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Chapter One: Hidden in the Sand

One fine summer's day, Miroku and his friends were walking down a sandy riverbank. They were searching for the scum of a youkai Naraku. Well, at least, that's what they thought of him.

"Stupid bastard. Where the hell are you?" Inuyasha thought as he ran down the bank with Kagome on his back. So, the six companions (yes, Kirara does count) walked, or jogged, or other such forward movement on the river's edge, when suddenly:

"Ow!" Miroku cried, clutching his now aching foot.

"Hey Miroku, what's wrong? Something in the sand bite your foot?" Inuyasha taunted.

"Hahaha. Real funny." Miroku stooped down to check out just exactly what had hurt his poor aching big toe so much, "I stubbed my toe."

"Would he just hurry up already. What the hell could he be looking for in the sand? C'mon Miroku, we haven't got all day. I wanna get to Naraku before Kouga does. He might get himself killed, and that's supposed to be MY job!" An angry Inuyasha said, just loudly enough so that Miroku would hear him. Searching through the sand, Miroku finally found it. He stood up, and pulled it out of the sand.

"What is it?" An ever-curious Kagome inquired at the strangely shaped object in Miroku's hand, "Looks like some sort of an old bottle. Is that what it is?"

"I'm not sure." Miroku replied, looking the bottle over.

"Don't open it!" Cried a frightened Shippou, " It might be some sort of trap that Naraku laid!" WHAP! Next thing he knew, Shippou had a huge lump on his head. Inuyasha was standing over him with his hands in tight fists:

"Don't be stupid. Naraku wouldn't set a trap in a bottle. Betrayal and conflict of feelings are more his style."

"He's right Shippou. This isn't something Naraku would set a trap in." Sango interrupted, taking the bottle from Miroku to inspect it, "Actually, I don't know what kind of idiot would throw away a nice bottle like this. It looks expensive." Miroku took the bottle away from Sango:

"I'll take that."

Inuyasha was getting impatient. What were they all standing around for?

"Nice one Miroku. A bottle. We could have killed Naraku by now. But no." Inuyasha stepped on Miroku's head "You had to slow us down and look for a stupid bottle!"

Standing up after his painful moment under Inuyasha's foot, Miroku quickly backed away from Inuyasha. In fact he backed right into Sango, and, seizing the opportunity, promptly 'caressed' her butt.

"HOUSHI-SAMA!" Sango yelled as she hit him on the head with a rock, "Don't touch me!" Miroku could just hear Kagome sigh as he comically fell on the ground and twitched the hand and the foot that were still sticking up in the air.

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