Gecko's, Chimps and Drag Queens

The One Where Adam Gets Turned Into A Gecko

Sanctuary was quiet today. Jesse was downloading/buying porn off Brennan's website (although he didn't know it at the time), Brennan was outwardly reading Keat's poetry, but in actual fact reading a 'Nude Babes in Bustiers' magazine and wondering what Shalimar was doing in it and Shalimar was chasing pigeons and squirrels in the back garden. Lexa was just hanging around, disappearing and reappearing and acting all mysterious about it, while secretly playing PacMan on her handheld. Adam was being boring and pretending to work on a cure in the lab.. secretly getting totally pissed in the process. Apparently science was more fun when he got that way.

Pretty much a standard day in Sanctuary really.

"OH SHIT!" Adam's voice howled over the comlink, followed by shattering noises and more intense and very graphic swearing. For an educated man, Adam seemed to know all the gutter language there was in various different languages.

Instantly the others raced into his lab to see the latest disaster that was Adam's supposed experiments. What they found was a mess indeed.. glass, metal and scotch were everywhere on the floor, amidst various underwear, plates with what used to be food on them and glasses with what could have been coffee but now resembled living organisms. Adam himself was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey Adam.. you in here?" Called Brennan. Jesse was picking up the underwear in total disgust. "What on earth..." He said, distastefully, holding the offending garment at arms length. Lexa leaned over, and then grabbed said underwear quickly, hiding it and going red with embarrassment. "A whim.. just a whim!" She said in response to the raised eyebrows. **I wondered where I left that!"***

"Guys! How'd you get so damn big!" Adam's voice could clearly be heard in the lab.. but the scientist was nowhere in sight. "Adam are you playing hide and seek again? Because if you are.." Started Jesse. "No I'm right here!" Adam sounded closer and they automatically looked closer. And began to laugh. "What!" Demanded Adam, peevishly. "Well... we haven't gotten bigger Adam.. you've gotten smaller!" Brennan said, wiping his eyes and trying to smother more laughter. "What do you mean, Brennan! Be more specific.. you never make any sense... always talking in riddles or that stupid 'street talk'..." Adam was really getting annoyed now, and everybody sobered up. "Well it's like this Adam... ahh... Lexa you tell him." Said Brennan, taking the cowards way out. Adam turned to Lexa, questioningly. "Well you're not so much smaller as ... well.. I think it looks very becoming... Shal. Tell him." Lexa too backed out, passing the buck to the feral. "Adam... you're a gecko." "WHAT!"