'7... 7 Billion... 9... 9 Hundred Sixty... 962 Million... 624 Thousand... 234... 7 Billion, 962 Million, 624 Thousand, 235...'

He had floated in the dark void for what seemed an eternity. Time had no meaning as there were no passing of the sun, no rising of the moon.

'7 Billion, 962 Million, 624 Thousand, 236... 7 Billion, 962 Million...'

Seconds could have passed since his imprisonment or even centuries; it was impossible to tell for him, as the time in the world of light passed differently than time in the Dark Abyss.

'7 Billion... 962 Million...'

He could see nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing.


All he could do was count.

'... Darkness... What a loathsome companion this black world has become.'

The darkness itself, he was used to; the dark was his world since the day he was born, but now he could not even see the shadows that were his eternal companions, the reminders of his sins.

'7 Billion, 962 Million, 624 Thousand... And then... Next is...'

It was tedious, monotonous and unchanging. That is why, at first, he didn't notice the change in his dark prison. A point of light intruded upon his world and the searing pain of the light burned him. For the first time in a long time he felt and, even though it was pain, he rejoiced in the feeling.

'That's... Light... Yes...'

It had been so long, but he remembered the term.

'I remember now. The light. 7 Billion... 962 Million... 6 Hundred... 6 Hundred and twenty...'

He remembered the term and what it was associated with.

'Light... Light that illuminates the world... And... I... I...'

He also remembered his feelings about the light.


The point of light grew and began to illuminate his world.

'...My world is becomming brighter.'

He felt like he was rising out of the darkness. Even though it had been his prison, the dark was comforting, it was all he had.

'I definitely do not like the light. How long has it been?'

His mind struggled against the light, the rising, trying to keep to the darkness.

'How far did I count? 7,962,624,23... 7 wasn't it?'

He found himself in an alley in Gotham City. The name would mean nothing to him and he wasn't even aware of his surroundings just yet. He had long, black hair, wore a black trench coat, a black shirt, black pants and black boots. He stood just over six feet tall and had an light physical build and yet he seemed very imposing. He gave off an air, an aura of sorrow, pain and anger. He was so engrossed in his thoughts he didn't notice the two behind him. One was tall, wearing black armour and a mask; his name was Slade, a genious and tactical master. The other was a teen girl, with a pale face, wearing a dark coloured dress, she had violet hair and eyes; her name was Jinx and she was breathing heavily due to the sheer amount of power she used to free the one trapped in the darkness. Her powers, to inflict misfortune upon others, had worked in that bringing this one into the light would be a curse upon the world and himself.

"Your services are no longer required." Slade said to Jinx.

Jinx limped away, exhausted. She glanced back to glare at Slade; was there, perhaps, resentment in her eyes? The prisoner of the dark was not paying attention to the exchange, he was gazing into the sky at the stars.

"You're a very hard man to track, Mister Crow." Slade said in toneless voice.

'Crow? Yes... my name... Morgan Crow.'

He did not attribute the voice to a living person, he was confused and tired. Even the light of the stars inflicted pain upon him.

'Where am I? Am I alive? No! This is an illusion! I died... I have to count. What did I count up to? I... I know that I died there!'

A memory; he saw others trapped in his darkness, his power. Their physical bodies covered in darkness, only silhouettes. But then, from within the dark, a man dressed in black lept out and struck him, threw down something and light had exploded in the area. Yes... he remembered the searing light. And then, the green one with glowing eyes... did something to him and he sank into the darkness, into his prison, into what he thought of as death.

"The light... Fake... False... Only the dark is real." Morgan Crow said for the first time aloud.

"So am I then but another of your shadows?" Slade asked.

Crow turned and seemed to see for the first time where he was.

"I was... imprisoned... You... how did you?" Crow asked.

"I admit mysticism is not my forte, but I do have... connections."

"What do you want?"

"Straight to the point... Good. I've found someone that may be of interest to you." Slade said.

"Who could possibly be of interest to me?" Crow glowered.

Slade tossed Crow a photo. Upon it was a teen girl with dark hair and pale skin.

"She is a child of the dark... like you." Slade said.

"Like... me? I am alone." Crow snorted, disbelieving.

"She would say the same. her name is Raven and I can introduce you to her... if your interested. I only ask that you do me... a few favors." Slade said, extending his hand for Crow to shake upon it.

Crow hesitated, looking at Slade's hand. Then he took Slade's hand and shook it.

"What do I need to do?" He asked.

"All in good time, Morgan Crow. All in good time.


The Teen Titans tower, a refuge of justice, a supporter of good and right now a haven of chaos. In the lounge, where there was a large couch and mega wide screen T.V. the superhero group, the Teen Titans were relaxing for a time. The changeling, the teen of many forms, BeastBoy and the human-machine hybrid called Cyborg were in deep conversation, almost an argument as to what to watch for movies that night. Robin, their leader and the famed Dark Knight's protoge, watched the two argue. The dark and dour sorceress, Raven, sat in a distanced corner seemingly engrossed in a book. It was imperceptible, but every so often she would look up from her book and observe the argument between BeastBoy and Cyborg. Starfire, the energetic alien princess, had just entered the room, she carried a tray of food. Not human food to be sure, something she had created for this evening.

"Friends, I have just finished making narfblatz for our evening of potatoeing the couch." She said joyously.

BeastBoy and Cyborg ceased their argument and looked up at Starfire. BeastBoy scrambled over to her and picked one of the confections off the plate.

"Cool." He said, poping the food into his mouth. "Mmmmm... kinda crunchy."

"Uh... Star, what's a narfblatz?" Cyborg asked eying the food supiciously.

"Narfblatz are a delicacy on my planet. I could not find any of the usual insectoids my people use for their creation, but I did find these cute black insectoids moving around the kitchen." She said with a innocent smile.

BeastBoy became more green than he already was, ran for a trash can and vomited violently. Cyborg looked at the thing in his hand and put it back onto Starfire's plate.

"Is there something wrong, Cyborg?" She asked.

"Oh no, nothing's wrong. I'm just... uh... not hungry right now." He said nervously.

"Would you like to partake of this scruptious confections, friend Raven?" Starfire offered.

"I'm fine." Raven replied in a monotone voice, not even looking up from her book.

"Robin, would you like some?"

"No thanks. Put it in the fridge, we can always have some later." Robin said, diplomatically. "So what did you guys decide to watch?"

"Well, I have dug up one of the great science-fiction classics. Tonight, my friends, we're going to watch... STAR WARS EPISODE 4 SPECIAL EDITION!" Cyborg said, a huge grin on his face.

BeastBoy raised his head from the garbage can and stared open mouthed at Cyborg. He zipped in front of the great machine-man holding a DVD of his own.

"Actually, we'll be watching the greatest movie of all time: Jurassic Park." BeastBoy smiled from ear to ear.

"What?" Cyborg asked in shock. "Who'd want to watch a movie about some stupid lizards?"

"I would." BB replied. "Who'd want to watch some outdated B movie about some jedi?"

"Outdated? It's a classic, ya stupid lizard."

"Oh yeah? Ya wanna go Darth Cyborg?"

"Anytime, ya stinkosaurus."

"Did you have no suggestions for our entertainment, Robin?" Starfire asked.

"Well, I would have asked for a mystery movie, but I always figure out who did it before the movie's over. What about you?" Robin laughed at BB and Cyborg's arguing.

"Oh I am just glad to be doing the hanging out with my very dear friends." Starfire smiled. "What about you friend Ra..ven?

Raven was standing, her book fallen to her side. BeastBoy and Cyborg stopped fighting and looked over at her. Raven was staring beyond them, beyond the tv out into the starry sky.

"Uh... Raven, you okay?" BeastBoy asked, approaching her.

Raven looked at him and glared. BeastBoy turned white, his eyes wide. Raven looked up to the cealing, a black portal formed and she floated up and through it.

"Dude... that was so cold." BeastBoy said turning around, shivering.

"Well, that was weird." Cyborg said staring up at the cealingwhere she had disapeared.

"Yeah, no snide comments or sarcasm... Ya think something's up?" BeastBoy said.

"I hope it is nothing I said..." Starfire said, worried.

"Its probably nothing. If she wants to talk about it, she will. Lets just give her some space." Robin said.

On the top of Titans Tower, Raven stood looking out to sea. Something had changed in the air, something small, so small that it almost went unoticed. She could hear a crow cawing in the distance. Something was out there, calling to her.