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The Start of Something Special

Chapter One: Day Dreams

Time and time again I told myself it would never happen, but I refused to believe it. Why did it have to be so complicated, why couldn't it be like a simple math question were you can work out the answer on paper. But it wasn't, it was far more complicated than that. I loved it, but at the same time I hated it. I loved the feeling it gave me whenever he was around and I hated the aching pain that surrounded my heart when I knew he would never be mine. I seemed to float rather than walk, and babble rather than talk. I cried at night and drowned myself in my sorrows. Yet whenever he asked was anything wrong, I'd always answer the same old reply, 'no everything's fine'. I knew I should have told him, but I didn't see the point. He would never want me, but that was years ago. He probably never even thinks about me anymore.

I guess by now you're wondering who I am. Well I'll tell you. I'm Hermione Granger. Aged nineteen and a half. I bet you want to know who I'm rambling on about as well. I can trust you, I mean you wont say anything will you? I didn't think so. Anyway, its Harry. Harry Potter, best friend of Hermione Granger and nothing more. I knew I shouldn't still be thinking about him, but I cant help it. What's grown inside of me, has been there for the past four years and I'm afraid in that time, it has only gotten bigger.

After we graduated from Hogwarts, Harry and Ron bought a flat together, they asked if I wanted to move in, but I declined the offer. If I had of moved in I knew I would have done something stupid. But ever since Ron had started going out with Lavender at the end of seventh year, the only person who was in the flat was Harry. He had offered me the spare room to move into because Ron was moving out next week, but I still hadn't got back to him on my reply. I was trying to figure out my feelings before I gave him my answer, and I thought I had finally decided but then something Harry once said to me was making me think some more. He had said to me on the last day of Hogwarts 'Remember Mione, I'm always here for you, if you ever want to talk, or just say hi, just come and find me, you know were I am' and then he walked of with Ron. Maybe if I did tell him, he would understand and maybe he wouldn't mind, even if he didn't feel the same way. But who am I to say I know what Harry feels, only he knows.

Somehow, I managed to drag myself out of my thoughts and carry on with the house work. Since my mum and dad were both out, I had the responsibility of keeping the house clean. I finished hovering the bedrooms and walked downstairs. I put the hover back into the cupboard and walked into the kitchen to get a drink. As I took a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge, I looked at the calendar hanging on the wall. Tomorrow was my birthday. I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I had completely forgotten. I didn't really care though. My mum and dad were going away on a business trip tonight, so they had already given me my present. A special locket, that whenever it was opened, it showed the picture of the person you loved. I didn't need a locket to tell me that, but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it anyway. I was right, inside was a picture of Harry smiling up at me.

As I finished my drink, the letter box rattled as the sound of the morning mail came though. I placed my glass in the sink and walked over to pick up the mail. I looked through them one by one. Bill, bill, bill, letter from Harry, bill. Wait, I told myself go back one. It was a letter from Harry, I wonder why he was using the normal post, maybe he didn't want Hedwig to get seen. I placed the other letters on the table and opened the one from Harry. I unfolded it and read it aloud to myself.

'Hi Mione!

Hope you and your family are o.k.! Remember I said Rona was moving out next week?, well I was wrong, he moved out this morning and into Lavender's flat. So I was wondering have you got an answer for me yet? I really hope you'll say yes Mione! I miss you more than you'll ever know. Anyway, I know its not your birthday until tomorrow, but I sent you an early birthday present, and you'll get your real present of me tomorrow. If you look inside the envelope there is a little black bag, take it out and open it.'

I did as the letter said, and sure enough inside the envelope was a little black bag. I took it out and opened it. Before taking out what was inside it, I went back to the letter.

'Inside the black bag you will find a silver charm bracelet. Each charm is a reminder of our Hogwarts years. I know how much you miss it, so I thought this might cheer you up a bit! Anyway, back to the bracelet. There are seven charms in total. There is one of me you and Ron, one of the philosophers stone, one of a pipe, from second year, when you told us how to defeat the basilisk, one of Buckbeak from third year and finally one of the Hogwarts castle. This way whenever you feel upset or lonely you only have to look at this bracelet to remember all the good times we had together and that there are more to come. I'm talking to much now aren't I? Oh well, I hope to hear from you soon Mione about your decision.

Love you loads


P.S. If you stop by tomorrow I can give you your birthday present! Hope to see you then! Bye!'

I folded the letter up and placed it on the table with the envelope. I took the bracelet out of the black bag and looked at it. It was beautiful. I put it on straight away, and looked at all the different charms. It was beyond describable it was that amazing. I smiled to myself, only Harry would think to do something like that. After reading that letter, I decided to move in with Harry after all, and who knew, maybe I would be able to tell him within time.

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