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Of Devils and Dragons

Italy, 1770s

Underneath the shade of a tree, Lady Bulma sat in the cool summer grass and read one of her most favorite romance novels. It told of a forlorn love; two star-crossed lovers, not meant to be together, but want to be together and leave the world behind. She loved these kinds of stories; for they were so forbidden and passionate you could almost feel their own hearts racing with the wind. That, and it told her a familiar story, one all her own.

"Mom! Mom!" the voice of her 5-year-old son pulled her from her fantasy. She laid her book on her dress as the boy eagerly ran up to her and into her arms.

"What is it, tesoro?"

"Mama, Goten wants to know if I can go sailing with him and his brother on his grandfather's new ship. Can I? Huh? Can I?" the boy asked, tugging on her blue dress.

She smiled at the boy's enthusiasm, seeing the eagerness sparkle in his innocent soft sapphire orbs. Then, feigning consideration, she put her finger to her chin, and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Hmmm…I don't know. What have you done to earn it Trunks?"

The eager look on his face fell, and he began to fumble around for something to say in response to her, just like she planned. She held back her laughter to wait and see what he would say.

"Uh…I, uh… I haven't uh…dropped water sacks on the front gate guards at all today!" he stated, rather proudly. Well, he had a point there, and she couldn't help but laugh. Trunks gave her an awkward look as if to say What? She yells at me when I'm bad, but then laughs at me when I'm good?

"Perdonami, il mio figlio. Of course you may go."

The little boy, kissed his mum on the cheek, then began to run off. Suddenly, the blue-haired mom thought of something.

"Trunks!" hearing his name, the boy stopped, then slowly turned on his heels giving her the 'what-is-it-now?' look.

"Yes mum?" he asked politely.

"Have you finished your lessons with your tutor today?"

Trunks cringed. "Umm, not…really…uh…no." His answer received a stern look from his mother.

"But I promise I will as soon as I get back, mama! Can't I please go?" He got no response, only 'the look' that disobedient children often receive from their parents, then a sigh.

"Trunks, I don't think I can let you go this time. This is the 10th time you've pulled this."

Actually, 15th was more accurate, but like he was going to remind her. He ran up to his mom, and putting on the best, most cute baby face he could muster, he begged once more.

"Pleeeease, mum, can't I go? I love you so much mama!"

She smiled at him. Perhaps there was something they could work out. After all, his love of the sea was in his blood. She couldn't withhold that from him.

"You can go…"


"If, you stay here, and make up your missed lesson with me."

He shot his mother a curious glance.

"Well, c'mon. Tell me what you're learning about."

Trunks looked back in the distance to the shoreline, then back to his mother. Sitting down beside her, he answered.


Perfect. She thought, the grinned slyly.

"Great. Then do I have a story for you…"

"Aw, c'mon mom! I'm not a baby anymore! You don't have to tell me those fairy kissy-kissy stories!"

"Trunks! This isn't a fairy story! Now just listen. Once upon a time there was…"



" 'Once upon a time'?" the boy mocked. "All fairy kissy-kissy stories begin like that."

"No they don't!"

"Yes they do!"

"Trunks, if you can't sit here and listen, I'll just have your tutor come out here and tell you a story."

"No! No, that's okay. I'll be good." Smiling satisfactorily, she began once more.

"Okay. Long ago, in a faraway land there was a beautiful young maiden…"



Tesoro – Darling

"Perdonami, il mio figlio." – "Forgive me, my son."

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