A Bad Day Gets Even Worse

The story so far…

Lexa likes Pacman, Shalimar features in porn magazines, and Brennan has a porn website.

Oh… and Adam is a gecko. Go Figure.

Adam was still a gecko, but he was trying to fix it. Really. But being a Gecko meant a reduced brain pan size and as time passed he was turning into a Gecko mentally too. There was no way in hell he was going to be able to fix it in time, so he needed someone to continue his work. So he had to turn to his team.

He surveyed them all in turn… thinking furiously.

Lexa….no she's too much of a backstabber.. god knows what she'd turn me into.

Jesse… no he's too much of a follow the leader type… he'd never come up with something on his own.

Brennan…street wise.. relatively loyal… probably the best candidate.

Shalimar… nope she's blonde.

His rational and well informed decision made, Adam ate a fly and then called Brennan in and told him the good news.

"You want me to what? How the hell am I supposed to do that!" Exploded Brennan.

"Well I'm going to enlarge your brain temporarily and download the entire science encyclopedia." Explained Adam, and ate another fly.

"Stop doing that! You're worse than Shalimar!" Said Brennan.

"Come on Brennan. You'll be smarter than Jesse!" Cajoled Adam. Brennan didn't look convinced.

"How much smarter?" He said eventually, arms folded across his chest.

"Way smarter. Smart enough to decrypt his encrypt on his firewalls of his VLAN which houses the wallpapers he made of Mutant X in the buff. And Shalimar's baby pictures."

That cinched it.

"Okay what do I do."

"Just sit down here… don't press anything though. Okay?" Brennan nodded, and sat down as indicated while Adam went to get Lexa to get him some dried flies for dinner.

Brennan sat and waited… and then got bored. Adam had been gone for so long… at least 20 seconds. His hand was itching… it wanted to press the button on the side. Brennan loved pressing buttons, even when it got him into trouble. It was great seeing the flashing lights.. and the explosions.. even the color of Adam's face which went through a variety of shades of red, purple and blue.

Another 20 seconds passed and Adam still hadn't come back. So Brennan sighed, and idly stretched out a hand and looking really innocent, pressed the button on the side.

"WHOOOOOOPP! BAZZA! ZING! POP! DING! RAZZA! TADDDDDDAAAA!" Brennan fizzled, fried, jumped, peed his pants and then rather unexpectedly turned into a chimpanzee.

"What the hell – Brennan is that you? Are you okay? Talk to me buddy." Jesse lifted Brennan the chimp out of the chair, sat down in it himself and sat the chimp on his lap.

"What have you done now… You are sooo gonna get it when Adam finds out!" Crowed Jesse, seeing that Brennan was okay.. sort of. It wasn't life threatening anyway.

Brennan in retaliation pressed the button for a second time and reduced Jesse to a chimpanzee too.

So now Mutant X consisted of one Feral, one Know It All, two chimpanzees and a gecko.

Things just couldn't get any worse could it. Actually yes… but that's another chapter.