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Title: My Soul
Rating: PG
Paring: Haruka/Michiru
Spoilers: o_0 durrrrrrrr
Warnings: yuri, Slight OOC

This is both my first Sailor Moon and yuri fic so please go nice on me ^_^ Oh, it has enough fluff to rot all your teeth and a lot left over to choke a camel 10 times over *nods* The whole fic is in Haruka's POV. Its extremely short but sweet ^_^


Shes amazing, I've never met anyone like her in my whole life. Shes everything that I want to be, everything that I need. Her voice its just music to my ears, her eyes are like gems that I constantly get lost in, her hair is as beautiful as the ocean, her skin is as smooth as silk, her lips taste like the most expensive wine. People sometimes think that I'm lying when I talk about her like this, but I'm not. If anyone saw her through my eyes they wouldn't want to let her go.

She's so pure unlike me. My hands are stained with blood even though its the enemies yet hers remain clean and pure. Nothing could taint her. She's the reason for my existence, I know I go on about my destiny being a Sailor Scout but in truth without here with me I wouldn't exist. I was just placed here on this earth to make her happy, make her smile and wipe away the tears when she cries.

I love every moment that I spend with her, whether it be walking around town, making love to her or just holding her hand. But its times like now when we are laying in each others arms that I cherish the most. I'm not like those other people who say their lovers are the other half of their heart and soul. She -is- my heart and my soul.


I had a hard time starting that off... I hope you like it ^_^ I just really wanted to try something new from my usual writing.
~Yami Sango