AN: This is my first fanfic, so I hope you enjoy. ^_^ It is a crossover between the .hack series and My Life as a Teenage Robot. I do not own the My Life as a Teenage Robot characters or anything taken from the .hack universe. Aoshi and Kakera are my own characters based off of MLTR characters with elements of .hack thrown in. Please read and review, and enjoy!



The heavy blade stepped into a long dark hallway. It appeared to be filled with bleak nothingness. The unadorned stone grey walls brought despair to her heart, but she continued on. She stepped forward, and her footfall cried with the sounds of death and despair. This was what she had been searching for. The final gate had been the one to lead her here. It looked to be the perfect place for her adversary to meet her. She knew that her love would be with that dark creature. She would rescue the keeper of her heart here and now.

Over the past few weeks she had caused him so much pain. How could she live with that knowledge, knowing all he had done for her? Not only had he shown her kindness, friendship, and trust, but he had shown her love. This feeling was something she had never experienced before, and something she never wanted to lose.

In the final moments they had been together, she had learned the truth. Who he may be was nothing to her, as long as she had him back. After everything they had been through, she doubted that he would want to be with her. But she still had one promise to him that she would keep, no matter what.

"I will save you Aoshi, I promise."