SaiyanWarrior200: "Hey there you guys seemed to like my first fic so, I'm going to have this story as in different point of view. First half is kaiba thinking about his relationship with tea and the second half is tea and her romance with seto. So without any further ado let's begin.

(Seto's POV)

She was always there for me, she cared for me when no one else would for so long I had loved her wanting to hold her in my arms, feel the taste of her lips. She saw inside me the person I used to be when I was a child.

At first I thought she loved me for my money but she wasn't like most girls like mai who used her charms on that foolish wheeler and usually in it for money. She was my angel and I'd do anything to have her in my arms. I couldn't believe it myself when I fell in love with her as I thought of her as some foolish girl who didn't know the world can be so cruel to her. Yet, unexpectedly I kept dreaming about her thinking about doing things to her I shouldn't be thinking about.

About, a month after battle city I found her crying. She told me that her boyfriend had broken up with her. So, I tried to comfort her anyway I could which I come to know why she always cared for her friends and even for me. We at times would cuddle next to each other as she revealed who I was.

At the school dance we had, I asked her to dance which surprised her friends especially wheeler. She accepted and we had a fun time and then she kissed me to my surprise. Tea, I will always love you and nothing will come between us.

(Tea's POV)

He wasn't like most guys who showed off their masculine to impress girls. I wondered way he was so cold at times until I knew who he really was. At first I thought I loved yami, but I was mistaken, it was him who I loved all along.

During his and yugi's duel at Duelist Kingdom where the winner would face Pegasus with a chance to save there loved ones. I realized kaiba would do anything to protect the person he cared about even sacrificing his own life to do so. I couldn't let yami use the Celtic Guardian to destroy his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and kill kaiba. Although I was wanting yugi to win part of me wanted to be with kaiba and I treated him harshly with his heartlessness.

After battle city, Yami broke up with me. I was heartbroken and I run into kaiba who cared for me. I began seeing who kaiba really was a good hearted person who had trouble expressing his feelings. At the dance we had I asked kaiba to dance, which thought Joey to ask me if I was on drugs. After the dance ended I kissed seto right in front of yami, and his date. Hey, revenge is sweet they say.

Now laying on top of him are bodies like two puzzle pieces connected. I know who I truly love and that nothing will keep us apart.