was a shame to leave his Wendy like that, but his duty called. He rushed out of the cabin and slammed the door shut.

Wendy was left alone, and she thought over her deeds and what her father and mother would think of them. She cried quietly.